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Erin Gergen Halls

you are an incredible gift.
you are music.
you are dear.

Diana Frey

The textures, the layers and colors in your tattered nests and new pieces are so very yummy Nina. Any mamma bird would love your nests. And to lay eggs as perfectly as your sister, Ellen's, lampwork bead eggs, would be divine.

Tina in McLeansville

you never cease to amaze me. xo


Nina dear, the combination of your soul expressing, lovely work and Rumi's heartfelt words simply takes my breath away.
Karen xo


Such a beautiful poem that is made even lovelier with your photography. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Love and Blessings


Amazing and soulful! Lovely stitches in time......


Always beautiful Nina:)
There's an award for you on my blog. If you aren't into them, no worries-- but your blogging efforts are appreciated:)


Your palette, j'adore! The opalescent and pearly touches are divine. The Rumi poem is exquisite. Someday I hope to learn how to transition a bit more smoothly between the expanding and contracting moments, if you know what I mean?:)

susan greene

oh I love the bracelets you are creating they are amazing. Please tell me they will be listed on etsy soon? Today here in Maryland the sun is shining gloriously. I really believe I was starting to rot/decay with all the damp grey weather we have experienced this winter. Have a wonderful day!


Thankyou. The first 4 lines speak deeply to me as I grieve. Sometimes it feels like you write just for me as your topics often touch on what is big in my world at that moment.

I love the new direction your jewellery is taking, just beautiful. Still very obviously your work, but new and different too.


i heart that quote as just looks glorious with your photography and your jewelry...

i do hope you are going to be bringing some of these lovelies to ARtfest!? If so I am truly going to have a hard time! I am planning on making a stop at your add to my collection :)

PS I haven't forgotten about is just crazy lately. I better get it going soon or you'll be gone from home....


Truly a beautiful message. You are an artist in more ways than one. This belongs in the book that I know is inside you!!

Cindy Forrester

Just beautiful...your words and thoughts always touch my heart!!!!!

xoxoxo Cindy

Jen Crossley

Beautiful post ,beautiful jewerly,beautiful words

Carol in NH

These wonderful bracelets have enamoured me as well. I check your etsy shop daily in hopes of finding one.


cannot wait to see you and your new treasures in person...xo

Cindy Ericsson

I love this sweet face, with stories yet to tell and work yet to do.


Thank you. Beautiful.

sweet sage

somehow my soul knew to wander here today ..
this is exactly what i needed to 'hear'.
my thanks.


I love dropping in on you to see what you've been up to. It's been tooooooooo long! Isn't it grand to hear the birds singing their hearts out again! xxx Katie

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