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wendy from Morrinsville

A bird does not fear falling for it has never fallen before...
So we must act as the bird and block out our fears....
Then we will be able to soar higher than we ever imagined......

alex shur


I never realized that June was my favorite time of year until I moved to the North. But, my is the exact time to discover a treasure so blue...

Carol in Mass.

What a wonderful poem and an equally wonderful piece of art! Thx for sharing.

I am looking for a garden related poem to letter onto on a huge painted watering can. Any suggestions?

Tammy this...


Two lovely writings in a row reminding us of the beautiful world we are part of. I didn't get a chance to post yesterday, but I was so very moved by Hesse. After reading that we went hiking up in the Pisgah and I was surrounded by trees. They each spoke to me in a special way after reading your post. And today I'll enjoy a sparkling June day. Thank You.



Ann K.

These pages are so lovely---thank you for them.


And what is so rare as an artist like Nina? Beautiful!


Sharon at Norah'S

Thank you, it is all so beautiful. you inspire


Beautiful, as ever Nina.

Ro Bruhn

What wonderful words and even more wonderful artwork, love it Nina, blue's my favourite colour.


That artwork looks wonderful as always.


These pages are beautiful. Each one draws me forward to the next to see what wonderful stories you have told. Thank you for sharing. Love, Jamie


Soooo love the artwork. And the beautiful words. I especially love the blue nest with the word gatherings on it...why? that's the name of my blog! And I once had a little shabby, chic kind of store...second hand things repurposed and its name was Gatherings, too.

We gather so many things in our lives...objects, words, seems as there's always room to gather just one more.

Nancy Krampf

Oh My.........i wish to camp beside your place , take a vow of silence and share creative light.
thank you for sharing your life with us

julie collings

i alway love every beautiful jewel you make, but somehow it is the books you create that i am most drawn to.
these pages are gorgeous!

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