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Cindy Dean

I like your blogs whether that are sad or happy because I feel like I am a friend when I read them. Like you are telling me what is going on in your life happy or sad. Isn't that what friends are for...leaning on in times of need or jumping for joy when something wonderful happens. Even though I don't "know" you very well, I feel connected. Thank you for that...It's nice to know kindred spirts.


Thanks for this lovely entry - I have your blog on 'blogrithm' so it notifies me whenever you write - you really are a wonderful photographer and writer - your words paint pictures, little vignettes of daily life, and your photos, hopefully you enter them into competitions, or maybe have a book planned, because they are amazing.


Your words touch every niche and corner of my heart and soul, Nina. You and I are probably close to the same age and dealing with a lot of similar issues right now. Your words are always very comforting, to me, and I treasure your blog. You have many unique talents-your writing included!


Dear Nina,
I love hearing the details of your life. Reading your blog has made me more aware of all the precious things around me that I may have overlooked if not for your gentle reminder.



the details of your life written in such a precious gentle way are lovely to read . . . thank you for sharing with us. when you have time visit my blog to see PMC jewelry - inspiration dear sweet Nina.
xoxx, Renée


I love reading your blog. Today especially touched me. It brought my father's memory back to me and reminded me to be much more observant so as not to miss the great beauty of somthing as simple as a leaf in the water. Thank you.


our blogs are our journals...and they will lose their raw nakedness if we have to censor our feelings...i write because i must...your thoughts combine with mine and countless others to connect us human family-like relationships...where we may like or dislike what you say...but we will always return for the connection...keep writing just the way you hurt no-one by saying your truth...i read because i must...this touched me deeply...blessings, rebecca

ps - happy your dad is still with you for any moments of memory


My dad just turned 81 and while his mind is sharp, his legs aren't being obedient anymore.

I, too, am photographing mundane sites and sights around the home he's own since his bachelor days. I'm asking myself, "What story might I tell, that a photo of that thing/place would make it all the more understood?"

Sleigh bells on the front door, old carpet, staircases. They way the cheese slicer is still where it's been kept for 40 years - and why not? It's the same cheese slicer.

I'm pleased that you have the courage to share so many facets of yourself with us.

(And I would like to hear more about Ethel. She reminds me a lady from my childhood.)


you hold out your honest and open heart in all you do, you let us see that you are just as vulnerable as the rest of us, and that makes you the beautiful soul that you are and that is why i and so many love you. i know how hard it is not to let the negative things in life pull us down, the comments that stick with us the most always seem to be the negative ones...why is that? If only we could hold on tighter to the sweet and dear things that are said that really do come from the heart.
That moth photo evokes a lot of emotion, you should make something with it, if you haven't's beautiful.
sweet photos of your daddy. xo

sara  jane

delurking to say, please do not consider censoring what you say. There are many of us out here in the internet ether, that don't comment, but read you religiously. It is YOUR journal and they are YOUR thoughts. If someone feels "slapped" or saddened, well then that is their problem and they should just find someplace more sanitized to read. I love that you share your emotions with us, happy or sad and I love your delight in the natural world. You are a breath of fresh air and you are treasured. Thank you.

PS: Yes please, more on Ethel.


I usually read this blog every day. I enjoy all apects, the sad, the happy, your children, your parents, your pictures everything. thank you.
PS, I have always wanted to own my own salvage business. That would be heaven!!


I think you write your blog because you are supposed to---God has given you a wonderful gift that enables you to see the beauty in things that most of us don't even notice. You share that in words and pictures and it teaches us to see more clearly.

A few of the last moments I spent with my Dad were holding his big hand up against my cheek.


OK, I simply had to laugh. If you aren't from the south, then you likely don't know that "Democrat" is often a euphamism for "Southern." It really has very little to do with politics, and I know that you were not slamming Republicans. The whole terminology is in our blood. (At least that has been my understanding from blackberry picking, lightening bug catching, banana popsicle eating family folk. Ha!) How dear your blog is to me, and how wonderful it is to see your Dad's time worn hands holding onto that album you so lovingly created for him. And you know, you are right - the biggest gift to him was yourself. And you are right again when you recognize that that's okay. Love is the blessing.
Hugs to you.


Sharon @ Norah's

Today I'm visiting an staying long enough to say so. I read and enjoy all that you share. It is because of the way you share that I come on back. Yes, your words may have caused me a tear or two. I just figured I needed to and thanked you and enjoyed the moment. xoxo

kelly rae roberts

i love your blog, nina. your stories. your wisdom. sad or delighted or carefree. we are all made up of all these sweet emotions, aren't we? loving the photos and stories of your family.


well, well, i just l-o-v-e your blog and anything you have to say whether i agree or not, that is just what real friends do.....i wish i could write my words like you so flowing and picturesque..your words play like a drive-in movie in my mind....


the ebb and flow of tides, the changing strength of the wind and breeze, summer and winter, rain and shine.... we all go through changes of emotion and it is the strongest of us who are able to share them with others. If you were to hide ALL your feelings away in a private journal then the blog world would be a slighly "lesser" place to visit.
you add to my day when there is a new post to read dear nina.

Jacky McFarlane

ooh dear nina, treasure each moment you get to share with your living treasures, when they go there are so many sad regrets and wishes that you had done more with them. What a beautiful journal your dear daddy gave you, what a gift, so lovingly kept all these years just waiting for you of all persons, who would love it more. Love the aged patina's.
bless you nina

Anne Bishop

Nina I wander through your beautiful, rich, sensory-filled blog almost daily. I smell the rain, hear Aspen's toenails on the floor, the birdsong from the trees. But I always look the other way when I pass your studio 'cause you'd do the same for me! Thank you for sharing yourself with me (because it feels like you're sending me little notes stuffed with photos and mementos).

Anne Bishop

Nina I wander through your beautiful, rich, sensory-filled blog almost daily. I smell the rain, hear Aspen's toenails on the floor, the birdsong from the trees. But I always look the other way when I pass your studio 'cause you'd do the same for me! Thank you for sharing yourself with me (because it feels like you're sending me little notes stuffed with photos and mementos).

Nancy Krampf wonderful daddy passed so very long ago i was 24, now 55, but he is ever present in all the nature that surrounds me..........especially when the red winged black birds sing i know he is talking to me telling me to look over there ,see that ,yes and that over there do you see it , and momma who left to join him in her 65th year, she is a sun flower and i always seem to find her no matter where i travel sooooooo i love to hear about your daddy and your mom and her beloved grace chapel it makes me so happy to know you still have your parents so write with all your heart cuz we need and love you. x0x0x0x0x0x nk

ro bruhn

As always Nina another fabulous post, your father looks and sounds a real darling and what a magnificent cover, I'm drooling over the thought of all that old architectural hardware.



What touches me about your words and thoughts is how they have the unique ability to simultaneously bring a tear to my eyes and a knowing smile to my lips.
We all can relate at so many different levels-precious moments with our loved ones; the sadness that sets in when time steals those we love away, second by second; the sweetness of their presence in our lives.
The moment with them is everything.
Even dried and flattened moth wings hold the beauty of a life worth living.
And never apologize for speaking everyone's truth. After all, that is what connects us to you.


The mothwings with dew look like fine jewelry. I love your blog, and your art.


Ah Nina, you speak your truth here and I feel so very honored to have the opportunity to glimpse the world you share with us. To read or not is always a choice.


There is no sweetness without bitterness too unfortunately - that is honest life - broken wings are beautiful still even though they no longer flutter


To see inside someones else's heart and soul, as we fortunate readers have done with this post, is uplifting to our souls. Your perpective on all that you write about is not only wonderful but refreshing. You speak the truth and there is nothing better than that. I am priveleged to see your world through your eyes, your photo's and your writing. I was only thinking today how blessed i was the day I met you, for your perspective on life and the very smallest of things, I would otherwise have not noticed - are now seen by me. For you and that I am grateful.


What can I say in light of all the beautiful comments you've already received? I consider your blog (journal)a gift. I treasure your words. Life never has been all good or all bad -- we wake each day and move through it weaving all of our experiences to make it our own.


i love everything about your blog.

leighanna light

Nina, I immediately thought of this quote, which has been sitting on my desk for months, anxiously waiting to make it's way into a piece of art...
"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment"
Ralph Waldo Emmerson
Love your blog!


I love the way you write. Nita


I read your blog often. I LOVE the way you write.
Our blogs are OUR blogs.... we choose the content, the look, the feeling, the subject matter and so on. The minute we begin to write to simply appeal to the masses is the day we lose our authenticity. And then why blog? As someone who writes whatever I am feeling on any given day.....up, down or sideways....I appreciate your ability to do the same.


such wonderful images, just stunning!! saving the heritage of your dad is so crucial. all my respects to the work he has done. writing a blog journal and receiving comments on a posts, in a negative of positive way, must not influence the content of blogs. the right of speach and free words should be claimed by everybody. if bloggers do not agree or feel offended they have the right to ignore, stop reading, giving comments or just move on to a next blog. whatever, simple as that! short for; tolerance!


... and bless you for being yourself, on your blog, in our artwork, in your life... no artificial flavours found here! and thank all the gods and goddesses for that one sweet thing that you are...


it's all been said before, but i'd like to echo all that's been said above. i treasure your willingness to share your thoughts, your creative process and the lovely images that you capture. happy or sad, you are an inspiration to me.


it's all been said before, but i'd like to echo all that's been said above. i treasure your willingness to share your thoughts, your creative process and the lovely images that you capture. happy or sad, you are an inspiration to me.


Happy or sad, fleeting glimpses or beautiful meanderings your words are lovely. So many of us out here enjoy them - your photos, your daddy, your life... very inspiring.



Bless you, Nina, for telling your life, your way.
Please don't change or apologize. Your truth is your truth. As has been said here by others, it is a pleasure to come back here and find a new offering. I say offering, because to me , what you do , has the elements of the sacred. If you don't believe me, just take a look at those wings the angel left behind, with those brilliant water drops to catch your and our attention.
XxOO , Shirley

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