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Tina in McLeansville

how beautiful! perfect pieces for the little world that is your studio...what a warm feeling it gives. your pictures, the artwork, the magical descriptions you share....i can imagine a childrens' book inside you, clamoring to get out! xo

Joei  Rhode Island

I found Rima's art/blog awhile back and have been watching her little glimmers of your clock. It is so perfect. But remember:

“Don’t count every hour in the day, make every hour in the day count.”

Rhode Island

Katie Kendrick

wow, what an amazing clock - i LOVE her artwork - thanks for sharing the link. and the tree painting looks so perfect in your studio too. so much beauty everywhere you look in your world...
xox katie


I found The Hermitage awhile back and am totally taken by their home on wheels--definitely falls in the category of things I wish I were brave enough to do but am content to watch as their adventure unfolds. So glad your clock arrived in good condition.

Erin Gergen Halls

yes yes!
i knew you would know of rima! i adore her, possess some of her art, and feel she is kindred. i once lived in a gypsy vardo and can appreciate her want of a travellers life and a home on wheels!
i saw your clock sometime back on her blog and knew you would adore it!
its perfect!
lucky gal you are!


nina, i was just reading the sidebar from judy wise, and no words could ring truer. last year it was owls, and now when i shop at antropology there are owls decororating the store...artfest and the artists have influenced so much or our culture it is so exciting to be in the midst of all this creation and realize it is going on. as judy said real artists like you and her have put us in touch with our most cherished gift in life to create from our soul. xxoo minnie


Oh I covet your clock (lucky you). what a wonderful site full of eye candy.

Patricia Eaton

Nina, I love your new's so YOU! I know you will enjoy it. I just received the book "Where Women Work" put out by Stampington........would I ever love to see your studio in it's pages. There is also one put out by Interweave Press called simply "Studios." Enjoy your new art, friend......Pat

Patricia Eaton

Nina, I love your new's so YOU! I know you will enjoy it. I just received the book "Where Women Work" put out by Stampington........would I ever love to see your studio in it's pages. There is also one put out by Interweave Press called simply "Studios." Enjoy your new art, friend......Pat


I found her thru ... I forget. Maybe T who is building a vardo next summer! Hey diddledy, a traveller's life for me...
This is one of those posts that makes me so happy and so grateful I am an artist... look at that last lovely photo of you in your studio with your sweet magical clock!
Perfectly autumnal, perfectly spellbinding!
Your Friend.


The clock looks right at home on your wall.

ps I wait for our 'Postie' everyday. It's like waiting for Christmas when I was a child;)


Oh Nina! I am so pleased it arrived safe and sound. It's always like sending a child off into the unknown when I post these clocks to America! I am delighted that you are so chuffed with it, and thank you so much for your weavings of words. I am honoured to have work hanging on your creative walls... and glad that time will tick away there around my clock. This is always such a nice place to visit :) Thank you for the lovely commission xxx Rima


i love this smiling photograph of you nina!!! i looove our studio, it looks like pasrt of an enchanted faery realm; so cozy and inviting! i do have a soft spot of ravens.

...and happy belated bday. i was wondering this other days when it was...

<3 Delila


Nina, lovely to see your happy, beautiful smile again x You paint such a perfect picture of Rimas entrancing, magical work and the clock sits perfectly in your studio, enjoy. *ruthie*

kathy vk

wowie zowie - Rima's blog! feels like going down the rabbit hole - can't wait to read every bit.
p.s. the news is out, ETD - mid november

Diane Cook

quite beautiful!


i love the hermitage! a wooden bus - LOVE.
and oh yes, some of those paintings. gorgeous and dreamy.
thanks for the link.


I can't get enough of your incredible studio. Ands the clock is such a wonderful addition. Thanks for the visuals.

Chris Meissner

Dearest Nina, That is the perfect clock for you. It's dreamy. Thank you for the link to Rima's site. Her work is wonderful!

Bonnie Moench

A perfect clock in a perfect place....they just belong together....


Jan Vercammen

Oh Nina, how I've missed you. Been a very long time since I spent hours browsing the blogs I've collected like treasured pearls, each so beautiful in it's own way. Yours is a much loved favourite and this morning while I sipped my coffee I was once again with an old friend, even though one who doesn't know the connection. The Hermitage blew me away. What a treasure. Your parents so fragile and lovely like old lace. The image of you and Aspen ~ unconditional love ~ is now a desktop image I'll see whenever I sign on to my computer. Hello again. In my spare time this summer, I've been busy making quilts and reading, reading, reading. Fall and Winter is for quilts, reading, and knitting. Will finish a wallhanging today for my bedroom in a star pattern, pinks and greens; so satisfying to complete a project. I make it a rule that whenever I make something for someone else, directly afterwards I make something for me. After this one I'm making a bed quilt for a dear old friend, Anna. Some time ago, years maybe, you wrote that an admirer of yours suggested you write a book. If you did, I would buy it and share it with everyone I know. Blogs are nice to read and look at, but you can't hold them in your hands ~ and tactile love is something we both know is bliss, spiritual, and necessary to our well-being. Think about it. You have a beautiful gift with words.
~ Jan V.

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