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laura from coconutannies

Dear Nina,
I am only half way thru reading the account of your week away but I just have to stop and say THANK YOU, THANK YOU for sharing your trip! I feel like you took me with you - in your pocket maybe! Your blog is such a pleasure! I need to go get a cup of something yummy and then finish your tale. Hugs, Laura


so glad you are home, i missed you and how wonderful that you sold all your stunning pieces and how lucky for those buyers!! they truly have something magnificent!!!


oh so lovely! what a nice but busy time you had. i love the photos of your time in the japanese garden - a place where you must have felt so calm for just a moment in your chaotic week. so nice to have your inspiring words to pour over once again Nina. Welcome back!
xo samm

Leslie Marsh

Such a wonderful post, Nina.

I always search the borders of your blog, looking for a class you might be teaching on the east coast, but I think I'm going to travel west to meet you.


G'day mate!
I love Japanese gardens to, so ordered yet so tranquil.
As I read this post I am wearing my "remnants" (you know why) and revelling in the wearing of it as it is a Nina original, so beautiful, such amazing and intricate workmanship.
Thanks for such a lovely read whilst sipping on my morning coffee. xo

Julie H

Oh Nina, the end of this post left me feeeling a little lonely, then I realised it was as if you had held my hand through a shared journey and then when the tale ended your fingers slipped away.
Thank you for once again taking me with you.

Cindy Dean

So glad you are back and envious of all the people that went to Art & Soul that took classes with you.

Frankie Kins

I'll agree with Julie H. I loved reading this post and honestly couldn't wait until you returned to read about the trip. But now that I have read it, I feel a bit lonely, too, and a space in my heart once again has been touched by your lovely word pictures.

Isn't it wonderful that you sold out? Yipee!! In 15 minutes? Yay! Now, enough congratulations for you. Pass some of that magic over here, would ya? :D xoxo

Karen Cole

So it was a yin and yang trip, huh?

The bad stuff always makes you really appreciate the good stuff.


That was a subliminal message, brought to you by those of us on the east coast. :-)

Judy Wise

Dang, those are cute shoes, Nina! Thank you for the glimpse into your time at Art & Soul and thank you for the warmth you extended my way. My thoughts are with you often. xoxo


dearest nina,
i love the japanese gardens, i'm so happy you and misty got to spend some time there; i haven't been there in years, not since i lived in portland, it's something walter and i want to see again on one of our portland excursions. the dinner with you, misty, and alexandra helped make my 50th the most memorable birthday yet. you know i will treasure the beautiful necklace you created for me for ever and ever...much love xoxo

Cindy Ericsson

your "own special thing" is so lovely -- thank you for sharing it with all of us here.

gina armfield

it was so great to see you and to be in your class for two whole days - I learned so much - thank you for everything beyond words - your encouragement, love, support and friendship - wasn't long enough - really feel like you need to take a trip out west to the sea .... ;) xoxox

kelly rae roberts

loved what i made in your class. and i loved running into you girlies for chats and hugs and moments. it's all in the moments..

and i'm so glad you got to see portland!


nina, i'm not sure i've ever heard of portland's gardens described with such affection and love of trees and many have written on it. but that is how wonderfully honest you seem to be, isn't it? i go there often and try to go to the teahouse within the chinese garden each time, how i love the tea which has a flower bloom in the cup as you are drinking it...
what amazing work and life you do have. thank you for inspiring deeply!

annie lockhart

i am so homesick to see you...this post only makes it more so...wishin' i could've been all sounds so wonderful. those photos of the gardens...amazing. xo &


I love your beautiful prose's like a walk through the gardens. We visited them one year ago, after driving to Portland from Alberta, Canada. We had tea in the same tea house, took many photos, and just breathed! Thanks for bringing it all back as fresh as if it were today. Your blog is a healing balm.

Goddess of Leonie

Dear Nina ~
Such a joy to "meet" you online... your words evoke spirit, calm, joy, knowing...
Thank you and blessings to you,

ro bruhn

Thanks for sharing your wonderful week with us, it brings back memories of the frenzy of Fremantle. The photos of you and Misty are beautiful, you both look so contented with your lives. I'm so looking forward to next May.


Thanks for taking me on a wonderful trip with you...I enjoyed myself so much.
Your stories and a cup of tea are all I need to start my day.
Now if only I could get my hands on a piece of your jewelry, I'd have it all.


it was such sweet paradise, even if only for a few hours, it was. i feel blessed for that time spent together, creating new memories to forever keep tucked where i can reach them in days where moments like these seem so far, far away. thank you. xoxox

tracie Huskamp

my dearest nina... as always, it is a pleasure and delight to see you

and yes... never enough time to do and say all the things you wish too

i have tucked something in the post for the birthday girl. i considered bringing it with me to portland, but decided against it. since, it is much more fun and intriguing to receive a package in the post.

i am sad that it may be well into next year before i see your beautiful face again... but your words.. ... these thoughtful, delicate words are here to keep me company.

i will be anxiously awaiting your tales from your moments with mr. collins... please promise not to leave out any details

xo always!


A jewel!!! This is what this post is to me. So full, so generous, so poetic.. like I perceive your heart and your soul to be. Thank you.

P.S: so glad you had such a great and successful time at Art and Soul. I hope I meet you there someday.

nita  from red tin heart

All the pictures are so wonderful. I am glad you had such a good time. I love the picture of you. I also love the ones you took of your students. You always see the beauty of others and I love that about you. xo Nita


Thanks so much for every bit of yourself that you share, for it does bring joy!


Such lovely photos and a beautiful posting. I will need to visit the gardens and teahouse the next time I'm in Portland. Welcome home!



you look beautiful in the photo in the Chinese garden. Wonderful post!


Jennifer DiFalco

Hi Nina,
Reading your post, I was proud to know that I had been a part of your week in Portland. You are quite an inspirational teacher and person. Thanks for the energy jolt and for the thrill of meeting you. Oh, and I loooove my bird and egg earrings!


I think the key to your fulfillment is the love you put into everything you do, the way you give of yourself to others, to art, to being part of nature. It is difficult to find that point of liberation of self, but I am certain that once you did, the positive energy ensuing from you touched all of us, and we keep returning to your presence, your openness, and in my case that never met you-to your words as a way of being part of that energy.
I was thinking about clotheslines yesterday, how they still attract me as they did on my summer vacations at grandma’s- when we washed clothes in the river with homemade soap and hanged them to dry at the whims of the mountain air. I am still taken with clotheslines, with the way the scents of earth, sun, wind, and soap are captured in personal belongings, yet they so freely dance with the breeze, exposed to others... and reading your words this morning made me think of you as a wonderful clothesline from North Carolina.


what a delight way to spend time with a friend. thanks for the lovely post.


I know it's good to be home, but I'm so glad you enjoyed your stay here in Oregon. And glad that you had the chance to experience the gardens.

I've only been to the Chinese Garden once, but have been to the Japanese Garden many, many times. It's such a peaceful place, surrounded by the wooded areas of the park. I actually prefer it on a cloudy day when there aren't as many visitors and a person can feel secluded and part of the natural surroundings.

Enjoy your memories of this place.....


all those beautiful photos and sentiments and all i can think of to say is: damn, those are great shoes...


welcome back nina!! such beautiful images of creative moments with friends. the pictures of the different pavements are stunning as well. there is a certain atmosphere in the details...

Sally Jean

Dear Nina...I have been giddy for nearly a month and MUST thank you for the most BEAUTIFUL necklace in the world. In every way it is so "me"! I feel so blessed to have a wonderful Nina Collection...but this particular necklace was sooo right. Imagine my delight when my husband...let's call him DAVE(!)...draped it around my neck on Vendor Night. You know just the piece for him to surprise me with! So...thank you, wonderful, beautiful, dear Nina, for creating such lovely jewelry that can bring untold joy to myself and so many others!
xoxo, Sally Jean


i treasure the time that we have in workshops together and the gift of your talent that you share so freely. and so it was that "treasures here" had to come home with me from portland. it has a special place in my home and my heart.

wanda miller

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