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Nina - there are no words. My heart is with you...


My heart is breaking for you.


Oh Nina! (((HUGS))) we cry with you tonight.


I am holding you in my heart.

Jen Crossley

OH Nina Im just so sorry you have lost a dear sweet soul Aspen



I have you in my thoughts during this time of loss and pain.

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.


hugs to you. my heart is sad for you.


You don't know me, I follow your blog....

I am so sorry about Aspen. I know he was your constant companion...just know that you gave him a wonderful life, and I'm sure he felt lucky to have the privilege of being your friend!


dear nina-
i've read your posts for years
quietly taking in your words w/o commenting
but tonight i cry real tears as i write this
i look over to my own dear 4-footed friend
who is showing signs of age
may you find comfort in your memories
today and in the days to come


Dear Nina,

I am so sorry - my heart is breaking as I type this. Please know you are in my thoughts. Sweet, sweet Aspen. You were loved.

Jane Bradley

How hard it is to say goodbye to these precious ones God has entrusted us with... I have two boys of my own that are truly my "children"... The loss is almost unbearable, but one day the fog will lift. Please know you are in my thoughts, friend.



I'm so sorry, Andra

Mia Howard

I am so sorry for you loss. Aspen was so much a part of your blog, I felt like I knew him. You were such a good friend for him.


thank you for sharing your beloved aspen with us, nina. my tears flow at this sad news, and my heart aches deeply for your loss.


My dear Nin, I am so, so sorry.

Dear Aspen running over the Rainbow Bridge, give a big woof to Sparky and Shadow.

Crying and holding both of you in my heart.
Love to you,

Jacquelene L.

Dear Nina, I am so sorry for your loss of your beloved Aspen. I understand the gigantic hole in your life that only he could fit into. I believe he is in heaven and running and playing like a young dog again. My thoughts and prayers and hugs are with you as you go through this heartbreaking time. Be kind to yourself in this time of grieving.

Jacquelene L.

Gina Cuff

I'm crying as I write this...I'm so very sorry for your loss, Nina.

~Gina xo


These are some words from an old letter I found in my gatherings. They come from an Indian Chief in Spokane, I hope they add some light to a very sad time.

“we know how futile it is to address words, idle words, to you in this moment of supreme anguish, with which it has pleased the Great Spirit to visit you. If he has plucked the bright blossom from your home it is for a purpose none of us dare divine. He, alone, can pour balm upon your crushed heart. He (Aspen) has passed away to a better land, cheered by the knowledge of your love and affectionate tenderness. We can say no more; human consolation is weak.”

Spokane Tribe


O, heart is breaking for you.


Mary Newton

So, so sorry for your loss. I'll miss reading about Aspen.

Tina in McLeansville

loss of any kind is so difficult. but know this...aspen only wanted to be loved, and you did that to no end. in return he gave the same. it had no boundaries. my heart is breaking also, and i weep for you and with you. aspen will be truly missed. breathe....and remember...sending you love and hugs at this very moment. xo


Honest to god, I was just wondering about Aspen today, wondering how much longer he could last. There's really nothing to say, is there? He was a wonderful boy and you loved each other. That bond is immensely touching. I'm crying, too.

Denise S

My sweet Nina this is just so very sad on so many levels and my heart just hurts for you dear one.

I want to believe that my Fallyn girl was there to welcome him to doggie paradise today. Its been a year now since she left us and still she is so close to me at times I think I feel her in the bed with us again and then I wake up.


Sweet rest, Aspen, and hugs for you Nina as I shed a few tears for you both.

Angie Platten

Oh, I"m so sorry to hear this news. I know how much you loved Aspen and what wonderful company and companionship he has been to you. I know the grief of losing a beloved pet too well as I lost 2 of my 19 year old cats last year. It's a deep heart ache. I'm so very sorry to hear of your loss.


nina, my heart goes out to you doll ...
what sweet images of you with aspen over
the years,a true friend.
Hugs and prayers. connie


nina, my heart goes out to you doll ...
what sweet images of you with aspen over
the years,a true friend.
Hugs and prayers. connie

Cindy Ericsson

I'm so sorry, dear friend. I think the love of a good dog is truly unconditional.

Jamie V

oh, Nina. This is such a great loss. He was such a special and wonderfully sweet dog. These special beings have such a hold on our hearts. I'm am thinking of you, dear one. Love you. Jamie in MT

Nancy Krampf

all the time we gathered the feathers
the ones where birds had rested overnight
i wondered if they were signs
but when she passed so quickly
i knew they were meant for me
so her grave is a heart outlined with shells
a heart rock, and all the feathers we gathered together
sweet baby dog of mine

i know , yes i know
and i am so sorry that i do
know how much this hurts
xxx00x0000xx000000x0x0x nancyk


Nina... so very sorry for your loss. Aspen will be waiting for you across the Rainbow Bridge until you meet your sweet friend again.

Hugs, LindaSonia


Oh dear Nina, I am crying with you this moment. I am so sorry for your loss. Know that you will be together again one day, and that you shared a love that is so dear and eternal.

Chris Meissner

Dearest Nina, I am so sorry to hear of your great loss of Aspen. Our pets fill our lives with such joy and leave such a void when it's time to go. Hugs....

Anji gallanos

Oh Nina..I am so sorry.

Andrew Thornton

I'm sorry for your loss.

Erin Gergen Halls

you know i know...
and even if you dont know,
i do...
as much as i can.
whats left my my heart
is filled with thoughts of you.

and aspen.

oh friend....


Oh Nina, I am so very very sorry..such a sad loss...{{hugs}}


it just hurts so awfully. thank you so much for everything. rhia hurts so so so so much. beautiful friend, i will miss yoiu for the rest of my life. x


So, so sorry Nina to hear of your great sadness, time does heal. You will never lose the wonderful memories of the life you shared.

Erin Perry

My heart weeps with you. Aspen held on long enought to help you see Robin through college. Amazing how much a beloved pet helps one to parent. All out love is with you.
Erin in Morro Bay

Diana Wilson (DD)

He will be with you always. He will appear often at first, just to let you know all is ok with him and to check on you. You will hear him, see him and wonder how he is....all will be better with time for you, he is safe and sound waiting for you.

julie haymaker thompson

Good night sweet good Aspen your Nina loves you with all her heart. Nina , my heart hurts for you so much. Hugs Julie


How sad for you, I know you'll miss Aspen dearly.



Dearest Nina- the tears that are rolling down my cheeks I will keep to myself as I know you have too many of your own right now. So instead please accept my love and hugs. Dear sweet Aspen he was so loved by so many... dear sweet Nina, so loved by so many.
xoxo ~ gretchen


i'm so sorry for the loss of your most beloved friend.


dear nina, i am so very sorry... i have dreaded this day for so long, as i know you have, too. i wish i could find the words that would lessen your sorrow, but i know there are no words, only time...if even that. my heart aches thinking about you and dear aspen...
if only i could, i would wrap my arms around you and tell you everything will be okay. i am so sorry. sending much love out to you. xooooooooooooooxxo
dear aspen, rest in peace beautiful one. you will be so greatly missed, i am grateful to have known you and shared days with you.

Bonnie Skeers

Oh Nina, I am so sorry you lost Aspen. He will always be with you in spirit. What wonderful companions you have been to each other all these years. I know you will cherish Aspen in memory for many years. Take very good care of yourself. Love and hugs,
Bonnie, Leroy, Kelsey and Ryan


They are such a part of our lives it hurts so much when they leave us. We lost our sweet girl three months ago and not a day goes by that I don't miss her smiling face and wish for one more day with her. They will always be in our hearts.


oh nina, i'm bawling. aspen was so lucky to have had you to take care of him for so many so many have said before me, you are in my thoughts!



I am so sorry for your loss..I know how much it hurts...

Linda Byrd

My heart hurts for you. Aspen was loved.


Nina ..... your blog is a special visit for me every day. Even tho I've not commented please know that my heart reaches out to you.

There really is no love like a dogs love, so unconditional.

caryn Crimmel

I'm so sorry. I know he was your best pal. It's the hardest part of the deal...we get to have these great beings in our lives, but only for a short time.

Mary G.

Oh, dear Nina -- what a loss. My heart goes out to you and wishes you peace in this sad time. Your house must feel so quiet & empty . . .


Oh Nina, Nina,
Sending you love and hugs.

"Will you carry the words of love
with you
Will you ride the great white bird into heaven
And though you want to last forever
You know you never will
You know you never will
And the goodbye makes the journey harder still"


You made us love him too. We ache for you now.


Nina I am so sorry for your loss. My heart aches with yours tonight. Bev


Please take comfort in knowing that so many in the world hold you with love in their thoughts and hearts on this hardest day. We send back to you just some of the love, peace and comfort that you and Aspen have brought to us all.

JoDee Jetton

We Have A Secret
We have a secret, you and I
that no one else shall know,
for who but I can see you lie
each night in fire glow?
And who but I can reach my hand
before we go to bed
and feel the living warmth of you
and touch your silken head?
And only I walk woodland paths
and see ahead of me,
your small form racing with the wind
so young again, and free.
And only I can see you swim
in every brook I pass
and when I call, no one but I
can see the bending grass.
Author Unknown
Dear Nina - my thoughts are with you -much love JoDee

Margy Houtz

Dear Nina...

I'm so, so sorry. I'm watching my beloved dog in his last days, too.
There is no way around the pain, only through it. It is a fine thing to love and be loved like that.



Words cannot begin to convey the sadness in my heart at hearing this news. But, what a glorious sixteen years to have shared with this gentle and loving soul. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


My thoughts are with you tonight nina.I have injoyed seeing aspen in your posts,I will miss him.

Jessica Herman Goodson

Dear Nina,
I am so, so sorry for your loss. I am happy you had such a special companion, and can only imagine your pain. Thank you for sharing your time together with us.

Bonnie Luhman

Oh Nina, The tears are rolling down my face. You are such a gentle, sweet spirit and I hate so much that you had to lose your best friend. We all grew attached to Aspen because you shared many words and pictures of him.

I do know how you feel right now because I have lost many of my beloved furry kids. Each and every time I think my heart will literally cease to beat because it hurts so much. I do know one thing, Aspen is being greeted right now by all of our lost babe's and I hear tell there are treats galore up there! They are now all fit as fiddles and able to run and play once again. I believe they are waiting for us and will greet us when we arrive.........We love you Nina.

Sally Niemand

"My little dog - a heartbeat at my feet." ~Edith Wharton

Now your little dog is forever in your heart. So sorry, Nina.

alex s

Oh my god. I can't even think of anything to say Nina. Just know that I am holding you both in the safe place in my heart...and I'm sending smoke signals into the heavens for the safe passage of dear Aspen.

love xxxx000


I am so very, very sorry. There are no comforting words for this loss. But I know that Aspen's spirit lives on and will forever be with you.

just me

Nina, I will try to get through the tears best I try to say a few words that will somehow comfort you in this time of loss.....having lost pets over the years...I still find it hard to talk about them without crying...what is it about these gifts....these creatures....that love us unconditionally...never asking much...loving us no matter what....even when we are late with feedings...or too busy to take for walks.......just comforting us in those quiet moments when others seem to have gone they're own ways there was always this furry "gift" to console us no matter the challenge...and when they are gone..........there is nothing in life to replace what they have given us except the blessing of knowing that they are with us always....never asking for anything and although we cannot touch or feel them they are WITH us making us laugh (at how silly sometimes they can be) comforting us when the day seems so long and weiry.....and life asked more of us than we sometimes think we can handle....they were there..........but like life itself.........the memories are our treasures.........

Erin Prais-Hintz

Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.

My heart aches for you and your loss. Such a treasure Aspen was for your family. He will never truly be gone so long as you remember him with love...and I would recommend the book Dog Heaven by Cynthia Rylant. I laugh and cry and feel comfort whenever I read it and remember both Buffy and Madison. Gone but not forgotten.


Lois Venarchick

My heart is hurting for you. He was a good friend to you and he is so playing now in doggie heaven. Take care.

lorraine lewis

I am truly sorry for your loss.
Blessings to you and your sweet Aspen.


I weep with you.


The bond you shared with darling Aspen always touched my heart. I am in tears. You are in my thoughts dear Nina.


I have never met you, commented on your blog, or taken any classes from you. I read your blog everyday, as it is a comfort for me. I am so so sad to hear this news. My baby girl pug just turned 7 and time goes so fast. I love her like I gave birth to her and I don't want to imagine the pain you must feel. I hope you have a lock of his hair. My heart breaks for you.


oh nina,
i'm so very sorry, such a deep and shattering loss. sending you much love, i will keep you both in my thoughts and hold you close to my heart.

Anna R

I have no words that will ease the pain but know that I am thinking of you.


My deepest sympathy for your terrible loss. Our pets truly are family members. My heart aches with you. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. May peace and comfort wash over you.

Misti in FL



I am so sorry for your loss. My heart hurts for you. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Julie H

My heart knows yours now, this moment, these days without your faithful shadow...sweet Nina I hope you have someone to hold you right now, nothing feels like this.
Sending prayers...


no words, just


Oh, Nina, how sad for you. Aspen left this world after a long and happy life as your friend and companion and your memories of him will surely comfort you. Aspen was fortunate to have you as his friend, playmate and caretaker. And you were fortunate to have his as yours. A big hug to you, dear friend.

Cristina Leonard

I lost the love of my life in November, my beloved cat Max, who was 20. I feel your loss as if it were my own. All I can say is surely Aspen knew how much you loved him. For him that was everything.
I am so sorry.


Dearest Nina, My heart is breaking for you tonight. Mere words cannot convey my sorrow for you. I hold your heart in my thoughts and hope that you can move through this period with only happy memories of Aspen and your time together.


I am so sorry for your loss Nina. My heart goes out to you. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Jacky McFarlane

Oh nina,what can I say!!

Shelley Noble

Dear Noble Aspen, farewell.


I am so sorry for your loss... i am keeping you in my thoughts at this terrible time.

Debra Abel

I am so truly sorry for your loss. I remember your recent photo that caught him at your feet, your constant companion and friend. I know too well this pain, and will share this moment of silence with you to remember these furry friends who touched and enriched our lives.


So, so sorry dearest Nina. He will be waiting for you over the Rainbow bridge.

Please will you go to my Dad's blog and read his tribute to his dearest Hound, it might help, it might make you weep, but it will let you know that you are not alone

I dread the day my dear friend Bryn will leave, but leave they must.


ps the link says his blog does not exisit, just click on the highlighted title, it will take you there and scroll down.


in time, may the memories of your dear friend and companion dry your tears and make you smile.
with love across the oceans

Adriana Nelson

my heart goes out to you. i am deeply sorry for your loss.

love, adriana


Dear Nina,
So, so sorry to hear your sad news. Aspen was lucky to have been so loved.
Take care lovely you.
Sue xo


take time to grieve and cherish all the aspen memories you stumble upon in the coming days...he was such a special soul who will always have a spot in your heart...xx


Oh Nina, I'm so sorry. Sending much love and thoughts xoxox

peggy mcdevitt

I am so sorry, I am crying as I write this. You and Aspen are in my thoughts and prayers, he will be missed. Love you. Peggy


Oh Nina, My heart is just breaking for you and for the emptiness Aspen will leave in his place. Firefly road just won't be the same. Hugs and prayers of healing go out to you, Laura

Kasha Rolley

Dear Nina, I am so sorry about the loss of your most precious friend, I do know how much it hurts, my thoughts are with you. Kasha from Australia

SC Sally

How extraordinary the bond. How unimaginable the gift. How vast the sence of loss. But most of all, how great the love that makes it all worth it even in the end. We are many walking quietly nearby, sharing tears and love for you both.

Lynn Davis

Nina, just ::HUGS:: and know you're in my thoughts.

You go before me down this road just a few steps, my own little furry Tirzah girldog is 15 years old now. It's sad they leave us and we're never ready to let them go, we need them.

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