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I love the home quote, it's so true. It's never brick and mortar (or wood, stucco or stone), home is in the heart.

I think one cannot help but fall in love with the trees when they stand so majestically right there in front of you. I feel so blessed to live in a neighborhood that was built around the trees, not in place of the trees. They soar 100' high and beyond. Magnificent.


Absolutely fabulous piece Nina! I love everything about it.

Samantha Marshall

This is so beautiful.


Thank you so much for sharing the Hermann Hesse quote. It's funny--I had never heard of him until about a month ago, when I picked up a collection of his short stories almost by chance, and I was immediately struck by the simple elegance and depth of his writing. Your post has also brought to mind a fairy tale I recently read, Tom Thumb Runs Away by Michele Tournier: "He became an enormous chestnut tree, whose flowers were as upright as creamy little candelabra. He was suspended in the immobility of the blue sky. But suddenly a slight breeze passed by. Tom made a gentle soughing sound. His thousands of green wings beat in the air. His branches moved gently up and down, dispensing blessings. The sun opened out like a fan, which then shut again in the gray-green shade of his foliage. A great tree..."

Diana Frey

Nina..thank you...I will never look at a tree quite the same from now on...we can, indeed, learn a lot from trees.


this might sound silly but then it is me...when i think of trees i think about the trees that came to life in the lord of the rings biology teacher always said that all things in nature have feelings and talk to each each when no one is watching...i still believe that...


Wow! I am holding back tears! That was a beautiful post. Wow!

Jen Crossley

Beautiful Piece of Art again both in the jewerly and the words.


wendy from NZ

I cherish trees because of their natural correspondence with the greener, more mysterious processes of mind, and because they seem to me the best, most revealing messengers to us from all nature, the nearest its heart.....John Fowles

not my words but i agree wholehearted with them...without trees the sky would be lonely...... the windows would not frame the view, we would not hear them talking to us in the wind and children would not be able to swing from them and live in their tree huts of make believe......


As I read your wonderfully evocative post, the tall Eucalyptus trees that grow in our little half acre were swaying in the wind and their leaves danced, casting dappled shadows across my window.

I come to your site for the joy your work and words give to me.


I have always loved trees. All kinds. I can remember when I was young sitting for hours outside drawing trees. I think I have always been fascinated by the fragility of them yet know they are so strong. Sort of like some people I know. Thank you for sharing your world Nina.


Today, I spent my afternoon exploring a book store in my area and thought of you when I saw the book "A Tree of Meaning" by Robert Bringhurst.
Somewhere in it he says: "I do my work by talking to the air. Sooner or later the talk is disguised as writing and printing, because those are the simplest, least obtrusive ways of miming something spoken", and that is exactly the dynamic i feel between you and your art.
And now I get here, and I read this entry on "wisdom from trees".

You are such a tree!
You and your art are the trees and the landscape, and we're these tiny birds-perched on your branches, eager to learn from you how to fly.


great picture of the moon with tree. xoxo nita


Don't you think that trees are so much more real during the winter -- when you can see their bones - the stuff they are truly made of. When things get bad or I'm having a bad day I use a tree as my meditation and I try to 'be a tree' - standing strong and still, digging my roots in deeper and raising my arms to the sky. Thank you for this post (as well as all the others of course - smile).


Your latest work is just stunning!


That is so beautiful and so very timely. Thank you!

Sue Pieper

You did it again, saying exactly what I needed to hear, as I've been walking around here having a very childlike nasty stomp my feet kind of day over things I can't change, things that aren't what I'd planned, "home" isn't as it should be-all because of having to rely on a cane to walk now-how stupid. It'll soon be spring,new leaves will sprout, a new chapter will open, it'll all be good. It will. I miss you!


this is lovely, as always!
shirley (longing for spring)


often your entries are just what i need in that moment. i feel i am getting close to that point in my life when i can let go of the worries which are blessedly out of my control. i am learning to "be still..."(not always the easy task you want it to be-your beautiful words help.)
also, this past weekend my family was out of town together and my 4-year-old came down with a cold. he said i think i'm homesick. the wisdom of children...


trees connects the sky and earth. I miss the nature so much in here Dubai... i just can not wait to travel in home and embrace the trees and linger in their arms.


Tina (in Seattle)

As spring starts to arrive here in Seattle, I'm enjoying the fresh new buds of the city trees around me. Perhaps I need to slow down and listen too. Feeling restless and untethered these days and not bit like I know what I am.


I have been waiting for the words to post about this beauty. It spoke to me so deeply, I was in tears when I first saw it. And it was still available while I slowly gave myself permission to own it. It is a talisman, a piece of poetry, tangible in my hands. My Dad had very recently dedicated Hawksley Workman's song "all the trees are hers" to me; knowing the connection that this piece holds between you and your father, it brought a whole other dimension connecting me to my father. I was so excited the night before it was due to arrive I dreamed about it!

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