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What an incredible coincidence that you should post this at this time.....I am catching up on your posts...having just returned from Japan. It was a terribly rushed trip and we only had 5 days there.....but I loved every minute. It is great to be home...


Ro Bruhn

What a lovely gesture Nina, the Japanese love to exchange gifts. I love the treatment you've given the photo, it's far more painterly than a straight photo, and a great idea for the backing too.
I was in the local op shop today and found some more silver plated trays to cut up for booklace covers. The trays are good because they already have holes in them.

stacey Dean

Wow, how cool this piece of art is! It gives me ideas. There are so many places in my town of Morgan Hill, CA that Carson and I have gone to for our "Mother/Son" talking dinners over the years. What a great idea to take a picture and make a piece of art to give upon our return to these places. We also have our own favorite little sushi place. So cool! Thanks for sharing Nina!

sandy haynes

How delightful... I love the piece, you are genuinely amazing- Who wouldn't be in LOVE with this piece, how thoughtful of you to think of it, make it, share it....... Wow ! And then you share your ideas to teach the rest of us..... cool.....thanks


What a lovely gesture and the pride on Andy's face is also priceless! Congratulations on taking that first step toward a change in your life -- I just know it will work out perfectly for you.


Wow, what a lovely piece, you are SOOO thoughtful Nina! I'm sure your boys are very proud of their mega-creative Mum :-)

Sue x


Nina, I am opening a sushi restaurant in Sydney NOW called Wasabi - does that mean i get a wonderful piece of your artwork too! me thinks yes!

Linda O'Neill

Nice piece, Nina...I bet they loved it. Hmmmm...something must be in the air because I was jonesin' for sushi all weekend!xo


I know what you mean about traditions. There is a comfort in knowing that you carry part of your past forward with you, and it somehow makes the future less frightening.
I am a sushi fan also - one of my coworkers used to roll his eyes and make bait jokes until I explained to him that no one ever died of mad fish disease...LOL.

Cindy Dean

Your art always suprises me. It's always so different yet it has your personality. I guess that is what makes a great artist. You're moving? Are you going to become a city girl?

Nancy Krampf

im in arkansas right now straight from memphis from florida
where am i gonna find sushi????
well i think i will draw some or just close my eyes and daydream yuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmm!!!!!
what a great art idea food photo journal
yep i will photo food as part of my travels

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