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ngaire Bartlam

STUNNING STUNNING STUNNING work.. I will be lurking at the etsy store until some show their pretty faces.....

and yay for a beautiful relationship with your sister.. something i wish i had.

NIna.. you may like to have a look at the blog of a dear friend of mine.. i think you and she may be similar souls... Viv Bonder

Peace and joy to you,
( the brissie gal)

Nicole Merkens

wow these are great! There is nothing like a sister is there?
xxoo- nicole

Jean Van Brederode

Lovely eggs, Ellen! I am SO happy to be your very first customer!


Love the eggs! And love your sister!

You can never have enough of them - sisters (and eggs, too)


You two are so cute!!!! Those eggs are LOVELY!!!! Again, your family is way cool in my book Nina!!!!!
xoxo and safe travels!!!


those are so beautiful! I just love the little eggs (and everything else, but that's the first time I have seen the eggs!)
and the relationship with your sister, that REALLY is beautiful! I am not too close with any of my family really(except my son) and as I get older I yearn for that closeness....I am trying to get closer to them though! well, love your blog and your work!


Oh my, those eggs are exquisite. Really, really amazing.

Cindy Ericsson

So lovely. This is its own special kind of alchemy, isn't it? I once inadvertently finagled an invitation to watch Wayne Lumpkin (local glass artist) create blown glass vases at his home studio. (I didn't realize I was inviting myself to his home at the time, but now I realize most artists do work at home.) What an amazing dance he did! These eggs are not like any other glass work I've seen. I'm hoping to own one soon.


Thank you for the heads-up that Ellen's Etsy shop is now open! I shall have to start looking for the Perfect Ellen Egg to add to my lampworking collection :-).

Denise Mares

Oh, Ellen's egg beads are lovely! I'll have to add her store to my favorites.

For now, I'm saving my allowance for the vendor fair at Portland A&S! yay! I'm in your 2-day jewelry workshop. I can't wait to meet you, Nina!


Exquisite little speckled eggs!


So very special, that relationship with your sister. Her work is quite, quite beautiful and that pice you have made tugs at my heart.

ngaire Bartlam

Some linkage lovin' for you both.

Peace and joy,

Lynette Anderson

Just love the egg necklace. You are both a very talented pair.


What talented sisters you both are. The eggs are so beautiful and as part of your jewellery they look amazing!

kim mailhot

Those eggs are so beautiful ! Delicate and perfectly imperfect, just like the real thing ! Such talented ladies !

Erin Gergen Halls

and the ebb and flow that is the constant.

essentially you begin as eggs in a basket at yout mother's birth, where you nestle until you both come to fruition. then there is all the growth, the love/hate, the sharing of experiences that bind you with slippery ribbons, and then the leaving the nest.

there is almost a guarantee of inclusion in each other's lives,
you just have to have the wisdom to take advantage of that.

interesting that you are now where you began, with a basket of eggs....

Chris Meissner

Fabulous eggs! They look so real! Wonderful craftsmanship.
You two look like 2 peas in a pod.....!
I am an only child and have always wanted a big sister ;~D


Ellen's work is beautiful. I'm so glad the two of you have reconnected. Separately, you are wonderful; together--magical.

Elizabeth Parsons

I just bought the last one listed :)

Beautiful! Both eggs and sisters!



Oh my gosh, these are so beautiful!

Diana Frey

Well, darn I missed out on the eggs as Ellen's store is empty. I'll keep watch and hope more eggs will show up soon. A sister is one of life's most wonderful gifts. So pleased that you and your sis have re-connected. Enjoy!


how lucky you both are to have each other!
the beads are beyond beautiful and so perfect with your work, selling like hotcakes! wonderful!

Tina in McLeansville

those eggs are so sweet...and they are so...gone!! they look real! wonder which sister will make a perfect little nest for them to rest in....? i will say, the art fairy really sprinkled some special dust on your family! xo


Her eggs are beautiful! Isn't it great to have a sister. It's a bond like no other. Both my sister and I will be in your class Thurs & Fri next week. We are looking forward to it very much....


I understand how each one is unique, but learning about the entire process makes me appreciate them even more. How wonderful to be able to combine the meaningful art of both of you.


the 2 of you together...what could be better? such a great combintaion,& we love the eggs and the realism. xo



breathless once again


for some strange reason i really have a need to touch these eggs...and i hear one is on its way to ohio...oh to have a whole basket full...


Oh my stars...glad I read your blog early this morning...for I was able to snatch up a lovely blue one. Can't wait for my package. How truly wonderful that you and your sister can collaborate. Thanks for sharing her with all of us.



I lost my only sister 2 years ago, much too soon and am now not only an "only child" I am also an orphan as both my parents are deceased. I miss that special "sister" connection and it makes me happy that you are cherishing the one you have with your sister. Her work is beautiful and I am awe. Creative talent is obviously in the genes!


It must run in the family :-)
I'm not surprised the eggs are sold out!

Denise S

Your sisters eggs are so pretty but I sit in amazement to see how much she looks like your oldest son. So glad her work is taking wings!

barbara p naples

Dearest Nina:
You already know what I think of your collaboration and support of each other...
Because of life circumstances, myself and my daughter are both onlys...but both longed for siblings... I have what can be described as "sister like" relationships but they will not ever be the same bond as a true sibling. And sometimes seeing disfunctional families makes us celabrate being onlys. But the preference would be to have a harmonious, interconnected, and growing relationship such as yours. Eggs, rebirth and sisterhood. That's what life is about.
Love and Magic always.


Oh my goodness, those eggs are divine!!! Arent you lucky to have such a talented sister (obviously in the genes!).
Love the jewellery you are creating using Ellens eggs and I love that little silver bird charm you've used on one of find the best charms and beads.


Oh fortunate you are to have a sister. I have three younger brothers whom I love very much. However there is not the bond I imagine having with a sister. Like you though I realize the strength of family bonds as I get older. Your sister's glass eggs are lovely. Hopefully I'll get to take another class with you before too long...maybe one where those eggs play a part!

diane cook

I will keep looking for her new pieces~
and, how special of a post about your sister!

Ellen Bagley Ingram

I have tears in my eyes as I have just read all of your comments. What sweet folk you are! Thank you, thank you for being part of Nina's world, and now mine..........


Hi,Nina , because you inspire me, I nominated you for the "I love your blog" award. I got mine from Karen at You can pick yours up at my blog - on this page-


Wonderful egg beads!!

Sisters are wonderful too. I am so glad for them.

inge Bekaert

what a proud sister you are ! heartwarming to read :)

I looked at her etsyshop but there was just one white egg left...:( You know I need "color", so I hope Ellen starts "laying eggs" soon again... I bookmarked her so I come back !


Terri G.

Love the eggs!!!!
I just had bought some turquoise beads to use as eggs for a project that I haven't even come up with yet. Going with the idea of buy them ...the idea will come.
As nice as they are....he artistry of these glass eggs I just find stunnig. and then what you did with them...Oh my goodness.
Thank you for sharing.

Shelley Noble

THANK GOD!! I have been waiting for many many months in hopes this would happen and then many many months trying to FIND them! I must have these beads. Nothing else will do! Off to the shop at once! Thank you!


I have to tell you, there is nothing better than a sister. Luckily my sister, Cheryl, and I live near each other. We talk every day and see each other at least once a week. No one understands you like a sister. At least that is true in our case. Cheryl, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!


ooooo, I didn't realize how tiny they were!!! Makes me love them even more!!!

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