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I love the words 'hither and yon' -- it makes any trip (even the one to the grocery store) sound like an adventure, a magical journey where anything might happen. Your nests are taking shape beautifully and I love the fact that you have incorporated all the stitching into your new creations.


I like the word here too. Sometimes you really have to pay attention to "be here". You can get lost in the there....


Nina, I love the word "here" too. In the end, it is what matters most. Whatever is happening here and now. "Now". Well that is another great word too!

Nelda Ream

What lovely thoughts. I love that x and 0 mark, too. Thanks for letting us be here with you.


Oh how I LOVE coming your visit and peak into your world. Refreshing.

Julie Whitmore

Here, in Cambria, spring is busting out all over and so is my heart after seeing this post.


Holly - UK

Well, i extra extra love this post....because im mentioned in it!! hehehe WOW!! xx

beth simple yet so full !

liz elayne

yes. yes. yes.

i love that you are making new connections in your world.


Ann Somerset Miles

For you, Nina:

"hither and here,
or thither and there,
the mind wanders
- wayward -
alights and delights
in gentle, lovely,
ordinary things."

Thankyou for your lovely post.


........but....but..... i want to hear the" long and convoluted story".....
i think, yes indeed, i know , i need the" long and convoluted story"
oh please.................i await patiently, well kinda.... lol!!!

fav old book....... be here now ............


Tina in McLeansville

you, your life...tightly woven, that's what it is right now...stitched, sewn and wrapped...rooted and at to breathe and enjoy the sweet scent of life. what a gift it is, that gift of the present, the now. looks to me like you're doin' it right! ;) xo


I love words as a matter of fact, I have an Excel document where I keep my words (lest they get away from me when I'm not looking--I know, I know--to much!). One of my first favorite words was "windowsill."


My usual experience when reading your posts is that I become tongue-tied - me,lover of words, becomes tongue-tied! (Oooh ... as an aside ... have you ever read Elizabeth Rosner's book "the speed of light"? It is one of my most favorites and I think you might find 'Julian' rather endearing:)) ... I love words like 'undulate' and 'susurrus' ... 'hither' is lovely, makes me think of Will Shakespeare ... the dove is so lovely, as is your palette ... thank you so much...

Rhonda Scott

I am really enjoying your use of lace in the newly created jewelry pieces. Lace is one of my favorite things. One of my favorite words is gossamer.
Hope you bring some of these new pieces to artfest so I can ohhh and ahhh over them!
Rhonda Scott

Cindy La Ferle

I'm so happy to have found your blog and new creations. I'm a professional writer/journalist who discovered the thrill of working with altered books just a few years ago. Along the way, I discovered your beautiful work, Nina, and always wished that I could learn more about you and your process. Thank you for all the inspiration you've given me through your Somerset features and projects. So glad to be "here" !

Teresa aka Tess

Come here, come hither...oh the later sounds so much more romantic, adventurous. I leave this post thinking the word "new" is added to your list. A new you is emerging before us. A confident you, a creative you, a musing you, an inspirational and inspired you. A NEW you with new things to share. And it be so fitting that the new season is soon upon us. I love all the pics you share. You have such a way with the camera.
Hither I go.......

Anna R

So glad that you are here at this moment in time with us, inspiring us and making us think about the here and now.

Joei  Rhode Island

One of my favorites for some time now has been "whilst". My son in Australia has written...."You know, they say that...."whilst" .....quite a bit downunder.
I like words....I knew of a man once that traveled with a dictionary on the dashboard of his truck....It won me over immediately.

Lois Maher

I love the word "here" because it is what we say when we hand someone a gift, when we share something. Thank you Nina for sharing your journey with such generosity.


Yours was the first Blog I've read after being, involuntarily, off the internet for a week..., and do you know what I missed the most? The writing of words.
My Mother said " I'll bet you miss all the blogs and the writing and the interaction with others." and I said "Oh yes, I miss being there, but I love being "here" without the distraction; the obsession I call Blogdom."

A storm blew our satellite receiver askew and we had to wait for 6 days to have someone come and fix it. So I have been hither and yon: Seeking the murmur of doves , watching the twilight of the evening sky and touching the wind with "eloquently imagined words".

Love your new jewelry; ".... it's glittering taketh me."


Another very lovely post. Thank you.

Dorthe Hansen

Nina, -here is one of my favorite places to be, reading, and thinking thoughts with you
,and seeing your beautifull art-pieces.

The necklace is absolutely wonderfull.

Love Dorthe


Here, right here, reading your blog lovely Nina, is a wonderful place to be!
Check out this gorgeous song from the amazing Ray's called 'Be Here Now' and should be the soundtrack to this post!
Sue xo

Erin Gergen Halls

thank you for reminding me i am here.
and giving me a here to be.

Leslie M.

sigh. Yes. Here. No matter how challenging 'here' can be at times, it's sure good to be here.

Your work is stunning as usual, and your words inspiring.

Thanks sweet Nina!


Jen Crossley

Beautiful words it really makes you think how we can inspire with words.


I came across a poet/philosopher the other day and was struck by the beauty of these words from his book, , Jacob the Baker::
"And when Jacob wrote, it wasn't Jacob writing. Jacob was a reed. And the breath of God blew through him, made music of him." where I come to hear the music that is you. Thank you for all that share, all that you give.

Your lace nests are so very very fine!

sepia art studio

i have an little bisque dove waiting for you. i could not possibly use it in my jewelry, so i wrapped it for you instead.

twilight is my favourite words in english. but in finnish... metsä=forest, lintu=bird...


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