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wendy  NZ

Enjoy the the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.....

Sue A

Hi Nina, you made me remember the china biscuit barrel that I brought home, after clearing out my parents home after Mum died.
I just looked inside to refresh my memories as I remembered a little plastic green box with made in england on the back and a gaudy decal of yellow and red roses that must have meant so much to Mum she kept it. Also several brooches, Mum was a brooch lady, usually worn at the neck of a white blouse when she dressed up to go out. I recently bought a packet of little gadgets from Qvc which is a little piece of gold or silver with a hole each side to thread the brooch pin through and it has a bale at the top so that you can hang a brooch and wear as a necklace. I'd forgotten the brooches were there until now so thank you for stirring my 'Rememberance' as I used to call my memory when I was little.
Isn't it great that we can rekindle past feelings places and people by just holding the little treasures that meant so much they were kept. I've tried to declutter to let the 'energy flow' but gradually it fills up again!!Lol!
If anyone wants something obscure though I'm always their first port of call.
Have spent the afternoon curled up on my new bedroom sofa which arrived today reading in the sunshine and stroking the cat. The poor dog doesn't understand why she can't get up on the nice new pale cream cushions!
Enjoy this time with Mom and Dad I miss mine terribly sometimes, although I feel they are with me all the time now.
The little grey pocket with the mother of pearl buttons is just perfect, is it made of velvet? I must admit when I used to do a lot of embroidery I was a magpie for scraps of silk velvet, I still have them somewhere in my hoard. I even used to dye them myself.
We have a flea market here in the village where I live so I will keep and eye out for old soft leather for you.Sue xoxo

Ann Somerset Miles (Wild Somerset Child)

Oh Nina, how beautiful your thoughts, how eloquent, how thought-provoking. I love boxes, and my dear husband made me one for my birthday many years ago, to hold 'essential oils' and another, a miniature chest of tiny drawers to hold my embroidery silks. Such love went into the making. But an unknown box - I would be afraid it belonged to Pandora and signified trouble. In the right hands however ...


During a brief visit this past Sunday, my mother and I were remembering running our fingers through the old treasures in button boxes (or tins in our case). I remember sorting by size, then re-sorting by color, then re-sorting by type. Many hours were spent with these buttons, imagining who might have worn them and on what--my favorite were the big-holed, yellowed ones from long underwear from way back. She related a story of collecting buttons during World War II as a Girl Scout and being blessed with a huge tin of very old buttons from a neighbor; she spent one whole evening enjoying them before turning them in along with the others she had collected. Good memories :)


The day I found a small cedar box full of skeleton keys I almost fainted right at the flea market.
All the things opened, all the things closed...
All the things the box once held. The good, the bad, the happy, the sad...
Images and memories lost to time, but still the box remains, sitting on my bookshelf. Now is my turn to fill it.

I totally understand your love of boxes, of buttons. :o)


Sigh. A beautiful post N. I can smell that rosemary, held by your Pa too.


I love the picture of your father. Cherish him. I miss mine so much. There is only a short time and then they are gone only to be remembered by memories.

Tina in McLeansville

family is our anchor, our roots, they are our door to those little treasures we used to miss (or not care about) when we were younger, but now wouldn't take all the gold in the world for! what's in the box? your possiblities, your to all good things, welcoming them, inviting them in to stay....always fresh, always room for more! it can be remembrances of past things, gifts of the present or dreams for the future...either way, it's all good! xo

Bonnie Moench

I lost my parents years ago....and so your stories about your parents are always my favourite. Your comments remind me of things that I might have forgotten otherwise. Thank you for reminding me of the small treasures in my life.....


Susan Sewell

Are you sure we aren't long lost sisters? My family has teased me for years about having "small container disease"...

Cindy Dean

Lucky are you to have the kind of unconditional's nice to see that you cherish and treasure that...


How wonderful you love your parents so much - I wish I could feel love like that from my children. Your daddy is so sweet holding a sprig of rosemary - ah yes it is for remembrance - I feel he is a dear man.

I love little boxes too - tiny treasures fit in them. Bet you had a ball foraging with your sis.

Anna R

My craft room is full of boxes, all kinds. I love to cover them with buttons, stamps, or just leave them plain. Small drawers, mail sorters, they all draw me to them.


Ahhhhh, surely you remember The Little Prince? Draw me a sheep he said, and was only satisfied when the pilot drew a box. Draw me a sheep. These are the words that made me fall in love 20 some-odd years ago, a place I still reside. Working on a drawing for art class, agonizing, worrying, when the man in my life called. I would ask you to draw a sheep, he said, not knowing this was my favorite book, not knowing I'd even read it.

I drew him a sheep.

Diana Frey

The gift of such unconditional love that you share with your dear parents is one of life's most precious gifts. You are so very blessed, dear Nina, to have such a loving relationship with them. Not all of us have those experiences or memories including myself. I absolutely love the picture of your dad's hands holding the flower (probably handing it to you before you departed) and him standing there holding the rosemary, with those adoring eyes for his beloved daughter. Such treasured, heart warming moments. Thank you so for sharing. You again have touched my heart.


I'm soooooo glad you are enjoying your time with your parents. I love that little box and the wonderful story you developed and explanation about how you feel about boxes. I hope we'll get to see all of those stacked boxes at your home appear here one day.


The picture of your Pa holding the rosemary brought instant tears to my eyes. For in his eyes is just some of the love he feels for you. Oh, re so blessed.
PS. Love boxes , too and that beautiful gray purse. Yum.


This so moving; beautifully written. Your father's face with the rosemary; maybe its a photographic key to open Love or open the feeling of missing a daughter. I wanted to cry. The box, all i can think is its a box of love you brought home, filled by you all. Keeping it open makes me think you know--you know the love can radiate all day any time or hour and it will always be full!

Thank you, for sharing.



mary loves to take her "mary box" out often, she keeps it by the bedside...she puts her dreams in it.....xox


oh i do love white camellias
such pure white against those magnificent
shiny leaves
love is pure like that
the love of years
in your fathers hands
such tender photos
you are so lucky to have the presence of
mind to capture these moments as they unfold
and then you share

thank you so much
for the time you take with us out here
i know there is an interconnectedness
between us all
you continually prove it


What a great idea. What you see inside is so inpsiring too. Being someone who loves boxes...I can definitely find an empty one for this.


I have just came across your blog, love the pictures of your fathers hands, I lost my Dad almost two years ago, one of the things that I focused on was his hands we made up a video with pictures of his hands that we played at his service I now have it posted on you tube, so that family members could see it that were not able to be there in person. You are a gifted writer and more by looking at your blog.


I have a thing for containers, holders, entry ways, things to open... And I LoVe this post and the photos! Inspiration and Blessings, Katie

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