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perfect day for putzing around the home in jammies and fuzzy socks holding a nice cuppa tea and listening to ones favorite music in front of the fire with dogs at your feet....


One of my favorite proust quotes...thanks for the reminder...

and although we also have a rainy day, not unusual for winter in oregon, today I have the aftermath of another downpour to deal with and a lesson learned, as they all seem to be, the hard way: it is unwise to put the 10 gallon acquarium above the 10 years of bank statements and other ephemera of living...;)

on the up side, I'd been meaning to clean that area out this winter it's done!

Ann K.

I love the Gorecki Symphony No. 3 in any kind of weather...

Your recent creations are lovely and thoughtful, as usual!


I love rainy days. When it's cold and rainy, I like to curl up on the couch with a blanket and a book and just listent to the rain--so very peaceful and comforting. But what I love most of all is when it's warm, and I can go out in the rain, just stand there and get soaked. It is impossible to explain, but somehow that is as close to God as I can be.

patricia J mosca

How comfortable you are to be alone...most people have a hard time handling it...they wish for it, but then cannot fill or feel the space..BRAVO to you...


Oh Nina, I am not sure which are more beautiful: your captured images or the words you "paint" with...



All these pieces you've been creating are so beautiful and sweet! You must know that by how quickly they sell. Keep up this inspiring work.


Vicki in Michigan

Love, love, love your crystal ball and water-drop pics! That tiny world, captured in the glass or water.......... Thank you for sharing these images with us!

Also love the transformation of what you see around you into your work. "Narrative Jewelry" indeed!

Once upon a time I was a student at my local potters' guild. I learned to make the things I meant to make, well enough that I was usually satisfied.

Exactly once, when I was working alongside a very special person, who loved to talk about quantum physics and other Large Topics as she made pots, I experienced working *with* the clay, rather than bending it to my will.

That was a very special day for me, and I treasure the memory.

It seems to me that you work *with* your varied elements in exactly that way, and the glimpse of your spirit that comes through reminds me of Vee Ling, my potter friend/teacher.


I missed this lovely post yesterday and am playing catch-up this evening. Again, another poetic entry. I just love it. I wish my days were 1/2 as creative as yours but they are filled with daughters and granddaughters at the moment. I'm not complaining, I just miss my studio right now. Reminds me of the Byrds song, Turn, Turn, Turn. What were you doing in 1965 when it was #1? - 8th grade for me. I just listened to it on You Tube - it really is very apropos of my life right now.


I have grown weary of the cold.
Yet I will wait paiently for spring's arrival. Last year she came too early and was nipped in her bloom.
Your crystal ball is beautiful.
Holding a tree in your palm is magic.
Thank you for the inspiration.
Thank you for bringing warmth to my cold bones.

kelly m.

To come full circle, from sky, to earth, to well, to you -- how lovely! Thank you.

I will come by to visit often, I'm sure. Thanks to "Artful Blogging," I have found your site -- what a gift for a cold New England winter's day!

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