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Lynn Davis

At sail on the sea of buttons, the journey not destination foremost, loving the process and enjoying the results, it's not reinvention so much as re-vision - the seeing in a new way some key ideas and the spirit of creation. Beautiful journey, amazing destination, thank you for sharing the trip.

Cindy Forrester

I love this are there!!! So special and calming...home...wise...quiet strength... home...

xoxox Cindy

Tina in McLeansville

tired of it?! are you kidding me?! you have made me smile, gasp, and unconsciously reach for my own heart while giggling like that kindergarten student of whom you it, love the poem, love that ellen is coming back to you for a bit while my own sister is here with me next it all! that is the real deal "mama bird!"... xoxo


I don't believe any of us could tire of your work, your words. Each time I come here, I find something lovely and meaningful, be it your words, your art or the lovely photos of birds in your yard or sunsets over the trees. These are the things that help me to remember that life can be beautiful and enjoyable.
love and blessings

ruth rae

Challenging ourselves to create in a new way is in by some means like a child taking their first steps, delights and triumphant are apparent and more steps are sure to follow. Creativity is a gift; how we chose to channel it is what becomes our art… The path of an artist is not often clear as we all start to question just if the next idea will come. Nevertheless out of the stillness innovative thoughts develop. It’s the joy and the delight of family and friends that keep us growing… reaching a little deeper and truly being the sum of all our parts. Your nest is a true delight, like spring it’s a offering of the new as well as what is yet to come ~


Your art, and words, are always fresh to me! Love the direction of your new pieces. I'm also very fond of the precious textiles, and have a jar of shell buttons on my coffee table...acquired when they were a little easier to find. Remember when eBay was young less popular? sigh. Hope you're having a sunny day...smiles


Tired of it?! Oh, goodness no. Since I began reading your blog I've made a tentative start at crocheting again, something I did as a teenager, because I love your little bits and pieces. (Back then I made the cutest little navy cloche with a perky yellow flower ... back then;)) The poem is amazing - my mom had a cookie tin FULL of buttons and I loved, loved, loved to sort through them and listen to the sound ... like sea glass! Thanks!


Tire of Nina, tire of her wonderful ornamentals, tire of hearing about firefly road and it's wonders of nature???? Never! I love the new pieces you are creating and sharing with us. I love that you are inspired and being inspired. It's so wonderful that Ellen will soonreturn to spend more time with you. The hidden message in the home necklace is wonderful. You are wonderful. Thank you ever so much for being you and being here on the net for me to find and meet and enjoy..........

Adrienne Berry

Wow, wow, wow!

Julie Whitmore

This is the one! I think a bird would land on the shoulder of the one who wore this.



home is where your story begins........


It always amazes me that artists seem to have this wellspring of ideas that seem to flow from their fingers. I know it isn't as easy as all that, but it does make my head whirl that delight can come in so many different packages. And I'm so glad to be able to enjoy seeing them and appreciate the skill and imagination that went into each and every one.

Love the poem; thank you for sharing it here. And wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead as you anticipate another visit from your dear sister.

pam chiasson

this is so organic, its beautiful and its just wonderful.


you are a wonder.
i cherish you.

Elizabeth Woodford

I for one could never tire of looking at your glorious work, old or new!! however, your new work is stunning - so very soft and comfortable but STUNNING!! anothe button quote that iis one that I often use(you may already know of it) Don't know who said it- Love and buttons hold us together. Simple but so true!!!

Art ON!!!


Again, i am stunned by the beauty of your wound nest. The whole idea behind it and your two posts here are so warm... i picture quiet days with the only sounds the clink of jewelry making and the sweet sounds of birds. The idea of such peaceful seclusion... such a difference from the crazy bustle here of Seoul. I am amazed.


Your new pieces are absolutely beautiful Nina. Keep up the 'Show & Tell'....reading your words and seeing your gorgeous creations is my therapy!
Sue xo


Nina sweetness,
I never get tired of the kindnesses you bestow, whether it is in sharing the works you are involved in at any given time, or just the stories or thoughts or memories.
"Oh Pharoah, live forever."
Candace in Athens


That is what I love about being an artist and creating-changing! New things coming through, even sometimes when you don't know if you should follow them. Right now I am playing with ideas, too...considering jumping from jewelry into something completely different. I am unsure of doing it, but am excited at the same time as the ideas keep flowing in. I guess I feel like creating is "home" for me. Your work is inspiring to me in that way. I can tell you put love into each piece, as you would to your home, family, friends.


Crochet.... my grandmother taught me the simple chain stitch from which all others come. I have been hungering to get back and do more. You have tipped me over, I just bought a book of great motifs.
The words "small but important repairs" is a very important life message. They literally (pun intended) jumped out at me.

Sister Ellen

Oh my how I love what you create! And...I can't wait to see it in person a week from today. Together again. Do you think my little birds will remember their Auntie?
your E


I feel like I relate to you in so many ways. Your intense love of your dear sister and your fierce desire to be true to yourself in your creating. These are two feelings that I also feel deeply. I so want to be able to express MYSELF in my work. Even though I work toward the desire to eventually sell said pieces I want them to say something about ME. Thank you for letting us into your world. It is a walk I enjoy.

Eileen @ Star's Fault

Nina, I tell you, the embroidered word on the back of your nest made me gasp softly...... "oh"... speechless, the impact of the photo almost physical through the cold computer screen.

This is true art, that it makes you FEEL something, that the heart of the maker comes through and touches the heart of the wearer.

Its a sunny day ~ Eileen


sweet bird, sweet home, sweet blue, sweet you! xoxox

Judy Merrill-Smith

Oh, so many of read blogs just for the show-n-tell! Don't stop, dear Nina. Love that nest, and the necklace it lives on, AND that poem is amazing. Thank you, thank you.


i can see this necklace as magical picture of your new book, i am so excited for you, that you are finally doing your book. your work keeps getting better, like a painter...i love what one person said, this nest a bird could is over the top amazing.

Jen Crossley

You have every right to be proud as a Kindergarden child,Hell Im Proud of you


I don't know anyone who gets tired of "show and tell", especially yours!



Beautiful post, Nina! I never get tired of you lovely words. Love the nest!



Let the band play on, MS. Nina!! Your tunes are so welcome to those who treasure you. Play, play, play on...

"Know this, and of all the things you can make in life ( and you've made s-o-o-o- many treasures, Nina) you (have made) a difference."
{noah benShea)



Your pieces are beautiful. I love your blog. Lots of Inspiration. Your colors are so soothing and harmonious.
Have Fun & Enjoy!


I've been enjoying Ted Kooser recently as our local paper has featured him often and I just bought his book "Blizzard Voices". I collect buttons too and even though I thought I had a lot I'm not sure I come close to your collection! Anyway, thank-you for sharing the poem, your work, and your thoughts.


So sweet Nina!

Did you see the photo of our morning dove at the crashpad who has nested in one of our pots? She has had two little babies!


katie runnels

Dear Nina,

I don't know if you've ever seen my work before...but its as if we've had many a conversation! If its allright with you, I'd like to blog about your new necklace series...especially the nests. lovely work!
Best Wishes,


I do so love your lovely lovely nest necklace, as i'd said before. I made a quick blog post about it, check it out here

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