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Oh Nina, you are too wonderful... I made a painting of a leaf with glistening water worlds on it. It hangs in my entrance way. Isn't it magic? Thank you for your beautiful images and words...

and the gorgeous artwork from the last post!


I know that you know that we all love your jewelry.....but do you know, I mean REALLY KNOW, how much we all love the way you write ????
I always look to you to take me away from my everyday life, if even for a few minutes, by reading your post.
You make me stop, look and listen to everything around me in a completely new and different way then I did yesterday....
To have that ability....well, you really are just wonderful !!!!

claudine hellmuth

hey sweetie!! wow your camera is amazing, what kind is it???
mine would never ever take photos like that!!! well part of that could be the photographer and not the camera :)

misty the early morning hours I woke to the captivating breezes of June,
so gracefully dancing in through the windows,
A bit drunken by all the spring rain,
Can you blame it? It’s difficult not indulge in such honest pleasures.
My thoughts instantly started reeling, but soon silenced by the sweet noise, listening
to the falling of the drops, one by one, gently onto the greenest teary leaves.
Is there anything better to wake to than the symphony of nature.

...your photo's & words are wonderful.


You make me miss the mountains and that air so much. I love the pictures and wish that I was there to smell it too. But there are good things here to, like the Groundhog, Turkey Hen with her little ones and the deer in the early mornings.

I must also ask what type of camera do you have? It's wonderful!!!! Thank you for your view on the world.

kelly rae

i always love your nature inspired posts....


Thank you SO MUCH for these tiny treasures and for painting masterpieces with your words. I too, wondered what camera you use. Love and Hugs. Ailsa


Thank you SO MUCH for these tiny treasures and for painting masterpieces with your words. I too, wondered what camera you use. Love and Hugs. Ailsa


Nina, You are sooo blessed to have such natural beauty outside of your door.....I dream of living somewhere like that with a lovely name like 'Firefly Road'!

One day, I will...I hope.


...thank you Nina...for reminding a Southern California drought ridden girl (even here on the coast) what RAIN sounds like, feels like, smells like...your words and photos refreshed me...

Cindy Dean

See, I am not the only one who wants a camera like yours! I always love the pictures you take. They are beautiful and of course the writing that always goes with it takes me away. I love the rain. We have so little of it here that when it rains it's almost cause for celebration. Woo's raining, let's take the day off from work. Almost like a snow day. I shall be buying that camera soon.

Ro Bruhn

Nina we too share your sentiments here. We hadn't had any real rain for six months and then the other night we heard the first sprinkle on our metal roof, just a little to tease us, stop, start, stop, start and then it came, a huge torrent, so loud we couldn't sleep, it was wonderful. We we went outside in the morning the garden was all smiles and the birds were bathing, in all the little bird baths we have scattered around the garden, it reminds us never to take that precious commodity for granted.


My daughter (3 yrs. old) was sitting beside me with her watercolors when I first read your post. She saw the pictures of the wet leaves & said..."What's that on the leaves? Tears?" Not exactly, I said, it's rain drops. She replied "No, it's happy tears" Well that is one way to look at it...and maybe she's right.



All work and no play is no way to spend the day. Thanks for taking the time to play and for sharing!!!



Jo Stables

We had rain here last night, and after reading your post, it made me wish I had stopped this morning and basked in the wonder of it! (and you made me giggle with your little aside, I really don't mean to be such an ogre!!!)
Love you, love your words!
Jo xoxo


Great warm splashes of rain fell on our upturned faces. One black cloud, no bigger than a little boat, drifted out into the clear space unattended, and kept moving westward. All about us we could hear the felty beat of the raindrops on the soft dust of the farmyard.

Willa Cather - My Antonia

Carol in Mass.

Lovely pictures and sentiments. I can smells the moist moss now! And thx for your reply and suggestion of this poem for my watering can project. I like it!!


you captured those water drops so well! today i *must* do work, so i will actually try to avoid the garden. some days it must be done.

wendy from Morrinsville

sometimes we expect beauty and wonder to be larger than life and easy to find, we look out and we look up but the real magic that leaves us wide eyed are the tiny treasures when we look down!!


Beautiful Nina. You have moved me to grateful tears. Just so very beautiful. Love, Jamie


Luscious! Thank you.


you have inspired me! today i will go out and take the time to actually look at my surroundings. part of our schooling today is a nature walk and i think we will go slowly and carefully with eyes even more open than usual. the droplets on the leaves are so beautiful. thank you for sharing. :)


oh, girl, i can relate. what a beautiful poem! and your beautiful images!


When will I stop being surprised by the beauty God has given us in things so simple? Thank you for being the vessel he used to show me that today. I can only eclipse your Firefly Rd. by saying that I live on Hollyhock Lane. :)

stacey Dean

Your pics just floor me! I think you should do a coffee table book or something. Wow! I "heart" you! Stacey


So lovely.....
isnt it amazing ( or maybe not ) how not having something will change your perspective. My children now say " Great news Mum, its going to rain today"...we've become so appreciative of this special gift. Reading your words , first thing this morning -ok - second thing- is such an uplifting way to start the day. Today I too will stop and wonder at our tiny, grand gifts


Another beautiful posting from a beautiful friend.....thank you, thank you......

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

This is stunning!!!!!

Karen Cole

There is so much beauty on this blog, I am speechless!!!


This is one of my favourite posts Nina ~ It really sums up your whole philosophy on life I look around ones surroundings at the small be aware of the life, movement and beauty that lies on the ground. " the hundreds of magical sights are feet pass "

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