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what a beautiful post, you are such a great writer and i enjoyed your thoughts about motherhood immensely. i myself have a six year old boy and i never want him to grow up!


Nina, you have the gift of expression, and I love how in touch you are with the seasons. One of my friends returned to Toronto after a class with you in NH and told me how genuine you are -- well, if we can manage to get you to come here, I will be first in line.

Colette xoxo

Erin Gergen Halls

i had a weird moment, not long ago. i was feeling....hmmmmm, sorry for myself? i was remembering the woman i was before children, before husband. really even before being fully adult. i was kinda missing her. the more i dwelled in that lonely, homesick for me feeling, the more i started realizing that, in essence, i live every day of my life with people who dont fully know me. it was an unreal feeling. even kinda, well, scary. all the layers and textures and spicy onion peels that make up me, and only a fraction of them are known to the people closest to me. i hit a bit of a funk!
then, a couple nights ago, i sat out on the porch, savoring a warm cup of tea in the cool evening air, and my 14 yr. old son, ethan, joined me. we sat and talked, as he and i have done so very many times, and i saw a look in his eye, heard a tone in his voice...he isnt a little boy anymore! it was as though he transformed in front of me. the more we talked, the more we exchanged ideas on music, politics, girls, the weather, the more i realized that who i was has not been lost. she just hasnt been fully shared. and within the arms of my loving, trusting family, she will get to emerge, layer by layer to the people who most want to know her.

hearing about your adult relationship with your no-longer-boys gives me hope. not only that someday my children will better know my depths, but that i will know theirs. now, what a gift that would be!


Thank you for this post Nina. It's a reminder of the one choice I made in life that I'm most proud of. I have two boys also and raising them was the hardest, but most rewarding, thing I ever did. "Let the heart speak..." of the things we truly love.

Tina in McLeansville

how do you do it?! have the gift of reaching inside and finding things in people, y'know that? the one thing that i have not, will not, can not ever let anything get in the way of...the opportunity to spend time with my children even though they are 26 and 22, even though it now includes a son-in-law i am thankful for every day, even though it includes a grandson i children have been and always will be a lifeline for me. i fully believe with all my heart that at more than one point in my life, they were my reason for survival...and my love for them.....any mother's love for her immeasurable. thank you, nina b, for reminding. the memories you stirred, the things that bubbled up inside when i read your post make me realize again how very full my heart and my life have been. have you seen the movie "hope floats" from several years ago?....that's what's been running around in my head since reading your post! :) xo


Your words are so expressive. I too am the mother of almost "men" and with everything else that life has thrown at me (and that I've thrown back!), I see my shining accomplishment in them. No matter what else I do or am remembered for, being a mother who raised 2 fine young men will be plenty and enough for me.


oh paint the most glorious picture of motherhood. it reminds me to all that i have to look forward to (especially on those days when the potty training feels hopeless!). xo

Graciel @ Evenstar Art

THAT was the most glorious ode!

sue pieper

As mothers, raising our kids is the toughest job, most frustrating at times, but most of the times makes our hearts swell until our eyes leak at the thought of how much we love them, and can't imagine what life would be like without them. You've done your job well! It is odd to sit across the table from them now, as you said, and see them as wonderful beautiful adults. That's all we can ask for, to raise good people, and what better legacy is there? Thanks for continuing to wear that big heart of yours on your sleeve, it wouldn't be you without it. Love ya!


So beautiful as always, Saturday was the 20th anniversary of the adoption of my boys and so I have been thinking the same kind of thoughts. A friend once told me you learn more about being an adult from your children than from your parents. That has always stuck with me as sooo true. Evan after they are grown we continue to teach each other, eh? What lovely comfort to know you did a good job! smooches, leau


whether being a mother to my beautiful 25yr old daughter or mother to our 7dogs, its all the same blood, sweat and tears and i wouldnt trade any of it.....
love from good manor~xo

NotSoccer Mom

first time to your blog and this post? it has me tearing up. so heartfelt, so truthful, so genuine. my son is just 9--i can only hope i feel the same about him when he's grown as you do about your boys. wow.


Nina, your words move me and give me so much to think over. It is indeed a precious gift to be able to look into the faces of our children & feel that sense of wonder, fulfillment & joy at the results of our love & nurturing. Having my 3 children has led me to discover so many amazing treasures and they have filled my heart so full, i am so very blessed. thank you for such a beautiful post and reminding us all. * ruthie*

Grace Lee Korbel

Thank you or the beautiful reminder of the importance of family. I was deeply moved.


what are you going to call your book?

Diana Frey

Thank you for putting into words what I cannot. You certainly have the gift to truly express yourself in a way that instantly engages those who gaze upon your words. Engages the heart and soul....encouraging us to sieze what is precious. Thank you for again sharing. I have just signed up for your 3-day class at A & S Asilomar next May and so look forward to spending time with you, dear Nina.

Tracie Lyn Huskamp

at last... my dearest friend, we will catch a glimpse of each other like ships passing in the night is my guess, for you know how the ebb and flow of such places like Portland can whisk one away with them.

it will be Good to see your smile, have a hug from one of my favorite people, and exchange at least a few words so that hopefully we can capture a sweet memory.

xo always!


Nina, I loved reading this. I hope that I will raise my son the same way. He is 3 1/2 now, and we are very close even now. I just hope I can keep it that way. Like you, I try to teach him to express his emotions and to understand what they mean.


My greatest joy is knowing that I, too, did a good job being a parent and now I am wollowing in the pleasure of being with my grown children. My joy in my "babies" is the bedrock of my very being.


How parallel my thoughts have been to yours these past few days. On Saturday we talked to our oldest grandson who is back from 15 months in Iraq. He sounded so good -- his voice a balm after all the worry time spent. After his call I kept remembering times when he was little (a wild, rambunctious child). To this day, as he ends his phone call he still says "I love you Grandma and Grandpa" and I melt.


Nina, My girls are 26 and 32 now. I miss the "little girls" that shared their lives so freely with me. I miss the hugs and cuddles and storytime. I look at them and wonder who these wonderful creatures are, where did they come from. And when I realize the answer is me, I feel a loving calm and warmth flow over me. I did do something right with them, they both have a grand love and kindness for others. I loved your post, makes me want to run and give those girls a big hug. Letting go of my youngest was the hardest thing I have ever done. She "popped in" for a visit this past weekend, we chatted and shared and I got that big wonderful hug I so love from her. I love that piece of jewelry you shared with the chair. I wonld love to sit with you awhile someday, and rock, and share stories about life and art and mountains. I have seen the Colorado Mountains and hicked in the mountains in New Mexico. You live in such a beautiful and inspirational place. Without you and your blog I may never see it, thank you for that!

Grace Lee Korbel

Thank you or the beautiful reminder of the importance of family. I was deeply moved.


That may have been my favorite post yet. Nina, thank you for writing from the heart.

I, too, feel blessed for all the years I've had watching and helping my children grow into adulthood.



Janet ''above'' has the best question the book... how we would loooove to have a Nina book, we can hold and fondle and have a piece of YOU and read your wise and wonderful words ...please.....with Love Carole XXOO

Heather Bradley

just what i needed, miss n., a reminder that THAT boy of mine is what i always wished for (even in these times of constant pulling away *sigh*)xoxo

Kim V

*sniff*. I hope I come to terms with his eventual ascent to adulthood with as much grace and love as you have - and that he too will drive seven hours to see me. What a sweet thing to savor , mom -that makes me smile.
Living in such beautiful country is truly a blessing - I can see why you're bittersweet at your homecoming , and thanks for the sharing a bit of the glory.
And welcome home - it sounded as though your last trip was time well spent with your friend(s).

Susan Tuttle

I get so lost in your words... in the stories that you weave with your beautiful heart and mind. Those mountains...ahhh, those mountains.


Emily Henderson

I am right in the bliss of motherhood (my boys are 9 and 11). I know very well that I only get one shot at this, and the time I have now with them, I can never get back. I look forward to the future for them. Your post reminds me of how I hope to look back one day and remember these special moments. I think it is the responsibility of every mother to raise responsible, kind, and authentic humans. I especially feel the need to give my boys that "softer" influence. Thanks for your insight.


Bless you once again for opening your life and heart to us, your readers, as only you can do. As I journey through the same phase of life as you, watching my 2 "kids" leave the nest and become their own adults my peers in so many ways, and as I journey into a new phase of life as well... I glean much comfort from absorbing your reflections. I am also thrilled to know that my daughter, Jess (jet) was able to meet you, however briefly, up at SAW last week. A beautiful connecting loop to our separate but similar worlds. Have a wonderful trip to Portland and time with your parents before & after.
Carol in Mass.


Your words about motherhood come at the perfect time for son will be married this week. My emotions are swirling around at a pretty high rate of speed right now and don't know how they will all spill out on the big day. Hopefully, I won't be a puddle! I also see myself in my grown children as time goes by. It's a wonderous thing.


Hi Nina, what a wonderful post. You have a wonderful relationship with your two sons and it is lovely to read about their visits and whats happening in their lives.
I have two boys (men now I suppose, but I still call them my boys). One at home still, one overseas.
What a beautiful relationship we mothers have with our sons. I feel blessed.
My eldest (23) has lived overseas for the past three and a half years, but we still have our special relationship and lots of phone calls, texts and emails. I am off to the UK next week for a quick visit with him...cant wait to catch up.



I feel so guilty, that I am so eager to take you away from your home....but I can't wait to take your class in Portland.

As for you calling your sons "children" my son likes to remind me that he is not a child...and I like to remind him that he will always by my child ( event though he is a man) After all what does he want me to say to my friends when he and his wife are coming home....." the adults are coming home" I like to think that is sounds better to say "the kids are coming home". My mom said it all my life and I never felt bad about it. I would give anything to hear her say it one more time.

Bonnie Moench


oh nina....the tears in my eyes as I read this....sniff sniff

being a stay at home mom now for 20 years, having children that speak to me as a friend now, more often than their mother, and seeing what wonderful people they have become....

my heart is full....and you reminded me that I have done a great job with my life...and if I do nothing else, I will be remembered as a good mom who was loved.... and learned more along the way then she ever thought possible.....

thank you for your beautiful words today...I heart you !


i am envious that you can speak your heart so freely, and still do so even when you know it sometimes gets you in trouble, but you are always honest and what more is there than truth...oh.. and love?! ;-) i am learning how to speak my own heart, there will be many stumbles along the way, but someday i will stand proud and be able speak my own truth from my own heart, just as you do.
i know you cherish the time with your family more than anything else, you are radiating with love and light after time with them! It makes me happy to know when they are going to be with you.
just this morning as i was dropping jade off at school i felt that ache in my heart, not wanting to let him go...i guess it never goes away, does it.
i love you.
beautiful photos, as always.

Cindy Ericsson

Yesterday when I read this I was having one of those days where the emotions are like a rogue wave that knocks you down and holds you under and you wonder if you'll ever again draw a breath that doesn't end in choking. This love you describe is so fierce and wonderful it makes my soul ache. I read this post again today to see how it would touch me when my seas are less stormy and it's still the same, a beautiful ache.

Cindy Ericsson

Yesterday when I read this I was having one of those days where the emotions are like a rogue wave that knocks you down and holds you under and you wonder if you'll ever again draw a breath that doesn't end in choking. This love you describe is so fierce and wonderful it makes my soul ache. I read this post again today to see how it would touch me when my seas are less stormy and it's still the same, a beautiful ache.


oh nina, you KNOW this touches me deeply.

"here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows higher than soul can hope or mind can hide"

love you,
(artist, mother, friend)

Debbie Overton

Nina, this was a perfect post for me last night to end my day...I celebrated my oldest son's 25th B-day yesterday with a wonderful phone call from him thanking me for his being a quarter of a century old! He also thought the check in the mailbox was rather nice too. I too can say I have raised 2 sons and 1 daughter that are known for their respect, gentleness and kindness as they have each ventured out into their young adult lives. And yes I love it when the "kids" come home! Thank you for yet another beautiful lesson of life!

inge Bekaert

I feel the same "proud" feeling on my kids.... being a proud mom... feels good...

Cami @ Heart-Shaped Rock Cottage

I've been unable to let my little light shine these last few days. So much required and battery power is low. I come here and feel comforted. And as always, you make me miss my Mom.

ngaire Bartlam

What a stunningly beautiful soul you have Miss Nina.. I adore your writings..:)

Peace and joy.
Ngaire In Brisbane Australia.



Of all the joys of motherhood, spending time with your adult children is the best. Add in a grandchild or two or 5 and then we can see how life comes full circle.

I know from where you write.
Have a great Portland trip. xxx

Patricia Eaton

Nina, I feel the same way about my daughter and son as you do about your sons. They are the very best of me...and then some.
Every time we are together I feel like precious moments are slipping away and I try so hard to stretch out the time they are here....not wanting their visits to end. My daughter lives right here in this town, but being a realtor and an artist, precious little time is spent with me....and that's as it should be...she has a life to deal with. She's a precious girl. He's in California. He just called....his wonderful voice a treat to make my day. Yes, I understand you. And, my friend, your description of your days at home are so poetic....I can look at your photos, read your words, even feel the air and almost know your life there for myself. Thank you so much for sharing the peace, love and beauty of Firefly Lane. Pat

patricia Eaton

Nina, I need to mention that it is so good go see your Roy up and about and living his good to know he came through his trials this summer so well. Your boys are dear! I also wanted to say the book! Please write a book.....I'll buy one! Maybe more than one...we love you out here! pat


come sit with me...
and that your sweet boys
so willingly and lovingly do
because they are drawn
to the light
of this love
like beautiful moths to a flame
as are we...

lovely sweet and mellow Nina

xox - eb.

carol m

beautiful post. what a great reward of motherhood - cherished time with the wonderful adults that your boys have grown to be. as your parents obviously cherish the time spent with you. so precious.

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