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What a lovely piece of work Nina and such great photos... I'm so happy to be making a clock for you :)
Best wishes from Scotland to you and the moths...


wise words......


Your photos are great, Nina. Could that little strip of blue be any more perfect? I think not.

And I'm glad you wrapped your finger. :-)


I have learned to look at what might be at my feet through, no I have not forgotten to look up at the sky. What a wonderful world.

Erin Gergen Halls

moving forward.
flying high on faith and confident wings. wings of steel no less...
light as a feather stiff as a board...

beautiful, inspired work. pure grace...the art and you!

Heather Bradley

ah, perfect faith...maybe that's what we're all seeking.


that sounds like a hummingbird moth or a sphinx moth variety...they act like a hummingbird, but are actually part of the moth family. very rare to see them out & about - they blend. lucky you! Linda


I hate to be a bummer, but I wonder if this sudden appearance has something to do with climate change? There are insects appearing here that I've never seen this far north, and I read that we have been promoted (demoted?) to the next warmer growing season zone.
Well anyway, if that's the case, you're making lemonaide!

sue pieper

Perfect words, and you will soar above the rest!


I love the quote? yours? on the back of your wing piece....exactly how I've been feeling recently ;) Thank you for sharing your heart!

Also sooo very glad to hear Roy came out of his surgery well and that things are beginning to look up for him on his long road now that he is past that scary hurdle. He is in good hands with you there. I'll keep you both in my thoughts and prayers...


oh what a beautiful necklace - with those wonderful wings and protective words of encouragement. she is ever so lovely...

Debbie Overton

To carry those words around one's neck is power that there is no limit to how far we can go! Gorgeous Necklace!


You are so right to make sunch a beautiful trinket out of nature's beauty, the necklace. Your minds eye and the eyes God gave you see such awe around you. Thank you so much for sharing with us here.

I sent you a special e-mail message in butterfly letters.

Lynn Davis

Moth Meanings and Mythologies

As a dream symbol, moths can be interpreted as a message to listen to our inner voice. In supersitition a white moth is said to embody the soul of a loved one, white being the symbolic color of purity of the soul and the ancient idea that the night, the realm of the moth, is a dwelling place for souls.

As humans, we may translate this as symbolic of living our lives by intuitive feeling rather than physical sensory perception. Just as the moth can blend in to the point of invisibility, we should blend in when necessary, adjust and adapt when it's required.

Native South Americans also integrated various moth entities into their mythologies. To the Goajiro of Columbia, if a particular large, white moth is found in a bedroom it must not be mistreated for it is the spirit of an ancestor come to visit.


wow I can't imagine moths that big! and I don't envy you trying to work with those fragile wings, although I've heard of a japanese art form of using butterfly wings as the medium for creating

gina cuff

Sweet mercy Nina, this is the most beautiful piece of jewelry I have ever seen!



I have never seen so many different type of moths or butterflies in my life...I am in awe!


Nina,these wings have appeared to take you to a higher level of creativity...(if that is possible),we all think you are already there with what you create...there is soooo much more to come XXX with Love Carole XXX


i'm sure you're made of magic... twinkly, shiny, breathtaking magic - aren't you?

carol m

What a beautiful piece! I've had a dead moth on my dresser for about a month now - it was such a perfect little specimen and had such a beautiful design on the wings I couldn't bear to throw him away! i'll bring him to VR for you :-)

Tina in McLeansville

hey nina b...i thought of you this morning. as i went out the door to get the paper, a moth fluttered by...large, kind of a brownish-red...i suppose just to say "good morning". it lit on the wall beside the shutter and just hung out for a bit. i had to smile. and the words on the necklace are wonderful. the words "you're afraid to do that because you know you can't do it by yourself" were uttered to me once. i think back now and even that makes me smile. having raised 2 kids, put them through college (last one has 1 more semester!!) i can look at this person and say "excuse said what, again?!" truer words than those on your necklace were never spoken! ain't life grand!! :) xx

Julie H

Stunning Nina! A new favourite.

Pattie Mosca

This saying...this just brings tears...I love it so!! Thank you for sharing this piece of YOU it touched my heart today...

Cindy Ericsson

It's all glorious, but the words may be the best part.
We had one of those moths on our back porch one day and he kept dive-bombing me. I've never seen another.

Little Oaktree

I have something for you at my blogg.

PS. I love your moth photos Nina, they're great.

Jess G.

Wow! Your pictures and the tales of these moths are so other-worldly it seems. Yet, it really is just the world we usually don't notice is actually there. I recently made a art piece for a former student and included a butterfly wing I found one day. Wings just embodied so much of the blessing I wanted to lay upon her with the piece. Love it!

I am extremely excited that I will be meeting you in person in September. I am going to Squam Art Workshops, and while I am not take your class (I'm in Misty's) I am looking forward to meeting you face-to-face!

And blessings to Roy, too!


This necklace is lovely! I think the moths are speaking to you.



And those words would be the reason I became a flight attendant! Too funny!!!!!
Fantastic photos!!!! Great piece Miss Nina!!!

Patricia Perrine


Love your work & blog.... "tis said: angels fly because they take themselves lightly"

Fly on...


Nina, this is a gorgeous piece!!!! I love that quote and so wish I had known of it years ago. I will, however, take it to heart now and do what I can.

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