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Tender thoughts are with you, glad I got to know your sweet friend here. We will all miss him with you. {hug}


My heart hurts with you.


I'm so sorry, Nina. Big hugs to you, and rest easy knowing that you gave Aspen your best.


I'm so sorry, Nina. Big hugs to you, and rest easy knowing that you gave Aspen your best.

Regina Dwarkasing

I'm very sorry for you... Wishing you strength from the Caribbean,


Cathy W.

Oh nina, I'm so sorry. He was so sweet and I know how much you'll miss him. I'll keep you in my prayers.


Dear Nina - I am so sorry for your loss - until you have lost a beloved pet it is hard to believe how sad it is.

Big hugs to you from Australia..

belvedere beads

dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole. i love my dogs and my heart is with you today. thankyou for sharing aspen with us through your blog, i adored your posts about him, he was a grand old dog.

Ann K.

My heartfelt sympathy goes out to you--as many words as there are for this occasion, Langston Hughes said it best and I will leave it there.

Catherine Scanlon

So sorry to hear of your friend, sending good thoughts your way! He was with you a long time, I'm sure he felt the same way about you!!

Sandy Gonyea

Take solace in the fact that your beloved Aspen is young & pain free, running & playing, and you will meet again. He was one lucky dog!




Beloved Nina~

I am With You in every possible way that distance allows.
Peace and Love,

Deborah Guthrie

Oh darling Nina,
Tears stream down my face as I feel just a bit of the ache of your loss. Pets are an incredible part of our lives and you showed us so much of the wonderfulness of Aspen and your life together. May memories keep you company forever. Joy is there holding hands with sorrow. Deborah


My heart goes out to you in your time of sorrow.


Oh, Nina, I'm so sorry for you loss. Aspen was a dear member of your family and I know you'll miss his companionship as you move through each day.


my heart to your heart...smooches


I am so very sorry. I know the pain of losing a dear pet.


Nina, I know how incredibly painful it is to lose such a dear heart goes out to you with much warmth.


Dearest Nina,
I am a long time reader, and first time commenter. I am so sorry for your loss, please be gentle & kind to yourself at this time. I can't help but think that Aspen is resting easier as witness to the love & tenderness that flows from across the miles to help ease your sorrow.


I am so sorry, he was a sweetie (hugs)

leighanna light

Oh Nina honey, my heart breaks for you, I am so sorry for your loss.
We will all miss him, as it feels like he is a part of our life too.
I wish that I could give you a big hug & cry with you, I am so sorry.


Darling Nina, such sad news. I'm so sorry. Wishing I could be there with you but sending you much love and comfort from my part of the world. xoxo


Oh, I'm so sorry. My thoughts echo the comment by Sally.




I am so very sorry for your loss. My 4 legged baby is 14 years old & I am thankful for every moment I have with him. From reading your blog, I know that Aspen was a huge part of your life..your heart. I know-he knows- the love that surrounded him. Take care sweet are in my thoughts & prayers.


Oh Darling! I am SO sorry for the loss of your dear, dear friend. Have been there and I know there are no words...

Love to you. You gave him the best life!

nelda ream

His life was a beautiful moment. He left too soon, too soon. xx

Nancy Serwinski

Dear Nina -- Just a note to let you know that you are in my thoughts. I am so sorry for your loss. Take care.

Vicki in Michigan

I am so sorry. It is so very hard when they
must leave us behind...........


"my heart has joined the thousands, for my friend has stopped running today" - Richard Adams

Oh my heart. Sending you love and strength to help fill those empty spaces. Your loss is palpable - tears fall from my own eyes at this parting.


OOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhh nooooooooooooo! It makes my heart cry ... :((( ... HUGSSSSSSS Nina , he had a very good life with you and now he will watch over you ....



I too am very sorry for your loss. The silver lining (and what I know to be true) is that he will never truly leave you as he will live in your heart and visit you often in your is a small comfort. Again, I am so sorry.

Kay Mallery

Oh Nina, my heart goes out to you. No words will ease your pain. I know, I have been there. It is so hard to lose your one constant companion, the one who loves you unconditionally. He has earned his rest. The universe has sent occasions for transition to both you and Robin - celebrate Aspen's life and create his shrine.

Suzanne Sonnel

Nina, Although you don't know me, I follow your blog and I'd like to extend my deepest sympathy on the loss of Aspen. It's heartbreaking to lose your constant companion and best friend. My thoughts are with you at this most difficult time.



My heart aches for you. Aspen and my own Dear Shadow are now playing in Elysian Fields waiting for us very patiently.

Diana Frey

Oh Sweet heart weeps with you as you both mourn and celebrate your dear friend Aspen. What a blessed companion he has been to you for so very long. Sending hugs and prayers your way.

Toni Brown

And now he enters the leaves & birds, the river & rain currents & heart-shaped stones, the blue-dyed fabrics hanging from tree limbs ... the white twinkling lights of your studio, the cool smooth jewels & gems in your palms and crossing your fingertips ...

he stays close, he surrounds, he is EVER.

So much love to you, Nina.


Oh my dear. There are no words, but please know that my heart is with you today. What a wonderful companion you have had in your beloved Aspen. After reading about him so very often, here, I will miss him too.



There are no words. No words. Oh God. Nothing is harder. Aspen is now everywhere, and when you say that prayer, "thou art everywhere", remember that - he is now part of the stars, part of the wind as it howls past your door, part of the rain as it falls. When you stand in that rain or under those stars you will feel him next to you. He is celebrating. We end in joy, I have learned. Now is the time to hold yourself close. Tomorrow will be soon enough to seek that wind.



I'm really so sorry about Aspen, Nina.

I hadn't read your blog in a week or so and gasped out loud at the news.

I too, will miss reading about him and seeing him in your photos.

Take good care,
xo Ally


Sending you hugs and beams....and hoping that all the light coming your way can give you some small comfort.

judy wise

I am so sorry and sad for your loss of dear Aspen. If only there was a way to ease the pain of such a loss. Only time will help. Precious Aspen. xo

Cassondra W.

I'm so sorry Nina, please know that you and Aspen are in my thoughts.

Julie Whitmore

you gave him a loving and beautiful life, and you will always have him in your heart. mine is breaking for you.


liz elayne

dear sweet friend,
i am so sorry to read these words.
i am holding you in my heart in this moment and encircling you with peace and light.

sending so much love,

jaYne carlton

I'm crying with you. I lost my girl 2 years ago and know too well how you feel. Hugs...

Lori Reed

We lost our dear dog Connor at the young age of 10 last month. I know the huge hole Aspen leaves in your life and how often you will find you're anticipating his response to something you just did. There is nothing like the bond we have with our dogs, as they fill our daily lives with such trusting love and comfort. Be gentle with yourself as this is a big grief to muddle through.

Diana B

I am so very, very sorry to hear of Aspen's death; I've been through this twice with dogs of my own in the last year and it just defines "heartbreak." He had a wonderful life with you and will live forever in your heart, none of which will make you miss him or grieve for him any less.


So sorry for you loss. I always think when I have lost a furry family member that I hope they enjoyed the time with me as much as I did with them.

gina armfield

Oh I am so sorry. It is a year ago today that I had to put my beloved Ebony down and say goodbye after so many years of love and companionship - 19 yrs and there is not a day that goes by that I don't miss her. Someone told me that after awhile her spirit would come back to me and reside within my heart and spirit and blessedly it has - I wish that for you dear Nina - that after a broken heart has mended that you will feel his spirit inside of you. I can't help but think for me at least that animals are sent to us as gifts to teach us lessons and when their job is done they move on. Ebony mothered me for along time and I feel it was only fitting that is when she left me. She had her 28th bday, the next day was Mother's Day and the next day was her last. I have to find divine promise in this and my hope that is in time you will too. Sending you a hand to hold, a shoulder to lean on and arms to comfort you. - love gina


so sorry nina! i know aspen will be missed but will always be fresh in your memory!


i'm so sorry..

Frankie Kins

Nina, I do not even have the words to express to you my sadness over your loss of dear Aspen. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers during this time. Oh, sweet Aspen!

Terri G.

My heart goes out to you...any one who has had to endure the loss of a loved one or a loss of a beloved pet can sympathise with you. It just hurts. May all these comments of support help lift you up.


Oh Nina...I am so sorry. SO sorry. You gave Aspen a beautiful, loving life. Sweet Aspen...


wow, such a loss, i am so sorry.

Stephanie T.

i understand your pain dear friend,
my thoughts are with you


I'm so sorry, Nina. Thinking of you and Aspen...wishing you peace.

Janis Cowell

Nina, I am so sorry to read of Aspen's departure. I believe our loved ones are always with us, even after they are no longer here physically. For the longest time after losing my 18year old Dallas, I would catch glimpses of him out of the corner of my eye, in his favorite spots in the house. You will probably have a similar experience. I believe it is their way of reassuring us after our beloved animals are gone. I am holding you in my heart. Janis C


The tears I shed are in celebration of the life you shared with Aspen. You are in my heart and prayers.


We long for an affection altogether ignorant of our faults. Heaven has accorded this to us in the uncritical canine attachment. ~George Eliot

Aspen was you heaven. You were so blessed as was he to have you as his best friend as well.

My heart aches for you Nina.


We long for an affection altogether ignorant of our faults. Heaven has accorded this to us in the uncritical canine attachment. ~George Eliot

May we all be so blessed as to experience this love. And Aspen was equally as blessed to have you in his life Nina.

My heart aches for you.


Yes, Dear Nina, there's nothing more to say, You LOVED your friend ~ with all your heart and soul ~ and, you always, always, will. Because you shared Aspen with all of us, we grew to love him, too. My heart's wish is that Aspen and my Brynie girl are together ~ to freely continue being the amazing spirits we had the privilege of loving here. My heart aches because I know the ache of your heart. I am so, so sorry. I'm adding my love to all those before me. ~ Laurie


Our Yorkie, Jack, just finished his adventures on these trails also. I know he will help show Aspen around their new territory.


He loved unconditionally and was in return. I know, I have been there too.

best regards, jan


I read somewhere recently that the only feeling stronger than loss is love. So sorry for your sadness... so glad though, that you had Aspen in your life.


I am so sorry for your loss. Animals can be our best friends and it is so hard to lose them.

I am taking my nine year old cat to the vet today. He has gone from 12 lbs to 7 in a little under two weeks. I am really praying that we can figure out what is going on as I am not ready to lose him.


I am so sorry about Aspen. I hope that knowing all your readers and friends are with you in spirit will lessen your pain.
You've given comfort to each of us through your inspired words and creativity.
May you now feel our heartfelt comfort and love.

Denise Mares

Nina, I am so sorry to hear about your loss.

susan greene

I am sending you love peace,light and many many hugs. I had three dogs reach their final days in the same year. Oh my heart aches for you.


OmG Nina, I am so so sorry. What a shock, you must be heartbroken. This news made me cry girlfriend. I had a dog for 18 years before we moved here to AZ. I was holding him when he died so I know just how you feel. I still miss him 12 year later, I loved him so.
Once again, I am so sorry

maureen craver

nina, i am so sorry. i know how much you loved aspen. bless you. maureen

Kate Robertson


Oh I am so saddened by your loss. Aspen is as much a part of this blog as you are. He will be missed by all of us too. Sending love and hugs your way.


Paula Bogdan

Sending you much love and many prayers; I know how hard this is.

Sandy Ellison

You and Aspen were equally lucky to have each other. So sorry. . .


Hope you are finding your way....

Farewell Master, yet not farewell.
Where I go, ye too shall dwell.
I am gone before your face, a moment's time, a little space.
When ye come where I have stepped, ye will wonder why ye wept.

Edwin Arnold


Oh, Nina, I'm so sorry! It's hard to lose a loyal friend like this. Sometimes the four-legged friends are the most loyal. Thinking of you.

donna c

Oh God Nina, I am so sorry for your loss. Sending you prayers and healing.

Rhonda Roebuck

You can tell from the number of posts how many people are thinking of you and Aspen. He had a wonderful life with you, and that is the most we can ever do for a pet....give them a wonderful life! Many of us here making comments have felt the same loss for a pet. Nothing is consoling except to remember he loved and was loved. Thank you for sharing your life and Aspen with all of your readers. Many, many readers are sending you their thoughts.

Jill Cooper

I am so sorry that you lost your good friend and faithful companion. I know he loved you and you loved him and that's all that counts. Big hugs!


Oh Nina...sorry to hear the news. He lived a long and happy life. I am sure no dog was loved

Kim Melton


I am so sorry! Your Aspen was so beautiful! I have 3 furry souls myself and just found out that time is very short with one of my girls. It is so heart wrenching! My heart goes out to you!

Take care,

Kim Melton

Elise B.

oh Nina...i know...oh do i know...the inconsolable grief..............



sue from melbourne

so sad for you

Diane Folks

My heart goes out to you! I have lost two beloved cats and it ripped my heart out each time. You gave Aspen the best life a boy could have. He was a very lucky soul!

Thinking of you,
Diane Folks


Oh Nina, I'm so very sorry to hear this. I'm joining in your tears and remembering my dogs who have gone on. How I wish there were words to help.

With love,

Olwyn Hughes

I am sending you big hugs. Aspen was a good and loyal companion for many years. You were certainly blessed.


Laurie Giberson (flickr "morningk")

Sending a big hug your way. I'm so sorry for your loss.

J a n e W y n n

Nina-You know how much I hurt for you.
My thoughts are with you at this difficult time.

J a n e & T h o m a s


Dear Friend
Sending you hugs and much love. I loved your best friend too.


I'm so sorry
I've said goodbye to sweet friends like Aspen too, I feel your pain.


Dearest Nina,
I'm so, so sorry. You gave your pal a wonderful life full of love.
Giving you a big hug.


Oh Nina, I'm so sorry. I lost my best buddy ever, a golden retriever named Woody, about five years ago. I still miss him so but I wouldn't trade having had him for the time I did for anything in the whole wide world. How lucky we were to have been given such great friends. God Bless, Suzanne

anna maria

Dear Nina,

I am heartbroken for you.
I was so happy last week to see the photo of Aspen with his summer cut, but as soon as I came to your blog tonight and saw his photo, even before I read the words, I froze.
I have tears in my eyes for you and for the ones I have lost.


Oh hunny! I am SO sorry for you loss. I have yet to loose a dog in my adult life, but I know that it isn't far away. I know that it is a very sad time for you. You're in my thoughts.


Oh Nina! I'm just so very very sorry. I wish for you peace my dear. And healing for what must be an aching heart.


Darling Nina and darling Aspen, There are no words except that I hold you both in my heart.
Candace in Athens


Adding one more voice to the choir of those offering you their thoughts, condolences and shared understanding. Though I haven't posted before, your words, photos and snaps of Aspen have been a joy and treat for a long, long while now. I hope Aspen is somewhere warm and shady, dreaming the dreams the dearest of dogs dream.
Hugs and love,

Karen Cannon

I gasped out loud! My heart aches for you!


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