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Cindy Ericsson

Mmmmmmm...too bad I can only dream. She's lovely.


I love those colors!!


ahhh Nina- There are no words.

Will you adopt me? :)


...and the faerie tail continues.....

red tin heart

It is absouloutly divine...The colors of a warm tropical ocean. Mermaids are one of my favorite things. I always tend to find them wherever I go.
Sending you love, Nita

Linda Baldock

this is brilliant, I love the colour and the composition, it is truly beautiful


what a little beauty she is...and her lovely "tale/tail" is wonderful!


OMG lovely! how absolutely beautiful! do you think you will work with this motif?

i wanted to be a mermaid when i grew up. this morning i stitched a mer-dog for a friend's one-year old. no picture before it went to its new home though. i did a mermaid exchange with some friends a few years back, it was magical!


i am weeping i didnot get this mermaid dolly, you are right she is all the colors i love, she is very magical.....i don't always get to a computer everyday, but will now have to without a doubt.


Gosh, aren't kids great? They really do hit it on the head sometimes... These new pieces are just lovely. Can something be magical AND practical? Pragical? Mmmm... let's work on making the magic settle down in Plain Ol' Plainsville, shall we?

Super Hug,


Oh dear Nina, the words you use to describe the assemblage of this wonderful mermaid necklace are exquisite. The necklace is exquisite...and you are exquisite. What a wonderful story your description created in my mind! Kudos to you dear Nina!!!
Teresa aka Tess

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