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Haha ... my birthday's this saturday too!
A bit late to send anything from Belgium ... but please tell her HAPPY BIRTHDAY or BON ANNIVERSAIRE from me!
P.S. : love your new jewelry!


Oh yes do send me an address and I will send her a card. Tess

peggy mcdevitt

I would love to send her a card. Love your writings and your jewelry. Peggy

Kim Melton


I would be happy to send your sister a birthday card! I love her egg beads! The two of you are so talented!

Please send me your address!

Sue Shelley

Me too!!Her eggs are exquisite.I do hope you have a lovely celebration together. I am lucky enough to have a big sister too!!
Sue in NZ


My card for her would not get there in time so i send your sister a virtual happy birthday. Enjoy it together.

Tina in McLeansville

you got "perk-me-up" full of birthday wishes on the way! you two have fun while sister lives in maine and i don't get to see her as often as i'd like. xo

Carol Weiler

I would love to send a card! Sisters are such a wonderful treasure. I never look forward to my birthday but am uplifted when I receive thoughtful sentiments. I'll go make one right now! CW


What a sneaky and wonderful thing to do. I've sent you an email.

Judy Merrill-Smith

I don't know if it'll get there on time, but my goodness, I would like to try! Please send me an email with your address.


I'd love to send a card, you sneaky thing you. It might be a bit late, but send your address anyway cause I have some leather that you might be able to do something with.
I'm in awe of your new work, you create the most amazing jewelry.
Have a great time with your sister.

beth emery

i'd love to send her a card. love everything you and your beautiful sister do.

Jeri Cochran

I'll send one. I have a sister too. Nothing better than a sister.


Yes i just wanna be sure i got the correct address
so send me,
and i do love her eggs too!!!
lucky you and she too!!!

anna maria

Would love to do that.
Please send the address.

mary cooper

I would love to send a card, just send me the address. Hope it gets there in time.Ilove the work you've done, the mix of materials works so well. If this is what happens when you take time to yourself, its great. Mary

belvedere beads

i would love to send your sister a card. please send me the appropriate address.

Joei  Rhode Island

Would love to send a birthday card....sisters are sooooo special. I am lucky to have 2 that are my perfect foil =-)
Rhode Island


I'd love to. I look at my daughters and hope that they will celebrate each other like that through their years...
Please send me your address

The gray here has finally given way to the beautiful white snow. Perhaps a snowday for my two tomorrow!

Sherry Ford

I will be happy to send a card from rainy, icy Little Rock! Just send me the address.

Sherry in Little Rock

Sue from Melbourne

It may be too late to send something from Oz - if she's staying till next week, please send you address. If not, please pass on my good wishes anyway! it's amazing to read about your cold weather - it's 41 degrees (celsius) here! Hope you and Ellen both have a wonderful 2009, and thanks for all the inspiring words and photos!


I'm in.
Candace in Athens


hi nina

i'm in vancouver and a card probably wouldn't make it by saturday from here...i would love to make a memento mini for her (and you) - if you have a photo or image that you would like made into a memento - send me via email or convo...

blessings to you
i get to spend saturday with my sisters too - celebrating birthdays!! oh the love of sisters!!


If I know where to send it, I would be delighted to do so! What a lovely surprise for your sister--she's going to love you for this!

Susan in Seattle

Making a card tonite and will send it when I have your address. My sis's bday was today. I took her flowers.

Debra Abel

Send me an addy and I will mail out a "festive" B-day card. Does she like humorous or just pretty?

Sounds like Sisterly fun!!!

Cathy Wegner

I would like to send your sister a card. It's so nice to receive surprises in the mail. Please send me your address.

donna c

Sending it off now, do hope it gets there in time. Enjoy, enjoy your special time together this weekend!


i'm in. last name??

wanda miller

count me in.


in the mail and on its way....xo

Carolyn Elkins

I love this idea! Please send me your address too, and I will send her a card.
What a wonderful sister you are!

Sue A

It's in the post! Whether it gets there on time remains to be seen! Lol! But I have asked the air mail fairies to get it there asap. Have a wonderful time together.


What a lovely idea, Nina. I want a sister just like you...wait, I do have a brother just like you. Thoughtful. Caring. My best friend. What is your sister's last name?




Yes, Yes, I would love to send a card to your sister, please send your address.



Hey, your sister and I share a birthday. I turn 45 on Saturday . . . not really a milestone, unless one thinks of it in terms of "it's half way to 90," but I'd rather not bring that up. As my late maternal grandfather always said when someone complained about birthdays and getting older: "Beats the alternative." Bless his dear soul.

penny willoughby

Nina, have I missed the party?... I'd love to send her a card... You have what I've always wanted, a sister. Penny

JoDee Jetton

Nina - I love my sister- shes ten yrs older- and we are at the ever so precious mid century mark- plus I think any sister that pitches in to clean creatve space deserves lauding - love to send her a card-
JoDee Jetton

belvedere beads

i have to say that i am bummed that you never responded with an address. i painted her such a lovely card, sigh.

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