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These pieces are lovely. Your reverence for the old, the lost arts if you will, is coming through in these 'new-old' pieces. I love the way you are capturing and transforming bits and pieces of the past. Perhaps 'transformation' should have been your word-of-the-year!


What a beautiful post and amazing inspiring jewelry. I almost felt like I was there with you sipping tea at the table. Really! You have such a gift.

roZanne Hart

Yes, the promise of things to come! your words and pictures are so charming, the memories indeed are floating back~long ago summers on my grandma's farm~~she had artistic inclinations that she tried to bestow upon me, crocheting was the first effort~she was an expert of course~~ this particular young girl not ready for the finer handwork this involved and my endeavors failed to produce any worthwhile results~~now that i'm ready i would love to just sit with her for a day and start again~

Julie Whitmore

I guess there really are stings attached to my heart because I felt them being tugged first when you sent off the paper cuttings into the sky, and now again reading about the handiwork of our grandmas and aunts.
and Nina, that nest bracelet......glorious.


Denise S

Love the new pieces you have been working on.
My Mom could sew like no other,but it skipped me completely as did my Grandmothers tatting skills. Patience was and still is a problem for this 50 something woman.


I love these new creations with the bits from your sewing basket. You have really inspired me to dust off my tatting shuttles and give it a try. I searched for blogs and YouTube videos to refresh my memory and, after we get our taxes on their way, will unearth my shuttles and thread and see if I can still make it work.

You are lucky to have a harbinger of spring right outside your window. One of the real joys of spring is hearing the birds with their throaty calls after a winter of quietude. Like the birdsong and the blossoms to come, spring stirs new life inside me as well and I am eager for the months of back-and-forth weather to pass quickly. In the meantime, I will drink in the sunshine that makes the cold temps and snow more bearable.


We hear him here, too, dear Nina. These creations are so touching. And you know, I love that last photo... so like very many I saw when rattling through my grandmother's house and the drawers and the boxes and the cedar chests...


oh Nina your writing is such sweetness to read. I can only imagine what it would sound like coming right to my ears as if you were reading it aloud. I bet that is very beautiful as well!

Spring seems far away here where I am but I, too, am longing for it. hugs to you...


Your new ornamentals are quite lovely. They must be a real treasure to hold, touch and feel the past emit from them. Abigail looks lovely modeling your creations. Her bronzed flesh adding to the wonderful ornamentation. The sentiment you express here, the quietness, I miss it so. My mind has been so full of thoughts, worries, stresses, things to do that I fear I may never know quiet again. I envy you your solitude on Firefly Lane. The sewing basket and the bits of lace remind me so of a granny long gone. I loved her sewing baskets and tins of buttons. The afghans she crocheted warmed us during naps and occupied us as we slowly awoke and wove our little fingers through the stitches. Thanks for the moment of fond memories sweet Nina.

Ann Somerset Miles

Dear Nina, Your soft and gentle post with such beautiful creations amaze and overwhelm me this evening when I am too tired to think for myself, or do anything but sit. (I still have some of my grandmother's lace stash, though I know she did not make it herself; she let me have some when I used to stay with her as a little girl, sixty years ago.)


wow. gorgeous. ox


What a gorgeous set of pictures for this post! I have some handmade trim that I bought at a garage sale. I've been wondering what to do with it, to honor the time that the maker spent doing it. After seeing your work I know that I'll make a special necklace. Thank you for the inspiration.

Tina in McLeansville

it never ceases to amaze me the gifts we find and miracles we see when we allow ourselves the luxury of peace and quiet....we find things within ourselves that we didn't even know were there. i can just imagine them, up in the clouds, holding hands....our grandmothers and their mothers and theirs, even...looking down...and smiling! we choose to honor their work in that which we do...well done! :) xoxo


Oh Nina, what a gorgeous necklace! I love the lace and buttons on this piece ( and I'm not a lace girl!).
I spotted the first sign of Spring, cranes heading north!


Beautiful post Nina,

I saw our first wildflower today. Do you ever press them and use them in you jewelry? They are such little works of art in themselves. I can see them under a small piece of glass in one of your necklaces.

liz elayne

"a gentle annointment of all things healing and new"

beautiful words...yes. just love this.

sending blessings and the warm yellow light of healing and hope...


such beautiful work, as usual and yet not 'usual' with ur own style and flavour so strongly coming through. work to be adored and adorned by some lucky woman out there. u sure have a new zip in ur stride girlfriend! r. x


and loving abigail, she wears ur stuff well, people can see how it hangs, awesome.

Allyson Lewis

What a creative blog! It is so great stumbling upon great sites like yours. I am so inspired by the talent that is out there. I absolutly LOVE you're mannequin! My creative mother in law has been looking for one for quite some time, and i've been keeping a eye out for her. By far this has got to be my favorite! If you remember where you got it, swing on over to my blog, it'd be great to hear from you.

Deborah Guthrie

Yesterday my friend and volunteer for my art teaching said she could hardly wait for spring and I said that I wasn't done with winter yet. That I love that time to be in touch with treasures and stored inspiration. To be going through boxes and revisiting ideas. She got a bit defensive, not sure why but perhaps because I do have more home time that she herself would enjoy, and said well if you drove everyday you'd think differently and I had to remind her that I bus it in this bitter Ottawa weather and still wish for my full season of winter to enjoy the indoor activities of revisiting my hoard of stuff. So your blog entry was bliss and kindred and just made me happy to read. Thanks for that and I can't help but feel so grateful to have this time to connect across the wires and feel the assurance that who I am is just fine. Best of everything, Nina, Deborah


Love love love the new work....

Judy Merrill-Smith

Gorgeous pieces -- awe inspiring!


lovely things evolving from leather to lace, just beautiful.....


Such wonderful images, Nina. They soothe and heal.....and yet they also create butterflies in my tummy....butterflies of anticipation. It's so easy to go outside and create carvings with joy in my heart having settled here for a while to read your words and feel the creative buzz that is ever present even when you are sad.


I often wonder at the history and story of old pieces. How many women's hands and lives touched these ribbons, the intricate lace... How many dream dresses did Abigail help create... If only these pieces could tell their stories...and yet, I feel they're in the right hands my dear, as I know you will respect their past and will incorporate it in your art, almost creating a palimpsest of sorts- your own story intricately connected with and revealing of many old ones.

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