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wendy from NZ

today i am catching up with yesterday and by tomorrow i should be ready for today.......and floating on wings soaring through the air will be the words I long to hear......

Chris Meissner

Beautiful poem, perfect for a day like today.

Erin Gergen Halls

All so fleeting, is it not? Beauty abounds in the garden, the creekside, the woods...but you have to be ever so mindful or you miss it. Thats what makes it so precious, I suppose. I must step outside a dozen or more times a day to walk through the grass past my gardens, noting subtle changes - new buds opening here, blossoms fading there - all in an attempt to truly see it remember when its gone...oh June, farewell to thee...

Tina in McLeansville

tried this earlier, but evidently it went forth into the heavens, so i'll try again.
time passes so quickly that it's hard to reach up and grab onto what flies by sometimes, especially on summer's like trying to catch bubbles. some get past you, some get popped and some you can actually catch....but then what do you do with it?! catch the reflection, watch it shine and shimmer with colors...wouldn't a necklace full of bubbles be fun?! then we could wear summer around our necks all the time! xx


you should frame that lovely luna moth, or put him between mica sheets... as always your post fills me with a sweet sense of beauty and place.


Thankyou for posting the poem.I had not read it before and it reminds me of other Junes, not Australian Junes.
But I like June here also. The rain is falling and the fire is lit in the evening. One can hear the echo of neighbours chopping wood for their fires and all is green, green green outside.


I have never seen a moth that big. Lucky girl, your mountains hold so many wonders unknown to me. You were meant to find that moth. It was waiting for you.


she's beautiful. now, about that crow.......

Miss Mandy

June and now July....changes brought by the wind here today. Its wild and unsettling. Imagine living so briefly, moth to barely see the passing of a season. Yet here we are; you there with mild summer nights and we here woken by a fierce nor'westerly.
Curious how it goes.


....and curious how it comes too. Miss Mandy speaks of winds which I hope will abate very soon. They are sending my insides wild. As you look forward to socks, I find myself longing for your summer dress and long, warm twilights.... best put another scarf around my neck for now though

Erin Gergen Halls

I see "duty called" and you had to cancel your class here in Minnesota...Roy is lucky, those participants are not! I feel a little better (in a totally childish selfish way) because I was not able to attend (huge scheduling conflict) and was sick, SICK I tell you, that you would be so close yet so far away!! Hopefully you will have another opportunity to come to my neck of the woods...perchance to meet along the way....

beth emery

i, too, love june, and mourn it's passing. i live in alaska (fairbanks) and soon it will be cool again. summer is so ephemeral. and beloved.


You found a true treasure on the last day of June! What a gift you were given and give to us :)


O, I mourn the loss of June. Too swift it passes and too often my gaze is diverted to appreciate the clouds and the green of the grass and the wind that ruffles the delphiniums.

June moon, June swoon. All things June to you!

Mary G.

Thank you for that poem.

Somehow I always had a vague feeling "what is so rare as a day in June" was from Shakespeare. Well, "summer's lease hath all to short a date" does seem to go with the Lowell quote. And so does "shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate." But now I know where it does come from.

I thought of you this morning because Garrison Keillor read Mary Oliver's The Summer Day on Writer's Almanac this morning. So now I have that poem, too. A perfect day for it. Then when I finally got to your blog tonight it all seems to flow together so well. So, I hope you had a lovely summer day.

Thank you again.


Oh what My friend Kitten could do with a moth that size... wonders would never cease. Lucky you, dear Nina. June is blazing hot in its passing today... July promises to bake me to the spot wherever it may be.

Have a wonderful week and thank you for sharing.
Greens and blues to you,

red tin heart

June has always been my favorite month. It does seem like the most perfect month of the year..With the longest day of the year nestled in its days like a hidden gem. The most wonderous clouds that seem to be masterpieces in themselves floating lushly over head.
I loved the beautiful. And a great post.
xoxo Nita


oh i just *love* luna moths, and june (my favorite month, and not just because i was born in it ;) and that apron! is it one of kris'? gorgeous!!
ps - i took lk ludwig's glass at artfest and she told us how to preserve and clean dead things: bury it in a big bucket of salt (you should definitely contact her for the details though).


While you bask in your gentle breezes and warm temperatures we batten down the hatches for the most aggressive winds we've seen in a long time, three nights in a row now and quite cool for us too. I saw daffodils in the florist today so spring can't be too far away.
What a lovely fairy/ballet costume your moth wings would make. If only you could preserve them and add them to one of your tiny porcelain dolls.


Aren't the moths and butterflies a perfect example of fleeting beauty. They always bring me to the present with their beauty and their oh so very short lives.


What a perfect shade of green.....beautiful even in passing your Luna moth. A real treasure.


You always post such wonderful poetry. June left us here with high winds and high temp's. The hot dry winds of summer gathering the dust to travel to cooler climates. And July is greeting us with more of the same. Love the journal. what is the cover made from?

Tracie Lyn Huskamp

indeed, a gift from marvelous sky, wondrous earth
plucking this bright star from a field of dreams
or perhaps, it is the stem from wince it comes,
with roots deep and tangled about our thoughts.

xo always!


ahhh... those beautiful words and images from you again... thank you...

Den lille lade

How fantastic wondefull nature is in your part of the world--here too, but a moth so big and colorfull I have never experiensed in Denmark.
Thanks for sharing the beautifull poem.

Maj Carita

Your journal from Misty Mawn is absolutely beautiful! And I love the photo with the green moth on top of it! Breathtaking!


I too am very sad to see June go. I dread the dog days of July and Aug. Have a good trip over the 4th - hope it is something fun! I'd love to know what you do with the crow. I just found a dead bird (morning dove) in my garden. So far I have been too squeemish to touch it - figured I'd leave it to mother nature and see what happens! Love Misty's journal - am looking forward to meeting her at VR in Aug!


Dear Nina
Thank you for remninding me that each day/month is a treasure. Love your faries and butterfly, moth and bird pieces. I look foward to taking a class or worshop with you..I feel such a deep connection with you....with gratitude & love Denise

Heather Bradley

what different June's from there to here...just a gentle reminder to me that i need to get out to see the world beyond this mountain range and little valley where my muddy river flows, slowly, softly, to the Gulf of Mexico...


Everytime I visit I am Amazed! Thanks...


I've always been in love with Luna Moths!!!! For some reason, I've always felt they were a part of my existance, my legasy, my birth insect (like a zodiac kind of thang).... And I don't have a clue why!!!! Well, I always did want to be an entamologist!!!!


Sheesh.... Good thing it wasn't an etymologist!!! I can't spell anymore!!!!


What words to say...just loveliness. Thank you! xo


What a wonderful gift Nature gave to you (and to us ,via you.)
Have heard of luna moths but never seen one up close. And she was pregnant...poor thing. However will you keep her? For surely she came to you to be preserved in some way.

The photos , as usual are great. Love that apron. And the tree artwork!!
Warm days and cool nights to you, girlie.

~Sassi xo

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