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Meagan B. Call

What a cool translation from dew drops to pearls. Forgive me if it's a common thing to do... this type of art is relatively new to me. That's just beautiful.

anne kelly

Thank you, Nina, for just being there. I'm home sick today and even so, got a call from work. Someone from another department called and spent almost 5 minutes shouting at me and shouting me down, literally, over a mistake in scheduling of one hour. I was so upset. I had to call a friend at work in a quavering voice to ask her help in rectifying the problem. She was wonderful about it. And so, needing some comfort, I came to one of the most comfortable places I can visit from home - your blog site. Thank you for sharing your world and your advice. (I bought the Lumix and we have the most amazing pictures of Paris.) Your words and photos were a soothing balm I desperately needed today. You are lovely.


"beautiful in an aching, wistful way"....I felt that exactly when looking at the photograph. Thanks Nina.

I love the way you have twisted the pearls and wire into delicate twigs and dew drops.


Beautiful pictures and necklace ... you make me love pearls! And your underground cafe makes me miss a place I knew in Ohio ... ah memories...


Oh boy that necklace is just beautiful and the branch with the drops of rain, priceless

wendy from NZ

what a perfect retreat to lose oneself amongst the ambience of this wonderful cafe which looks very inviting, as if one was at home with friends, somewhere to relax and dream the cares of the day away..... i hope you get to enjoy it often nina......

Cindy Dean

Beautiful piece. I love Pussywillows!

Cindy Ericsson

What a busy girl you've been, filling the world with beauty! I love the poem, and hope that Alex still writes poetry for himself, if for no one else.


you leave me breathless so often.

Gabriela Delworth

Hello from Toronto!

I really like your work. Are those cultured pearls?

Warm regards,


andra hepler

canton, ohio...that is about 20 miles from my hometown...smiles, andra


I am so happy you found a place kinda like your home where you can have that lightening fast internet access. Didn't I just say a day or so ago, "soon, soon." Little did we know!

Pussywillows - I think you've stuck a chord there with a lot of us, stirring up a wonderful memory.


People at my new job think I must be crazy, because everytime I get a chance to look at you blog I'm a looking. And all the ohhs and ahhs and oh my god look at that's comes from my desk. It gets me though the day and makes me want to get home and create or at least run my hands over some beads. Also I will have to check out the "Underground" next time I'm in Sylva, is it on the back side of Main St. I'm itching for the mountains and your pictures and post don't help but to call to it. Thank you.

alex s

Ohhhh! Buds! Buds!! Hope does indeed spring eternal. (And lord knows we need hope up here in the still frozen north.)

Thank you for reminding me that it WILL happen.



So telling, each drop of water, hanging on a new bud,.. holding, as if, just a few extra seconds, will be enough to nurture the coming spring.
amazing photo, ..OX


I love how you are incorporating the trees into your jewellery, Pearls are so perfect with silver, speaking of trees!!!
love to you xoxoxoo


i was thinking of pussy willows as i saw the picture before i read your words... love the pictures, the necklace and the words....


Is it serendipity that you've become focused on nature's "ornamental" jewels of rain on branches while you create your own jewels to adorn some lucky person? I like the juxtaposition of that!!!


It's nice to have a little place to which one can retreat for tea or coffee (and it's NOT Starbucks, which seems to be on every other corner in the City). Thankfully, we still have little places like this, altho' too many of them have a hard time competing in the cutthroat cafe/restaurant market here. Enjoy! (I love patronizing the independent places.)

Jennifer Blevins

I sit at my desk and eat my lunch almost everyday and I take time to read your blog. It is always magical to me, to read about how you discover beauty where others may step around it. This time at my desk is one of most favorite times of day. Thank you for letting me peek into your world. J


Ah, what a treasure! I especially love the plain chain rings (plain jane?). Wish you would teach how to make those...hint, hint...The pearls are lovely hanging so gently like that.


Hi, Nina,
This post was especially beautiful! Did you have a copy of "Pussy Willow" by Margaret Wise Brown when you were a little girl? I still have mine, and it's available on My twin sister and I still share a wealth of family shibboleths derived from its wonderful prose. "Who are you, and where are you good to bite?" Thanks for sharing the beauty and inspiration of your life with us every day.


Isn't nature grand?! I LOVE the "pussy-pearls"....very coolio indeed!

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