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Graciel @ Evenstar Art

As always, Brave and Beautiful woman, your words and images inspire me. Thank you for sharing yourself. xo


Your first picture spoke to me...
When you TRUST and open your HEART, HOPE will FLOW, You'll know the PATH. Your wings will touch the SKY, and bring you home again, like a BIRD to his NEST. Godspeed. Penny


come back soon...


I so love those old looking words in the bezels! Like treasures from the heart and dirt!!!
Safe Travels Miss Nina!!!!


so much beauty! i love the moon shot, wrapped up in the leaves...and the studio shot, and the new jewels...all so lovely!
i will be waiting for you in the airport in NH...... can't wait!


Beautiful! Have a wonderful creative, inspiring time. Oh how i wish i could grow wings & join you all. Enjoy Nina

inge Bekaert

enjoy the teaching !

i was on a big fleamarket yesterday in Lille, France and I have been looking for little dolls for you... but haven't found anything... If I ever find some I send them to you so you can create more beautiful stuff !



Enjoy New Hamphsire at this time of the year, Nina. Fall will surely start showing its colors soon and turn your stay even more magical! Come back to us soon filled with many treasures for the eyes as well as the soul. xox Isabel


the tree looks like its fingers are wrapping around to frame that moon....

Stephanie Lee

THERE is it...among all those gorgeous jewels. Yum!!!


Have fun! I will be looking forward to your musing about your latest teaching gig...I've thought of going myself.

Bon voyage....

Love the moon photo.

Erin Gergen Halls

decadent, indeed!

i feel as though i have been a guest at a most sumptuous buffet, where spun gold linens and stunning silver trays line tables laden with steaming china cups and the most divine edibles - marzipans, meringues, turkish delights and bon bons.

undoubtably the conversation at such a soiree would be as delicious. the hostess as splendid.

yes! the moon looks framed by finger and thumb branches giving the "ok" sign, to you, for what you have accomplished and to assure you of even more accomplishment. how can we desire more than the moon's approval?

travel well!

Cindy Forrester

Love love love your new charms and all of the beauty you so graciously share!!!

xoxox Cindy


it is lovely here - and will be no doubt there as well - so looking forward to working with you dear Nina...

xox - eb.


I love your photographic 'eye' and the way you share your life through it. I adore the doorway photo and the one where it is peeking into your studio, much like we are able to peek into your life as you allow us through your sharing! Simply elegant ;) As always I am in love with your jewelry, the home shaped necklace with the nest catches my breath... sweet travels!

Cindy Dean

Oh I can't wait till Portland...I need this distraction from life right now... I so love your work. I have been hiding away...but I will be ready to come out and take your class... yeah!


You have been so prolific lately! I'm loving everything, especially that gorgeous square "Here"....amazing work, Nina...


Wonderful photos. Love the moon peeking through the trees shot, beautiful! I loved the platter of decadance you prepared for us. Travel safely, have fun, and return to us soon.


Those charms call to me...I absolutely love them.

Fall is approaching here too. And though it's my favorite season I'm not ready for it quite yet. Summer was much too fleeting.

Safe trip Nina.


My dear Nina,
Have a wonderful time... I adore our Southern autumns when we really have them. I am ready for one, really... That third photo, gorgeous, mystical, a portent of the oncoming dark of the year.
Bring back stories and pictures, please!
Get more of what you love.


That tray of treasures takes my breath away. I learned today that I was lucky enough to get one of your classes at ArtFest next year. I am already looking so forward to it!! Safe journeys...


Nina, otherworldly artist, would you care to play with us? I invite you to share some of your quirks; it's just fun, nothing pretentious. I've tagged your blog. Come over to see how it works


Gorgeous! Your pieces are just beautiful! Looks like you've been having fun creating! I always love you work.

Karen Owen

I love these little treasures! And thanks for the glimpse into the beauty that surrounds you. I may hang some stars in my studio. Thanks for the inspiration!


Your tray of gorgeous pieces has inspired me in such grand way. Is it the blue necklace the one that went to a museum? The one with the bird stamp? Oh, it is absolutely priceless... unless.... :)I hope you are enjoying your retreat and I can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks. And thanks to Penny for such lovely saying. It is so perfect! Kind regards to all! Olga, MIA


Love those cowboy boots! Look forward to seeing you in Portland.

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