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janet baskerville



Love both pieces. Funny thing... I took a PMC class in the spring and was just thinking about doing PMC work again yesterday and thought I should do a necklace where I link PMC circles. And then I see your artwork today. :-) Must be one of those collective consciousness things floating in the air. Hahaha


Truly LOVELY . . . and what sweet words as you unravel your thoughts about them - as always!
xoxx, Renée

ro bruhn

These pieces have your mark of quality Nina that no-one else could replicate. How many other people put such meaning into their work, it definitely shows.
I love the way you put the antique button in because it sat next to the other things for so long.
Magnificent pieces.



Elise B.

I love this Nina..It's so helpful to me to watch you process this whole thing...becasue i often feel the way you do and I just suck it up and don't deal with it...

I see something really wonderful that has come from you letting yourself have your feelings...

thank helped me...

These pieces are really sweet..thanks for sharing them with us!




Brava! These pieces are brilliant, Nina.

That worn leather coin purse is almost too precious to part with (I love the juxtaposition of the Genuite Secrets). And the compass with the shrouded heart is the perfect touch.

Inspiration is all around us.

My heart glows with warmth at how the smallness of others has allowed your heart to grow and give even more. Wishing you a weekend of contentment.


damn hit the nail squarely on the head! these are wonderful. but, what else would they be? and already sold and on their merrily way, i'm sure!

Cindy Ericsson

When I look at the photo of that first piece, I want to hold it in my hands and open that leather purse, to feel the way it feels and smells. When I was a young child, I lived up the road from a quite wonderful old man who carried his change in just search a leather purse, and gave me a small one of my own. I no longer have mine, but I can still smell the way his smelled after all those years of use, and how soft the leather was, and how lumpy and bumpy his hands were when he reached inside to give me a dime. Oh how I loved Mr. Higdon. Thank you, Nina, for the gifts of your heart and work that you share, and for the gift of a forgotten memory.


A true artist cannot help but be inspired even by the saddest of events. I'm so happy for you, and the creation of these beautiful pieces. I'm happy you wear your heart on your sleeve, it shines upon the world and lets us all know everything will be all right.

Cindy Dean

Every time you put new pieces on here I am always amazed! You have such a way about you and with your creations.


Dear Nina,
My eyes welled up and my cheeks grew damp as I drank in the incredible beauty, power, and intimacy that your soul brought to this earthly plane with 'Secrets'.
And then the tears fell... along with my heart, when I saw that it was sold.
It stirred in me feelings and memories of pain and warmth... of secrets held, of wounds healed, and wounds still to be healed. Memories of roads traveled so long ago, now barely visited... until quite by chance, a soul such as yours reaches out and touches a cord that runs so deep... that the recipient is forever changed.
This is your gift Nina, this is what you give, this is what you were created to do...
I have never seen a more beautiful or moving piece, ever.
Thank you so much for everything you contribute to this vast universe of ours...
There truly is only one 'Nina Bagley Original'.


ils sont superbes ces colliers !!j'adore ! Merci de partager ainsi

Jen Crossley

Simply Stunning Nina what a inspirational piece.
Your amazing

Leslie M

So beautiful and personal and real. I don't know how you part with your art!


Not that I want you to feel ire -- but WOW, you've outdone yourself with these pieces. True art comes from the spirit and heart -- almost more than from the hands. Our hands may be able to craft anything, use any technique -- but we are the only ones who can display what is in our hearts. You have certainly given us your heart with these new creations.

Chris Meissner

Nina, These pieces and all your pieces have "stories" and that's what sets them apart from slapshod
(is that even a word?) jewelry. You send bits of yourself out with your pieces. Isn't that cool? These necklaces are so genuine, so Nina. Thank you for sharing with us.


like I said - karma darling Nina karma ~ you cna't sell these at Target!



You previously wrote about people who copy your work, but no one could ever copy your creativity! You are unique. I love the worn leather purse and what you've done with it. I want to put my secrets there!



I knew you would come out of this with something creative .. and that coin purse necklace is pure genius ! I really really love it ! The heart necklace is gorgeous too but I fell in love with the purse ! Thanks so much for sharing these pictures of your art work !


Nina, these are stunning pieces. Your work is pure magic.


always amazing! lucky and oh so cool to have a place to keep secrets.
i love that you have taken all of this with you into your studio and created such beautiful art with it. xo

Nilene Thompson Finn

No one can imitate your style and the soul you put into your exquisite works of art! How sad these imitators cannot create their own body of work and must steal someone else's livelihood. These two works are just stunning. Would that I saw them first!!!! The little watch tin looks familiar... :-)


oh how divine.... a purse for secrets... what would mine hold I wonder???


Both pieces are so beautiful, but I especially like the secret purse necklace. I could admire it for hours. You are so.. you in your work and that's the special part about them. Thanks for sharing with us.


Well. That was INTERESTING.

I was scrolling down to make the comment, Nina, that your work leaves me speechless! Alas, such does not seem to be the case for some other people. Yikes. :-)

Hugs and smiles,



you rock, nina~


That purse necklace is is everything else. If I had not been on vacation I would have spent the rest of my rainy day savings on that:) Oh...I can't even bear the thought of my girls leaving, but how proud you should be of yourself raising two wonderful men to go out into the world and make their own unique mark. Who could only have become what they are with the love of their sweet adoring mom.


Utter magic, all of it, as ever.
They may try to copy you but they can't touch you.


Such beautiful, amazing work. I'm in awe of you, Nina.


Karen Cole

Love that purse necklace!!!


I love the idea of genuine secrets :-) And just the idea of genuine in general :-) This piece is a treasure, and a place to hold treasures close. Just beautiful...

I know just what I would tuck into it if it were mine...

mim stella

Lovely necklace. I also have a tiny leather purse that I have kept for years waiting to do something with. I suppose you don't take on commission work?
Anyway, thanks for the journey

Cindy In Carolina aka Shoo Shoo Fontaine

Of course they sold in seconds !! I told you good stuff was coming outta all of these feelings. They are wonderful !!!!!!!

sharon (glitterangel)

What absolutely stunning pieces, no wonder they sold in minutes - wonderful!


Sheesh Nina.... I love that secret purse piece!!! Actually, I love both pieces! But I have always loved secrets in things!!!!



I have admired your art for many years. Long before this blog and even before your interview on Hearts Art I fell in love with your jewelry. I'm so happy to see you moving forward and continuing to share your gift with others.

Linda Harre

Nina......You are an amazing woman and artist! It is no wonder these sold within seconds.....who wouldn't love to be wearing one of these wonderful treasures around their neck! OMG you are soooooo talented!

cynthia thornton

Hi Nina!
Love the pieces! Very poetic, very charming! Always a gorgeous combination. I still wear a piece I got at Art Fest a few years ago.

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