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That little cafe sounds so wonderful. There's a coffee shop here that is in an old mechanic's garage, and they have it set up with local artists' work on the walls, an antique coffee roaster in the corner, and in the summer they use the huge doors to project late-night movies. I love eclectic places like that--it beats Starbucks any day.

I am also drawn to trees, although it is only recently that I have taken particular notice of them at wintertime. I've lived up north for 5 years now, and I am only just now discovering that without their leaves, the trees can no longer hide the huge bird nests that I never see the rest of the year. I am noticing a new nest in almost every tree I see, and I am constantly amazed at how the birds seem to completely surround my life--and I never knew til now.

Jen Crossley

How wonderful that cafe sounds.I love trees there is just something beautiful and majestic about them.You necklace is stunning simple stunning

Cindy Dean

I love your pictures of trees. Trees are not an abundant thing around here. I am glad you found your little cafe. I don't know how you did it before! It would have driven me nuts.


I love your pictures and necklace-it´s always wonderful to visit your blog :)


Your pictures are just amazing !
I love wood and the shape some branches take, I even saw a monster one.


Oh, I just love that necklace in a way that made my heart hurt a little when I saw it (in a good way though I promise!). This wintry tree theme is very evocative for me too - it's shown up in my contribution to the Artfest Fatbook this year.


I confess that I am a little obsessed with trees too. It started when I was a kid and grandpa taught me to climb them, it continued when I explored my aunt's neighboring farms and scraped knees and elbows reaching for plums, figs, apples, pears, apricots, peaches and you name it, and it continued as the seasons passed, trees changed costumes,and I learned to appreciate their full nakedness, their contrast against the winter skies, and their mysticism in foggy mornings. And now, I have your jewelry linking it all-the trees and the soul in one beautiful Nina package.


how wonderful it would be to be inside that beautiful drop of rain, what a lovely dream that is to think about...
i do love your trees...and the necklace is stunning, how lucky the one who gets to wear it.
your love for winter seems to be growing more and more with each day, it sure has made me look at it differently, I thank you for that. xoxo

rachelle t

Nina, I am always amazed at how beautiful your world looks. Mine seems such bland fair sometimes until you remind me here to really see the beauty in these macro views. My blog trundles along. I agree with Cindy Dean. How on earth can you load photos on dial up and not yank out your hair. Mine takes a few minutes to do FIVE. I still get impatient. What a great reason to go into town and do your precious thing in a cool atmosphere. Good for you. xxx ahipara girl


The cafe sounds like a lovely place to be on a rainy day. The more I hear about these cozy places the more sure I am about needing a laptop.

I feel drawn to trees right now as well. The bare branches against sky are perfect sculpture.


Having just returned from an amazing couple of weeks in true celebration of trees and birds it was so sweet to check in an read this post.
Thankyou (again) for sharing your wealth of experience. Its so lovely to be in this dreamy space, slightly removed from daily (un)reality... I'm pleased that its not just me.
x mandy


OMG, Nina...your new necklace is amazing! I'm enjoying seeing you play with a "cleaner", shall we say, look. The crisp whites of winter are really inspiring you. Love it!!



Dew Drop In-n... a Treat, and a Treasure, to the holder, Joy, to you, the beholder, ... OX to Nina, ....Ox

ro bruhn

I'm a summer person, but you've almost made me look forward to the coming winter, you certainly have a way with words Nina. Such beautiful photography too.


Everytime you show us a new piece of art I think "oh, that's the best one yet" -- and then another 'best' once comes along. So I'll say it once again "this is the best one yet"!! (smile) I love the bare branches of the trees also -- even better than when they are full of green leaves. In the winter they are like beautiful pieces of sculpture against the blue (or grey) sky.

gina cuff

Hi Nina,

I always imagined trees, especially big, old gnarly trees, as characters that would come to life as soon as there were no human eyes to see. I love trees too and my home is surrounded by them. The living room looked so forlorn and bare after I took my Christmas tree down that I went outside and brought in a pile of evergreen branches and I strung them with faery lights. John thinks I'm nuts, but he'll get over it. :)


Adrienne Berry

Ooh, I hope I can talk my hubbie into getting me a Nina Valentine! Glad you found a special new place!

Erin Gergen Halls

Love trees. Love the necklace of trees. Love how the center image of your necklace is shaped like an inverted raindrop encapsulating trees.Love how my home is surrounded by trees, most of whom I know personally...

lk ludwig

Beautiful! Is that a buckle? I saw hundreds of acres of bare branches trees - branches coated white with ice against wet black trunks - on Sunday when I drove up to the river house to check on the pipes... forgot my camera, and would have gone back except I had to double back once before for the damned keys....


Yes. I am one of those "lurkers". I admit to it. I so enjoy reading and looking at this blog......and taking a great amount of pride in what I see. So here I am posting a comment, finally, and coming a bit out of my shell in doing so. I think that I can safely say that I am Nina's biggest fan and also the earliest collector of her works. I go back to the days when she was using gauze, sticks, glue (oh my!), photos of photos, this being way before the age of computing, sticks which thankfully are still in use, and even a few net covered embroidery hoops filled with lavender, and topped with old fashioned fabic flowers. (I am sure to endure a long and painful death by artistic hand at these last few revelations!) I even have in my extensive collection, an early drawing of hers on one of the pages of my most beloved childhood book on elves and fairies.......a very large 5 year old's rendition of a name curiously spelled in capitol letters no less, "ANIN", with a very long underlining going from right to left nearly all the way across the page! This book is one of my grand-daughter's favorites and we read it together at nap times. She has asked what "that" says as it obviously doesn't match or "belong" on the page. I told her that it was her Great Aunt Nina's signature on her favorite story in the book, "The Cannery Bear". While we can still find her "signature" on many things these days, I am touched every time I see that ANIN with the comet-like underline placed right over the cannery bear's winged and pink fairy godmother who had come to visit.......Even at that early age, my sister had talent, vision, and an eye that sees things in ways no others do and she shares them with us. I love ya Sis and when you mentioned your short and stubby toes, I'm reminded that it is my fault you think of them that way. I can distinctly remember teasing you about your toes (which are normal and just fine). That may be why you wrote your name in my book!

Eileen Weigand

Oh, my heart swelled when I read and viewed your post, Nina. I too, love trees- all trees- all nature is my passion in fact. Ah, I just basked in the beauty of that piece- the glittering hearts and shiny pearl are divine.
The raindrop and the world within it is so precious, fleeting and mysterious. Thank you for sharing your work and the view you have of trees. The Underground sounds like a perfect hangout on a dreary / peaceful day. I'm glad you found a "new" spot! x Eileen


Glad you felt the peace and joy of a good day. Lovely, lovely piece of jewelry you featured with the wonderful mother of pearl. That is just about nature at its best!


Oh, this piece is so wonderful. It "is" my dear friend Susan. Please send info, I want so much to surprise her for her birthday. Thank you and I love your sight. Jo


WOW...... a Deco Doorway to your world. Who woulda thought ???? Why YOU would, of course. Liza


nina, your necklaces are breathtaking, and to hear the stories about them make me long to have them around my neck, the colors are stunning, it's like the crack has opened up and the light has come in xxoo


nina, your necklaces are breathtaking, and to hear the stories about them make me long to have them around my neck, the colors are stunning, it's like the crack has opened up and the light has come in xxoo

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