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those sweet birds will be missing you when you come to artfest..xo

Jennifer valentine

You are a blessing and an inspiration to me. Your new work is breathtaking....just breathtaking.

Diana Frey

Out of the creative chaos you describe that surrounds you at home....lovely pieces of art are being born. And with your new collection, I see and feel your spirit being renewed and refreshed as well. I am happy for you Nina! I love all of the textures, words, colors, and gifts of nature you incorporate into each piece.


You are so much more than blessed, you bestow the ability to bless others with such tender and magical words and ornamentations. I love how Abigail looks in her newly created baubles. Bits and pieces of time draping her ever beautiful form so tenderly. You are such a riot Nina, I love ya....


I suspect that if any one of us walked into your house right now we would be thrilled. To see the piles of lace, ribbon, leather, buttons, oh just everything, laying there before us. Our hands would itch to paw through your treasures ohhing and ahhing all the while. Where you might see chaos or disorganization our eyes (and hearts) would see beauty and magic.

Joei Rhode Island

Yes, Nina
Scheherazade can raise your spirits and bring on imaginative dreams that link and lead to one another.


i especially love the way you are incorporating the vintage mop buttons into your work - i love their smooth worn edges - would love to know where they've been - and now to see them brought back to live again!
thank you for sharing


Oh, Miss Havisham, dressed in her ragged rotting wedding finery, with her broken heart, who says to Pip, "Look at me. You are not afraid of a woman who has never seen the sun since you were born?" What a perfect name for the new, wonderful, collection: the gatherings of Miss Havisham!



You are such an inspiration with all that you share here, Nina. I've unearthed my cigar box of tatting from days long ago and wedged in a few minutes. Those few minutes were enough to know that I remember how to do it (put a few more stitches on the light blue edging I had started for a pillowcase) and long enough to know that progressive lenses are a challenge with such tiny work! It's been fun re-exploring though. Thanks for bringing it all back to me.

These new pieces of yours just seem so fresh and, as you describe in this post, bring visions of ocean breezes blowing away the cobwebs of winter and opening up space to dream about warmer days. I'd love to be there to see your work drifting ashore on tables and Abigail (Mrs. Havisham?) herself.


I have always preferred words that paint a picture. Reading yours takes me away from this chair, away from this office, away from this moment. And then, of course, there is this jewelry, making me want to hold out my hand & feel its weight dropped into my open palm. Amazing.
Thank you.


Your words inspire one to look within, and without, and contemplate the many blessings that are most assuredly there. Difficult as they might be to contemplate at this moment having returned from the hairdresser in tears. It's only hair, right, and it will grow. At least I'm blessed to HAVE hair, right?? It's just that it's soooo out there. I digress.

Love your sweet little birdie visitors. Nature truly is awe inspiring, if one looks that way and not in the mirror (smile).


Gotta love those finches. They are so cute!


Perfect name for your collection, perfect. I can feel your creative urge reading your words. I can see your treasures in that shot of the beach.
xo to you too.

Lorraine W.

Hi Nina,
Yout bird friends are such wonderful colours , how lucky you are that they visit you.Love the photos of abigail .Sounds like you are having lots of fun.
Have a good weekend
Love Lorraine xx

Tina in McLeansville

love the birds...what a wonderful connection with the beauty that surrounds. AND...when i looked at the picture of abigail with all your glorious beauties hanging around her neck, it reminded me of what we see in pictures of treasure chests...all the bounty that runneth over the top, with nothing finer than to run our fingers through it again and again...oh to be so lucky!! xo

Julie Whitmore

This new body of work is as fresh as inhaling salty ocean air, with all the mystery of what lies underneath the sea. But the real treasure is you.


Adrienne Berry

I See

Adriana Nelson

Keep being yourself. You are so Loved!! What you bring into being is so vital!!! I cherish your creative spirit and what you give to this world. Always know that strangers are cheering you on and that YOU are exactly what some of us are hoping for. You are LOVED for not being afraid of SPEAKING TRUTHFULLY and saying what needs to be said!!! The Beauty that you see is magnified by the rest of us.


diane cook

Beautiful new work, Nina. I love your colors, and as always, your story behind your designs. This is why we love you =)

Cindy Ericsson

You are telling a clear, compelling, cohesive story, and all these new works are the threads woven into it.


Do you think that Ellen's friends know about her eggs?!

Does Abigail have a sister?? I would sure be happy to give her a home.

I like your new designs---old stuff speaks to me.
& I like to speak to it, too.

Meaghan V

This collection is in one word; breathtaking!


you inspire me nina to move on and make a unique jewelry pieces. i am sending you much love nina...


p.s. look what i have done lately....


More beautiful work Nina, could you please send us just a few drops of your rain, we've forgotten what it looks and sounds like.

Anna R

You make me want to be a better artist.
Thank you.

Stephanie T.

Rain has been so scarce, our little birds never bother to hide...they sit, all puffed-up on the fences or find puddles and play!

I love the feminine warmth of the new pieces. There's something very womanly and wise about them. Maybe it's my age talking, but there is value and beauty in simplicity...when buttons, bits and old lace speak volumes about our strength, who we are as women and the history we carry in our hearts.


Holly - UK

Ohh I *LOVE* that description of miss Havisham in Great Expectations....such a wonderful book!!!! xox


Beautiful collection Nina,
Your jewelry and your ability to write amaze me. I think that as much as you protest your solitude(sometimes)it is just this isolation that produces your amazing creativity.
I can really understand what "long foraging walks" do for the soul and I know the "achingly beautiful world of nature", but being thankful is the beginning of knowledge.., of really SEEING.

Kim Melton


I think you are right about the cohesiveness of your new collection! And, thanks for the Coco Chanel quote! I love that! I have always thought lace looked so beautiful, but I haven't worn it much. Probably because I always thought of it as a little too Ozzie and Harriet! But this quote makes me want to wear it more because of it's fractal beauty! Imitative of clouds and tree limbs! Thank you for helping me to look differently at it!


Kim Melton

Jen crossley

Oh Nina,I wsh it would rain here the bush fires need the rain.
Your amazing work Nina! how beautiful it is breathtaking

red tin heart

i love the pictures of your ellen's birds.
and love the new designs. i have a parcel for you in the mail. it should arrive by monday or tuesday..
love nita <3

Judith Delgado

HA! Miss Havisham indeed! You are so right. And I love that you are using your Abigail...she is great and fits into your "circle" very well.

Missing you....(No ArtFest, no nothing...ah well, maybe soon....).


I'm absolutely thrilled to see you are producing such beautiful things in a tireless frenzy of creativity. And yes I do envision it washed upon the shore. That's exactly what it looks like.

What a happy daydream to think of finding your jewelry entangled on the beach laying atop some sea grass and kelp! : )


Oh my ... this is all so lovely, Nina, just lovely. What treasures, so adorable. I love textiles too. Esp hand embroidery, stitch, lace, silk, and old old fabrics. so beautiful. keep going with this. it is to DIE FOR! I love the textiles combined with all your classic Nina stuff - the knots, pearls, words, images. u have the best work. still my favourite. And now we have washed up on the same shore again, where cloth and stitch is abundant.
r. x

Deborah Guthrie

I sigh like I've just witnessed such a kind wonderful moment or thought and indeed I have. You touch my heart so much lately with your writings. Thank you once again. As you help and find yourself, nuggets are there for me to quiet the doubts and fears and in reverse show the joys and bring out the memories waiting to be re-embraced. How we are who we are from the life we have lived and the dreams we have fulfilled and all those wonderful dreams yet to embark on. I feel like it's all there for me, that I haven't missed it and visiting with you has certainly helped me to realize this. Happy March, that wonderful in betwwen month. Deborah

Sister Ellen

I miss my little birds, including the one with awesome artistic abilities that lives in the cozy little home that provides nutrition for my feathered friends!! Wishing I could be there on the deck with each of you.............


I do love your Blog and all of it's whimsy. You are inspiring!

Sandra Evertson

Sweet little birds, but they can be so mischievous too!
I have one right now I keep having to chase away, she wants to build her nest in a plant on my patio, but I'm worried about watering too close to her eggs, I think I will go find a suitable birdhouse for her instead!
Sandra Evertson
Your jewelry designs are beyond words!

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