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I read this & think of that Talking Heads song ". . . this is not my beautiful house . . ."

Have a wonderful, wonderful time.
:) debi




and a happy mother's day to you miss nina !

Gina Cuff

You are stunningly gorgeous, Nina! Good luck and Happy Mother's Day!

~Gina :)


You were and still are gorgeous Nina. That is a lovely photo. Have a wonderful Mother's Day and a safe trip. I know it will be a memorable one.


Safe travelling Nina. Have a great time.
I have a similar photo of myself in a jacket with a baby on my hip, as I recall it was in my lounge in front of a huge Monstera plant.
Is that a pink bow I spy in your hair?? LOL!
Sweet Sue xoxox


Wishing you a safe and wonderful trip.
The phrase...the things we know and don't know, the things that we remember....really resonates and touches me deeply.


Oh so darling photo of you and the boys. Thank you for reminding me that time flies all to fast. Enjoy the accomplishment of raising wonderful boys is your graduation day too. xxx

Tina in McLeansville

all smiles for you...... :) xo

Teresa aka Tess

Oh Nina, what a wonderful photo. Beautiful, cute, adorable and so much more. Have a GREAT weekend. Godspeed,

Linda Harre

Look at you! Such a sweet photo:) Hope you have a wonderful "Mother's Day" filled with peace and love!


How did you post with no electricity? Inquiring minds want to know. ha!

Seriously, Happiest of Mother's Days to you! I hope it is full of wine and chocolate and LOVE!


giddy up sister giddy up!!
live it up!


my gosh Nina, I would never have known that was you. You were lovely, but not "this" Nina who has found her authentic self.

Lois Venarchick

Ahhh, now all of this is truly sweet! Have a very fun trip and a terrific mother;s day. Lois


Awwwwwww!!!! Happy Mothers Day beautiful you...
Sue xo


Dear Nina,
Just back from Art and Soul and catching up on the posts i missed. In pink or not, you are still beaming with pride and joy at being a mother to your wonderful sons! Have a happy Mother's day and a great time at Robins graduation! Hugs, Laura


Oh, I too remember those days - we were so innocent, yes? There seems to be such vulnerability in your face in this picture.


i heard that poem read on NPR and i was alternately laughing and crying. thank you for posting it! happy mothers day to you!!!!

Anna R

Wishing you a tremendously happy weekend.

Erin Gergen Halls

in going through my dad's belongings,
i came across a father's day card i made for him,
when i was so so young.
i wrote the words,
"the thing i love most about you is that i will always be your little girl".

and i will.

my lanyard.
which he kept safe for 30+ years.

tomorrow i will canoe the river and remember how i became the mother i am because of the father he was.
and that will make it the best mother's day ever.


dearest nina,
enjoy your day tomorrow and the time with your family. that is a lovely family in that photo and your sons are very blessed to have you..

thank you for the is as beautiful as you...

nelda ream

Happy Mother's Day, Nina. XO


damn, that billy collins, he is good. made me cry ~ again.
have a lovely, lovely time, dear one.


Love it, you are gorgeous. Love the poem as well, really cool.

Denise S

I am thinking of you today dear Nina and hoping things are getting under way for your big day. Happy Mother's Day to you and just think this time tomorrow it will be wonderful memories to treasure forever.

Sandy Clowes

Lovely photo, beautiful family, touching words, and special poem. I certainly enjoyed and appreciated this post. Here's to new and dear memories... Hugs, Sandy


Thank you so much for sharing this very personal and sweet photo of you and the boys. A treasure indeed!! Happy Mother's Day Miss Nina!


This post was such a joy to read. I do love "young" photos but I cannot imagine my peeps being without the earned beauty so many have as they pass through the fire... like gold. Are you white gold or yellow, Dear Nina? Rose gold, maybe?
Have a wonderful week.
Candace x


I hope you had a glorious weekend, Nina. Happy Mother's Day

Jennifer Valentine

Billy Collins is my favorite poet...I have several of his books. My favorite poem is the one called "Love" about a boy and a girl and a train and a cello........How I adore his work and drink it in like an elixir that soothes my soul. Thank you for sharing this poem. I want the whole world to know about Billy Collins. I even got my drawing instructor to read some of his poetry to our class this past winter.


Like getting the prequel to a series after we've fallen in love with the main character in the present time.. More delicious because it fills in the blanks we didn't know we desired.;))
Love this pink outfit, the sedate pin at your throat, the boys nested in the parenthesis of your arms and the smile...ah, what a sweet smile. We were so very young then, huh?
Have heard this poem on public radio, too . As bittersweet as the first I heard it. Thank you for sending his workout into the world.

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