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Nina, I love reading your words. They fill me up when I didn't even realize I was empty. As to the colours smelling different in fall...YES!!! I feel colour but I also smell colour and it is so rare and so wonderful whenever I hear someone else say this!!


your scarf looks beautiful on you.......

Cindy Dean

I have missed coming here and reading your has gotten in the way... Looking forward to your class in Portland...


You make each season richer with your words and observations. I just started pulling warmer clothes off the top shelf in my closet -- how I love these soft sweaters and the layers and the deeper colors. Your blog is golden just like the light at this time of the year.

liz elayne

love seeing you in this post...

the beauty in this history (past and future) of things we this.


Erin Gergen Halls

had company here last night.
we ate warm autumnal foods, and drank spicy pumpkin beers and talked and laughed until late.
then, when the last guest left, and the hubby and kids were long since tucked in,
i found myself, still outside on the porch, wrapped in a blanket, watching the moon.

the moon.

Luna, the goddess personifying the moon, also known as Diana, goddess of the moon and the hunt, protector of women...
there she was, in all her silvered alchemy, hidden behind the darkened night branches...i lingered there, with her and the creek song and the owl calls for far too long on a weeknight.

she found her way into my drawing today.
that same moon that inspired your ode to nighttime....

Tina in McLeansville

i actually gasped when i saw "to the moon" is exquisite, and it reminds me of bedtime when my kids were little. i'd tell them goodnight, and along with the required kiss on each cheek (it ALWAYS had to be even..."you can't kiss just one cheek, mommy!"), i would tell them "i love you to the moon and back again." what a perfect way to use that mother of're does look just like a harvest moon. oh, and that picture of you is great! xo


Wow I need friends like Holly!

Cheryl K. Bennett

May I say I love you even if I don't know you? I love the way you write. I love the way you share yourself with us.
I love your beautiful, open eyes.
You are lovely.

Cheryl in IN


I love to read your description of the fall colors....especialy "the white of foggy dawn" as I am often awake at dawn and now I can describe it perfectly.



What a beautiful picture of you!


Just beautiful..I love the atmosphere you create here!

Miss Sandy

This is my first visit to your blog and I am blessed by finding it. I am an admirer of your work and am excited that I stumbled in here by following a long link path! You paint a lovely picture with your words much as your hands create lovely art.


fall used to be my favorite season of all, but for awhile i gave it up for summer, but this year i am loving it just as much as i used to, if not more, i feel like i am seeing it for the first time, oh how wonderful it looks, smells, sounds... everything!
Holly Rocks! wow! luckkkeeee! Of course she knows whatever she sends you, you will turn it into something even more beautiful!
i love aspens little paws in the one photos, always right there, sweet!

red tin heart

Nina, i love your face. And the way you are not afraid to share yourself. i hope you have a great time at Portland

when would be a good time to mail a package to you? I have it ready but don't want to mail it when you are gone.
love nita

diane cook

I love the color of your head scarf Nina~ Your words flow off the screen like silk, and I am so in love with this necklace. How beautiful. I know someone will be so pleased to own it~


"to the moon".....with that FABULOUS scarf !!! are too precious !!!

Stephanie Lee

The moon and I are good friends. She gave me a bit of her radiance which I stuffed in that Labroadorite chunk for you - you know the one.
Sometimes fewer words are better than more so with that in mind, I'll just say....


Miss Nina...your blog was chosen as favorite at The Altered Page! You've always been #1 in my book as well!!! Congrats!

Favorite Blog
Not counting the votes for The Altered Page (thank you!!), the #1 blog is Nina Bagley's Ornamental. Judy Wilkenfeld's Red Velvet and eb's Be...Dream...Play were close behind. And many people voted for their own site, which is completely understandable given the amount of time it takes to create and maintain a good blog!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful, poetic words and images... Beth

Diana Frey

Again, I visit your blog as i do almost every day and again I just love how you express yourself and describe your days. I never thought of
tasting color but as I read your words I truly can taste the fall colors. Fall is my absolutely favorite time of year!! Love it, love it! and you describe all the reasons why I do.

Your eyes are so beautiful in your photo.....I can almost see your heart shining through. Your necklace is wonderful. What a perfect way to use the MOP disc.

I am so excited, Nina, I just registered for your classes in Asilomar next May and so look forward to spending 3 days with you. Wishing you a safe journey to Portland.


Hallo Autumn Lady!
Linen and cotton, mother of pearl and lace. Sigh. Happy Autumn.

carol m

what a beautiful picture of you nina - it definitely says Fall! beautiful treasures from holly. how funny - just last week i found a miniature snow baby in an antique store as well. can't wait to use it in a piece! i love what you've done with the 'moons'!
xo carol

sepia art studio

oh my eyes nina!
these harvest moon creations are truly magical!!! ...true magic... reminds me from 'Mists of Avalon'.



I Love You, Babe,... m was so right in saying, ' what ever I send you, you will turn it into something even more beautiful!' Your 'To the Moon' creation is so eclectically juicy.... Yummy! The tassel reminds me of the clothing I used to wear and sell in the humble me, OX
Love that photo of you!

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