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I love this book -- somewhere around here I have the book that it appeared in and I believe it was the first Nina piece I'd seen. Your work appears like little collections placed in such a way that they touch my spirit --and make me want more! P.S. have you ever counted how many eyelets you used in the Book of Trees? Just curious (smile)


It is wonderful! Never stow it away again-keep it out somewhere so you can gaze upon it at will!

Cindy Ericsson

Thanks for sharing the photos; I could look at them over and over. I keep being drawn to the bottle tree you created on the cover. It leaves me with a longing for something I can't name.


Oooh, those lucky, lucky Aussies! Grr! I am tree-green with envy!


This is a fabulous piece. You should be proud of it. I have the Collage Source Book and often flick through the pages just to enjoy it again.

gina armfield

This piece is just beautiful - such soul in it - wish I could hold it in my hands


Just wonderful, Miss Nina!!! Oh how I love bottle trees. Those Aussies will adore you straight away.



Nina, you are truly amazing. The Book of Trees blows me away.Cindy says it all. "It leaves me with a longing for something I can't name." I also felt that and am wondering if it is a longing to create all the hazy ideas that havn't quite materialized in my mind. Your work and your words always stir up those hazy ideas. Something I can't quite grasp.


When did you have time?... This piece is not about time, it's about PASSION!!! And that was what you have... I remember this time, but have never seen this piece of work.... I am breathless, WOW!!.. Aussie's hang-on, you're in for a wonderful ride! I envy you!... and Love you Babe


Edit: to Passion!
And that IS what you have! :-) OX


Oh my Nina, you have just cranked the excitement level up a few hundred notches.
Countdown is days now, not months any more... Can't wait to see you.
Love you,
Jo xoxo


omg, what a work of god ( i thought i was typing art and god is what my hands typed) wow a little devine intervention there.
perhaps a message to us both????

god has many names
all one in the same

a little quote from the simspons,
"jesus, allah, buddha, i love em all."

Nicole Merkens

Nina, I love your art and your words.
Please stop by my blog and pick up your award, also you've been tagged!


Wow, that is so beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful trip to Australia.


This is so pretty! I found a link to your blog over at Bluegirl's blog, and i am facinated by what i see here! I just love your tree work here. Especially with all the little framed pics... like a family tree. It is stunning :). Looking forward to seeing more posts from you.

liz elayne

one day i want to sit and look through this beautiful it is...and that it is inspired by a poem you wrote...well, you know how much that means to me.

your australian students are very, very lucky...


Oh my!

This is an ab-so-lute-ly stunning piece of art.
I just love looking at it and would love to touch it and smell the letter, etc., etc. Plus hear those bottlse clink against each other as they used to when I was a kid and lived my summers in the rural town of Belmead Va. Bottle trees were on the rear portion of my great aunt's land and we were forbidden to touch them.
She called them her good-luck trees. And she had good luck because the wild bunch that ran back there never broke a single bottle. Ha!



Love the new banner, too!


I want to put my specs on, pick it up and really 'look'.
The new banner is gorgeous.

Greta Young

Oh Nina, what a MAGNIFICENT Book. How I wish I was doing this class!

Look forward to meeting you in Melbourne next Month!

Greta Young

PS. LOVE the new Banner ;-)

Cathy Wegner

Your work is just amazing! I would love to take one of your classes someday.

the farmers wife

That is possibly one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. And congrats on the teaching gig in Australia. Woo Hoo for you!

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

pamela huntington

HI Nina,
this is beautiful!

Sweet Repose

WOW is not a big enough word, such heartfelt artwork...I would never shelve it again...thanks for sharing.



WHOA!!!! This is just plain cooo-el!! I would so love to hold it and stare at it up close!!!!! Australia eh, hmmmmm......

ps I have to stop those goofy smiles!!!


I remember this book, it was the first Nina piece I ever saw, I am pretty sure of that. It drew me, I thought who could think all this at once. It was a time when it was fresh and no one was in that place. It is still the standout piece that I saw first, and now I get the pleasure to view it up close here. So much talent packed into a little woman. Lucky Ozzies.


Wow! An amazing amount of creativity and energy must have gone into the creation of this book. Really extraordinary!

Holly - UK

OHHH i LOVE this book - ST-UNNN-INGGGG!!!!!! x

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