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oohh!! i am so impressed and jealous as HELL. my studio is in our bedroom - as a result, the only neat thing in there is the (usually) made-up bed. i so love all my tschotchkes on all my shelves - but you could write your name in the dust (don't tell!).


This is beyond gorgeous. I am really in awe.


i hope those dollies behaved while you were cleaning, they have a tendency to start a ruckus when they
get moved around to much...


that room is magical! i love those lights.


Awesome! You should be proud of yourself as it looks beautiful and inviting. I love the twinkly branches and the dolls in the tubs.
great job!!
I can feel the magic beginning to build ;)


Oh Nina, it is AMAZING!

I can't wait to see the inspiration that flows through this room, into your soul and back out again through your hands and into your beautiful creations.

Just lovely!


absolutely gorgeous! what an inspiration, thank you for sharing the process. :)


OK, now THAT is some studio cleaning inspirational stuff! It looks Amazing, and it looks like the sapce is So ready fro you to come in and create all winter-long.


Lovely. You've somehow managed to create peaceful in that space where magic happens.


OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH girl , you totally ROCK!!!!!
It must have been those purple tights. Everything looks real nice and I love those elfin lights draped over the twigs. I have matching lights over my mantle. Now, I've got to get my room to match yours, in neatness. Ughgh!
Yes sir, I mean ma'am, you truly pulled it off.
Now...if I beg really nicely , will you come here and do mine??

Adrienne Berry

HOORAH, HOORAH, HOORAH!!!! Way to go Nina!!! As soon as I saw the first pic I thought it was Christmas with those beautiful lights!


Good for you, did a great job and it looks totally magical in your studio...
Also, you have so perfectly described just how I feel when I walk into my studio...the comfort and serenity is so unbelievably precious and i always hope that some of what I feel is present in the things I make in that room.


Wow; what a journey and what a great tale about getting there. Really, I hung on to every word! You are so cool, Nina; your digs look fantastic!

ro bruhn

What a magical wonderland you've created Nina, I could see your jewellery hanging from those twinkling branches, the light bouncing off your wonderful silver and gems.




OMG! Frame these pictures and have one tattooed!

Way to go, lady. I know this can be a long time coming and a long time to complete.

Proud, very. Plus, your studio looks wonderful. LOVE those lights. I look at that studio and it fits YOU.

Now get busy and make stuff to mess it up again!



Love it all, Nina! Those twinkly lights are just enchanting.....


Bravo Nina - what a satisfying way to spend the weekend. Now, to work with you!

Shari Beaubien

Aahhh, Nina... I'm laughing and stomping my feet and jumping up and down for joy. I know what a feat that was... believe me, I do. From one artist who creates in a minor explosion to another, I understand. Cheers and hugs, Shari


Can I come over and play?


O Nina it is absolutely beuatiful, I want to come and play in your amgical place. It is so inviting..
Well worth the effort

Jen Crossley

WOW it looks to pretty to make a mess now !!! I bet you feel better now .Hey can I take your rubbish out to the bin/Jens house!!!


Amazing - you've done it and done it well! I love that feeling you spoke of when you've worked hard and love the results.


Wow, it looks like a really magic place. I am totally stealing your idea and putting up lights, too. May your working hours be filled with dreams.


Its marvelous!!! You should be proud. I love the idea of the mirror -- an additional point of light. You're going to walk in there and just want to get busy and create, create, create - however I'll bet a lot of us would have loved to have gone through your 'bags of junk' before you threw them out!


Nina- I just love how enchanting your dream/work/create/collect room has become this weekend. I do feel your aches.
The table top is so sweet to see and like Loretta I am going to 'imitate' the branch and twinkle light idea here my in my
You are an inspiration.
I hope you enjoy that wonderful space for days and days.

Jo Stables

I can just see you tinkering away in that little twinkling wonderland, like an elf on Christmas Eve! It is beautiful Nina, I am sooo envious. I just got fed up with my mess and only cleaned the desktop, now, after seeing your huge effort, I am terribly ashamed of myself... Maybe next weekend...??


How very beautiful dear Nina--radiant just like you. Can't wait to see the enchanted treasures produced 'neath your lovely branches.

nita  from red tin heart

nina i am so proud of you. i hate decluttering and i am doing the same thing myself right now. it is hard work. it looks so amazing what you have done. i love the lights on the cork screw willow branches. wonderful. i have lights all over my mirror in the kitchen and i like to put them other places too. looks great. xoxo nita <3


What a clever girl you are Nina. The branches and faery lights are amazing! I keep faery lights on my windows all year long to brighten up the nights too. My neighbors think I'm nuts but I don't care a bit. And I'm absolutely in love with the crow I see above the mirror. I use their image in my work all the time and I attract them into my backyard so I can photograph them. I hope you spend many cozy days in your studio drinking tea and creating those treasures that you are so good at creating.




okay, i took the first step and acknowledged my very own messy studio after your earlier post, now you've inspired me to tidy it up and so i can ENJOY the space and all my own lovelies again. thank you.
xoxo katie

Erin Perry

Job well done indeed! Your studio now looks as magical as the lovely jewelery you create there. As you spent the weekend carving order out of chaos, I attended a 3 day workshop with Lynne Perrella. Arrived home this afternoon with artwork and shopping - looks like I may need to do a studio overhaul to find room for all!
Would love to hear the delightful stories your little porcelin babies will tell when they emerge transformed by your loving touch to begin a new life yet once more.
Erin in Morro Bay

Deb G

Just lovely....

Vickie Hallmark

Oh my! I tidied up a bit in my studio this weekend, but now I see I need to set my sights a bit (make that a mile) higher! I want some pixie lights and branches of my very own!!!

Thanks for the gasp of delight.


Those lights! What a wonderful idea. I always mope and sulk around during the winter months because there is just no light in my house. And the lamps don't reach the dim corners of the main room. I think I'll do some after-Christmas shopping. :-)


Cindy Dean

Very inspiring! I am loving the lights on the vines. I think you may have started another trend! I did some clearing out myself this weekend. It just feels so good when everything is in it's place! Congrats on a great feat! Believe me, I know what a challenge it can be.

andra hepler

clap clap clap..smiles!


Oh--my--stars- and-garters...that is what i say, before reading, i must read...
Oh-my-stars....hol, babe

cd brinkley

oh, nina, i am so proud of you! i know the feeling of standing back and just absorbing the room, knowing that it is beckoning to you, waiting for you to create. i have been wanting to add those little lights to my room, was going to wait until i could hit the after christmas sales, but your studio has inspired me to not put it off, and to just do it, just because it will make me happy. thanks for sharing your beautiful studio with me!


It looks like 'Welcome to Fairyland' and it looks like where magic happens.......and
it does look like a 'Happy Place'
Well done Nina.

Judy Wise

Oh, the branches and twinkle lights! Brava! I bought them over a year ago after catching a glimpse of them in your room at Ft. Worden over, what, 2 years ago. You had them draped over some netting encasing the window and beyond that was a view of the water - so enchanting and I have never forgotten it. You have the best ideas. (BTW, mine are still in the box. I am such a slob!)


Oh--My--Stars -And-Garters..Sista, you've done proud!!!!...There's something in stars & planets, i swear, it's a happening all around....I got the 'juice' last got it this last week-end...POWERFUL! ..YUMMY!!..chew it up so you can put it out ....Space to create, room in void to fill...BRAVO-O-O...OX..hol babe

sepia art studio

I truly know how hard it is to keep an tidy studio, it is impossible for me *grinning*! I always make an promise, that if i will keep the studio tidy after the cleaning, but never can keep it. I am thrilled to see these photos. The faerylights bring always more magic in a any place.



it looks wonderful and inviting. I too end up with a small square to work on and then at some point the need for order kicks in. During the process I always find objects or ideas I had forgotten I have. I hope you did too.


This post left me smiling for your childlike glee and Christmas' morning attitude.
And these wonderful wonderful windows into your world just add more to the magic of YOU!


Tidy or untidy, it's all fabulous!


Love your blog. It is my favourite. Use it to jump start myself on my days off.I live in Ottawa, Canada and work part time outside and part time at home as an artist. Loved your studio process. Always feel good when my own wee space gets a little once over but it's impossible to be tidy and be creative I think. It's kind of like dieting though. Once people live their regular life again they sometimes put back on weight so I don't like to gush too much when they are at their slimest lest they feel bad with a pound or two back on. We don't want too much credit for tidy as it has to get messy in order to live and live I can tell you do in your own wonderful way. Very aware of each day. Wonderful to meet you via your blog. Deborah

Linda Manning Findley

The purple tights must have done the job because it is BEAUTIFUL ... such an awesome place to work and you muse will surely live there all the time .... great job .... Linda F


bravo! i love your new studio. and those lights...what a great idea. my studio is the best room (to me) in the house. you deserve the best place in your house to create. now you'll do your best work ever.


What a beautiful transformation - enjoy!


utterly, completely, captivating and transformative-- I do believe a person could walk into that space and literally be transported to other realms simply from the magic energy you have created.

utterly, completely, captivating.

And, inspiring. As I say, just gazing on these pictures feeds the soul-- I cannot imagine how dreamy it would be to acutally stand in that space.


Oh Nina!!! I am so very proud of you!!!!!!! You have fretted over that room too long and now you have conquered it wonderfully! It is so magical and now you are free to focus on the creating. I am just tickled pink too:) Love, Jamie

Lesa Farmer

It is beautiful! Must be something in the air -- I cleaned my room out about 2 weeks ago. It looks so good that now I'm afraid to go back in it because it will get all messed up (LOL)


I'm just apple green with envy, my sin ripening into lust for so much space. I like the Christmas lights - they lend a festive air to the space, as if your little room is an adjunct to Santa's workshop. (Ah, the limitations of New York City apartment living.) Congratulations.


Ooooo, what a beautiful and magical place, Nina! You must be feeling so euphoric and newly inspired with your amazing accomplishment. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Jenny Rebecca



Beyond words lovely! I am so inspired to clean my studio in one fell swoop instead of bit by bit. Note to self...need "MAGIC" purple tights.


Such Light amazing..........ya know i work with those lights year round and have grown to loath them.not no more you have made me "see the light". when i get home i am gonna do that while i wait for the tract lights that have been sittin in the box since feb,o6. immediate i love immediate!!!!
it look soooooooo inviting and ready for full blown creativity........i just gotta say it ya ya !!!! x0x0x0x00x nk

tracie Huskamp

why... mz. nina... DON'T you look RADIANT... amidst those twinkling lights and the beautiful wintry blue night sky cascading through those windows.

one might mistake you for a fairie or woodland sprite.

xo always!

Stephanie T.

Whoa! Would'ya mind sharing the magic wand?? I need to do a bit of mucking out as well!!
Come to think of it.After all that cleaning-up, it might be kinda fun to do a 'dumpster dive' at your house!!
...loving the little lights! They are so happy-making!


Yessssssssssss ! LOL Your studio looks great , you can indeed be proud of yourself ! I love what you did with the lights ! I spent the last two days sorting my beads and like you now that is tidy I want to start making things ( more mess ahead! lol).


hoorray for it'smy turn...i will be diggin out this weekend...blessings, rebecca


How enchanting :) you accomplished a great feat! I guess your purple tights really did do the trick!


Looks awesome Niina! I love the branches and lights - being outdoors without the cold!


Angie Platten

Oh Nina! You got somemuch done in just two days? I can't believe it! It looks wonderful and just like a place I'd love to meandor through and explore for hours! It's truly a haven.

Debbie Egizio

It looks fabulous! I need to do the same thing in my mess of a studio. You've inspired me!!!

rachelle t

Wow, i want to hang fairy lights from branches in my studio now. First I have to kick the hubby and his computer paraphenalia out, so I can claim extra space for more stuff. I don't know, how do I choose? His lovely company or more pretties? I think the pretties may just win out. It all looks adorable sis, big yummy.


What a gorgeous retreat! Thanks for the inspiration! I am going to follow your lead and organize all my scattered art and sewing supplies this weekend while my hubby is away in Michigan for a football game. I don't have a studio room, but when I'm finished, a small corner of the basement will be mine, all mine. Unfortunately, I will then have no more excuses for failing to create or following through with my ideas - or finishing Christmas gifts that I started ten year ago!


oh how wonderful it all looks.
i love taking a peek into your creative space.

you go girl!


i am waiting for january to do my purging, and your story mirrored my corner the room stacked out of control....such an amazing transformation, and look what you created....a true inspiration xxoo minnie


Dear Nina, well done - it is pure magic! You have created a fairyland all of your own. It is so pretty - you must be beyond thrilled with your efforts.


how did you put down those dictionary pages..awesome idea.


Your studio looks AWESOME!

Suzanne Deal-Fitzgerald

I love your space, and your work. I love the tree branches with white lights, and crow.

Wow. I am in awe.

Amy Crawley

Nina, what an inspiration! I'm in the process of deciding how to rearrange my studio. I've started cleaning up some areas here and there; it is so cool to find a countertop under all the stuff. Ah, space! I love the branches and white lights. That is a great idea for bringing more light into the room. Congratulations!


Amazing studio with a capital A!! What an abundance of incredible goodies. I love the string of art pieces hanging over your table. Such inspiration!!!

annie lockhart

hey sweetie...looks faaa-buuuu-louuuus darlin'! i've missed you...i SO haven't been around...not physically, nor any other way. let's catch up. you.


I have the white lights...just need to turn the heat on down there
in the studio basement...and really NEED on of those crows or ravens!!!

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