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Jen Crossley

That top photo reminds me of Matthew and I at the moment two peas in a pod

Tina in McLeansville

what do i see? i see the love you feel for your oldest...and it's looking right back at you from his eyes. isn't it just the best?! xx

Adrienne Berry

Oh Nina! This is perfect! The first photo I have to say "two peas in pod". I just literally walked in the door from seeing my best friend for about an hour. We been friends for 22 years but have been out of touch for 3 years. We lose touch, but it never fails we always, always find eachother and it's just like we were 12 again. And that's what it was tonight as we looked at old photos and remembered the years and times we've shared. And here I walk in and see your post and I thought yep, that pretty much sums me and my girlfriend up! Sorry the other photo doesn't speak to me as loud and clear :) I love that John Lennon song and sing it to my Alex in my heart (he gets embarrassed when I do it out loud).


aaahhhhh.........what a wonderful surprise on a monday...xo


Beauty -- it surrounds us Nina and you are forever reminding us. And yes, those eyes, they are your eyes and you are forever connected to your children. What a sacred thing it is!!

Megan Pickwell

What a magical moment you have shared with your dear boy and with us. Everytime I read your words of wisdom about soaking in the precious time with your children I am so kindly reminded to enjoy the moment with mine - for already I see it passes so quickly. Missed you at the retreat this year!


what it brings to my mind? a canoe trip down the. Licking River with my cousin deb, we were inseparable mischief finders growing up and it was NOT my fault the canoe got stuck in a tree. xo


growing up i had a few people in my life that i felt deeply and utterly connected to, as i collected the years the number of people that i felt truly connected to still stayed few, in high school i had only a few close friends, they were all that i needed to feel whole at the time. later i felt this empty pit inside of me, a longing to have more connections in my life... then my children came into my life and i had never know such love, such joy, such feeling of connection... and although i have tried to put my feelings for them into words, my words still don't compare to the real, true feelings i carry for both of them.
i imagine it is so painful to see them go out into the world, i dread that time of my life when i have to let go and give them wings, but know that it will be wonderful, too, and i want them to do what they need and want to do and not what i want them to do.
the wings you have given your boys are beautiful, how lucky they are.
.... and you are one of the few i have felt utterly connected to, how lucky i am. xoxo


The seed pod?

It looks like two tiny little trees, born in a pod, predicting their future.

The eyes - full of light and life - what a gift for might well be reflected in his eyes I think!


Again Nina you have touched me. I know how you feel. I too see myself in my now grown child-turned- man....beard and all. Oh....that sounds like I have a beard....I assure you I don't. I'm so proud of him. I miss him so...he is finishing up his first year of college and will not be coming home for the summer as I thought. He has rented and apartment and gotten a full time job in the cinema department. Your boys are you are. And I LOVE that John Lennon song.....when Forrest was little I had a CD of lullabies that I played for him....that was one of the songs. Thank you for your beautiful words. Fairy Girl from VA!


I like 'pods'. Little caskets of treasure and new life.
Handsome son, handsome indeed!


Oh my. I'm speechless. My own youngest, my beautiful, beautiful Sean Christopher turns 23 in several days ... like you and your youngest, Sean and I look so much alike ... strangers mention it all the time. We share sooo much beyond genetics ... Two peas in a pod, yes ... We moved several months ago and when unpacking a box I found a card this beautiful, beautiful boy made about his super-hero, "Heart Man," who knows love is strongest of all. I cried for hours!


really big hug

Tina Gilmore

Very profound. You brought a tear to my eye remembering my own perfect, beautiful daughter, Nicole (16) all the way in Austria skiing - out of touch and probably having a whale of a time. I miss her!


beautiful boy.
beautiful you.


i am here.
trying at least. ;-)


Your openess to see so much in this world -- whether good or bad...beautiful or not -- is inspiring and both calming and exhilarating at the same time.

Kate Robertson

What a treat, some time with your beautiful boy, what a blessing that is. I miss my girl, haven't seen her since early in January. She's 5 hours away. Maybe I need to plan a visit soon.



I see two peas in a pod as well, along with death giving way to new growth.

Handsome boy, beautiful eyes!

Denise Morrison

I thought of my boys when they were 2 babies. How tired I was and how silly I was to feel so burdened some days. They did not stay small like those seeds. each minute they were growing bigger and out of my body, arms and lap. Now they are 11 and 12 and I sometimes I grab them and pull them next to me. Your words are lovely, Happy Spring my fellow boy momma.


"it was there that i snapped this photograph, of my eyes, my nose looking back at me. beautiful, beautiful ..."

this hit the heart.
its true about expanding the sight, my mother taught me to see.
Without her hours in the woods and on the sea, in the garden, feeling it all, i would be less able to appreciate your soulfullness. It must keep us in some way closer to the earth, tenders of the earth.


NotSoccer Mom

let me tell you a story. when i was a little girl (40+ years ago), i told my mom that the peapod was like the mother pea and the peas were her babies; she loved retelling that story to me (she thought i was so clever).

anyways, that is what i thought of when i saw your picture of the pod. those two seeds = robin and roy!


Love that your boys love you back in such an obvious way.
Yes, that is your gaze shining out of his eyes as he looks into his
gaze in your eyes. How cool is that!! Very, I tell you. Very.

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