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When I saw this picture, I didn't notice your hair or the sweater.
I just saw the mood of what you described as your life. So, it's not a bad picture at all. Thank you for sharing.


I agree with Anna's comment. What a lovely portrait of your view. I too just posted birdsong with rushing water on mine (thanks to YouTube). Ain't this internet amazing!!!

Love you always,
Kate Q:-)


I love this photo! I don't see any gray hair...and I thought the sweater was a heathery one that just adds to the cozy early morning feeling. Our weather has turned cool, breezy and damp and this photo fits how I'm feeling now perfectly!


Lucky, lucky, lucky....that's you!
:-) x


your photo is a breath of fresh air when i saw it, i took a deep breath as if i was standing on the deck...just so wonderful!

Cindy In Carolina

Lucky girl.....hither and yon and then back there !!!

Rella (Cindy)

You are too critical of you! This is lovely and serene and causes the onlooker to take a breath, take a moment to inhale the glorious and natural work of art. I love this picture!! ~ Rella


OOh beautiful. Cooler weather is headed our way, too! You reminded me to get out a sweater and make sure the tea packed!


Are you sure you want to think about moving 'into town'??? What a lovely nest you have there in the woods!


Not pleased with the picture?!?! Come on! I've been reading your blog for 2 weeks now, between your "in the moment" descriptions & your beautiful photos, I'm about ready to pack up my family and move to the mountains! It's a GORGEOUS photo!!


Looks like Nina's slice of heaven on earth to me:)

Jo Stables

You always remind me to stop and enjoy the beauty around me.
This morning we woke to a heavy fog and dew dripping from every surface. The air was crisp and fresh, if only I had the magnificent views that you do.
Glad to see you stopping to be 'Nina'!!
Love you,
only 11 months to go!!! Yippeeeee!


Lovely. I love the mood.

Cindy Dean

As I sit here at my computer, I can here they neighbors gathered outside talking in the street, my husband being one of them, the humm of the air conditioner,because it was 111 degrees today, and Air Force Jet flying by...ahhh city life! I would have never paid attention to those noises if I hadn't read your blog. I have learned to block them out! Just like when my husband talks...Just kidding. I am a city girl at heart with all the hussle and bussle. I love your pictures. The first thing I noticed was the cup. Of course it has a bird on it. Did you make it? Then I noticed the beautiful mountains. I would have never paid attention to all the other things you pointed out...


oh yes - this is something I can understand - yes this - and inside birds too...

xox - eb.


folds and creases of lovely green trees and mountains with crisp fresh mountain air, and no need for a "sound-byte", i can well imagine the music which surrounds you every day. is it too soon to start counting sleeps?? xo

Jo Stables

If I close my eyes I can hear those wonderful sounds, smell that marvelous mountain air, damn cant quite shut out the wooshing of traffic wizzing past the shop, oh well will try again when I go home.
xoxo Jacky

Cindy Ericsson

This photo made me take a long slow deep breath when I saw it. I love that your tea mug is in your "environment" shot.


What to say about incomprehensible beauty? I know where you come from in your heart when you feel those feelings... moutains, green, lush, sky, closeness, s p a c e...
thanks for sharing some of your world with us!

tracie Huskamp

how lucky we are to coax a soul, such as yourself.... filled with gentle wonder and beautiful light, to leave this place.

fortunate indeed... dear one,

fortunate indeed.



Very nice and very subtle changes to you nlog I see - I like it, very soothing.


It looks to me as a picture of contentment and appreciation of life. Beautiful

Jenny Rebecca

So peaceful...

Char DeRouin

oh nina! this picture evokes such peace and satisfaction. it is beautiful; thanks for sharing so much of yourself. . .


Funny how you can folow a thread in blogosphere and end up some place totally new!

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