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Nina, I adore your 'blackbird cozy'. He looks so regal waiting for you to pop in for a chat and tea. Wish I could join the two of you...

Tracie Lyn Huskamp

Hi Nina....

I had signed up to do your tea cozy class at Fiberfest... I was so disappointed that you were not going to be teaching because I ADORE your classes. I would still like to try and do this project at home.... would it be possible to purchase some instructions from you.

Thanks So much...
Tracie Lyn Huskamp

Céline Navarro

this little house makes me dream...i wanna live in it :)


so enjoying your blog...


tracie - and all - i'll be happlily teaching this workshop (mr. blackbird's tea cozy) at art and soul/portland in oct. 2006, so if you can sign up for the class, i'll look forward to seeing you there! it is a FUN project, let me tell you...
and minnie - i'm enjoying your being there, too....ulla, thanks for stopping in....x


hey nina...i just started my blog are actually the first person that now knows that...(and your blog visitors) and we don't even know one another! i have not been sure as to how to share has felt a bit strange posting knowing i am the only one that will be reading it...anyway...i found yours through gryphon's feather studio...and hers snowballed from the artfest website...which i found through somerset magazine...etc...all have been so wonderfully inspiring to me as i am an artist also...and had no idea this kind of community existed...if you get a moment i'd appreciate any ideas you may have for me to involved...i'd love to share and be inspired...thx...annie

Sue Pieper

I'm so glad I found your blog-the Nina Knots across the top were a dead give away:)
Soon, these grey days will end and the sun will shine more, the birds will sing again, and the bear will come back for a visit.
Until then-take care---
Quiet & Demure One

claudine hellmuth

so cute!! I want a tea cozy like that! Expect I don't drink tea... is there such thing as a hot chocolate cozy???

Misty Mawn

I have to confess...I have been lurking your blog since you started it! I really enjoy your writing style and all of your work. I share your feelings about January as well, unfortunately January has to be followed by February...although we do have Valentine’s Day the weather stays the same. I just bought two more boxes of tea yesterday, hopefully that will get me through.
Take care and thanks for sharing!

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