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Kathleen Hayslett

Incredible! Absolutely stunning.

pam chiasson

I wish i was there on the beach whispering in the wind and thanking God for making such a beautiful place. thanks for sharing the pics and most of all the video!! have a great time ....where exactly is this place i know its the outer banks, but where within there??


i'm so glad you made the video, because i've never seen anything like it before either! looks like magical little fallen clouds. braving the elements has it's rewards, doesn't it?! i hope you have a lovely time this week.


What a wonderful thing-that magical tree on the beach.


A beach is always magical - but it seems, it was more magical than ever...


a coulie tree....a prayer tree..what a sacred find...nina "Prayer Trees, bahos, prayer sticks, and the sacred activity of "making prayers" which are left in certain places.
i consider learning how to "make prayer" essential and powerful shamanic activity. making prayer is different from "saying prayer." we are mostly accustomed to hearing and saying prayers which is equally important. the making of prayers, however, involves leaving material that is transformed into Spirit. this transformation of matter into Spirit is what shamanic work is all about: whether doing healing, assisting the crossing over of souls, changing our patterns of behavior and thinking, etc. the transformation of matter into Spirit doesn't "stop" with the word Spirit but means that whatever happens in the transforming process "returns" Spirit to form, to embodiment in a new way than previously held." awesome nina......awesome!

Jamie V

Nina - what an incredible experience! The video is fantastic. I long to be near the ocean and often get tired of being 'landlocked' in snowy, freezing Montana! Thank you for sharing this breathtaking post! What an awesome gift that tree is! Have a great time on your journey! Jamie V in MT

Jamie V

P.S. It was good to hear your voice again! Jamie


I can't believe this tree.., in the sudsy surf. Amazing! Wish I could have been there with you. Yes.., ocean chicken me.

Lois Venarchick

I have not been to Oracoke since I last lived in Virginia in 1989 but your video brought back memories to me that make me sigh deep into my heart. For when I lived in Virginia, I was so homesick for Port Townsend that it was only when we reached Oracoke that I could feel myself give a little soul sigh and feel finally at peace so very far from home. Thank you, a thousand times, thank you.

peggy mcdevitt

I can feel the sting of the water, the cold and the beauty of the sea and especially the tree. What a way with words you have dear Nina. Sounds like your enjoying where your are at this point of your journey. Peace be with you. Love ya Peggy


Very very cool. I love the beach, in all forms.


Whoa, how cool, what a magical day you had! I have never seen such foam, and the way it blew across the sand, wow! Thank you so much for sharing that with us! Just curious did you add something to the magic tree :-}


Amazing! What beauty!


I wonder if you tasted the seafoam?

When I heard your voice, it sounded just as it should have, just as I had imagined.

have a lovely time on your island.


A magical tree indeed. Made me think of the movie "The Secret of Roan Inish". I expected
mermaids to swim out of the sea....

Tina in McLeansville

no words...just sitting here shaking my head in amazement...what a gift this adventure is turning out to be! will you go back to the tree and leave something of yourself...or did you do that already? :) xx


Only you....only you would have such a magical tree waiting for you on a windswept beach.xo


So cool. I'm so glad you brave the elements and take us all along for the walks. We get to share in the beauty from wherever we are. Your special eye helps make our experience even better. Thanks for taking me to the beach today. It is snowing in Lexington, KY.


wow, that was one amazing walk on the beach walk. the happy magical tree, the video (which i think is even enhanced by a slow connection) but the bottle, love that. xo


INCREDIBLE nina!!!! Wow, im so pleased you made a video!! Your very first on youtube!!! Please do more nina!!!!!:)

Wow, that tree was amazing! so so amazing!! Definetly just for YOU!!! :)
Its like something out of a story book, it is such a pleasure to come here and read of such wonderful things in this magical world......xx


I think you need to go back to that tree and leave a little piece of nina on it....seriously, I know you have something to tie on that tree and really, isn't that what we're all here to leave a little bit of us behind wherever we go ???


What a magnificent tree! I love it! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. And the froth! Oh my gosh. I have never seen anything like that but it sure speaks the Princess Bubbles in me.

Lori Anderson

I love scudding foam in the winter. The beach is so cool then.

That TREE! We have a guy who paddles his kayak out to a tiny island (I mean, one person has to be careful or he falls in the drink, it's that small) to decorate a little fir tree at Christmas, but it's nothing like the magic that you found!


magical!! wind is powerful and somehow always refreshes me within.

Nina, do create another video's!!... just few days ago i was thinking to make a video of my woodland wanderings.

That tree is like a wishing tree, some sort of prayer tree (like lines of prayer flags capturing the wind). Beautiful!

Janet McDonald

Wow if anyone had cobwebs that experience would def clean them out! That was incredible the seafoam getting blown around! I was born near the beach and went there all the time and never saw that...I guess I didnt go in winter? It must of been pretty cold too? That was a wonderful time you were so blessed! Such joys and secrets abound lol! ox


A prayer for you from a Sea Spirit - and you are sweetly, incredibly generous to share it with us!!! I love it. Thank you, thank you ... I notice that the colors are so like the colors in your work, even to the dashes of red. Some Sea Spirit is paying very close attention to you I'd say;-0


I lived in on the MS gulf coast for 4 years, but never got to see anything like your video. Thank you so very much for sharing it with us! So very interesting.

The tree! Wow. what a gift. The awe I felt looking at the photos, I'm sure is nothing compared to what you felt. Enjoy your time there.

Cindy Ericsson

Thank you! Now I DO get to be there with you. I am delighted and amazed...


I love the Mermaid's tree strung with little gifts and sea treasures


Really magical, amazing, awesome treasure tree. It’s so inspiring. And that sea, just wish to be there. Thank You for shearing these pics.


What an awesome discovery - thanks for sharing the driftwood tree!


thank you. thank you.


Wow! Thank you for bringing the salt air and sand to us! Magic indeed :)


Maybe Boo was there, leaving trinkets for you, watching to make sure you were safe in that wild never know!

Rebecca Chase

wow, the foam in the video looks like little creatures scuttling across the sand. And that tree...amazing. Thanks so much for sharing.


amazing and magical! i've never seen anything like it.

NotSoccer Mom

oh my. what a treat to see your video, and to hear your voice at the end. i've never seen anything like that either (and i live 20 minutes from the ocean; well, granted it's the pacific). but that tree! that tree. how appropos that it be YOU to discover it.
what an amazing walk.


wow, you experience a sea latte with extra foam and a ocean christmas get back there abd tie something on it...very cool, very cool indeed! xox

Nancy Prawdzik-Steinbach

Amazing! My folks lived on the Outer Banks for 20 yrs and I've never seen seafoam do that--incredible.
And, that tree! You must put it on Youtube--it was waiting for you to come and find it. I think that tree is going to show up somewhere in your art. In what way, I don't know.
There is a kindred soul out there decorating it...


Completely speechless...seriously, I am completley speechless...and breathless. The magical tree MUST have an offering from you before you journey must! Ni


Amazing video! And the!
Thank you, Nina, for letting us share those experiences. Sandy


such things I have never experienced here in my desert home....thank you for sharing them


Such a gift to hear your voice, mixed into the wind, with the scudding foam and that TREE!!! Pure magic, Nina.

Great hugs,
"I must go down to the sea again, to the lonely sea and the sky..."
Forget who wrote that but I understand it completely now that i am old enough.

diane cook

Thank you for sharing this dear sweet story AND video, Nina. You indeed are a bright light to me....don't ever forget you have a most wonderful gift to share. Never hide it. It is a blessing~

Nancy Prawdzik-Steinbach

Tie a little ribbon on the tree before you leave.


How cool - the flying foam.


I've never seen that before either...the incredible chunks of foam floating without disintegrating. Wow.

But when I watched this video, I saw a different scene...the sand is really the land from 60,000 feet in the air. There are the brown, autumn plains of Colorado. A little white shows up when flying over the Salt Flats. Then the brown returns when Nevada is below. The clouds whooshing by and the line where the sky and the earth meet always just a head.


thankyou for gives us foam which looks like soap bubbles...never ceases to amaze me what can be found on this planet...and to think we sometimes think we "invented things"...loving this series.

liz elayne

such beauty and magic...
love that you had this special time just for you.


in exchange for your sacrifices, i'm so glad this trip rewarded you with something so beautiful. natures' way of saying thank you...


And now you know why this girl has her feet firmly planted in the Atlantic Ocean!! Although I'm a little further north (Assateague Island, VA). The Ocean is my muse and you have just seen her in one of her most beautiful moods. The sea defines me.


love the video, i keep coming back to watch it

nelda ream

I have heard the word, "seafoam", but never knew it was real. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for sharing that amazing experience with us by video. I had never seen this, either. What a gift!

laura venosa dellaporta

Oh wow what a beautiful post...Thank you for letting me visit. xoxo Laura


awesome video nina, thanks so much for sharing these beautiful scenes with us, i agree,such magic and beauty...


The sea foam video was a TRIP!!! Beautiful.., Thanks for discovering your 'moving picture' button.. ;-))
The tree! Wow'sa & Dang-a-lang! What a find, for you dear baaabe, in a place you love so much! Cool, very magic cool...OXOX


OMG!...Thank you, Nina..for bringing back lovely memories of Okracoke! Its been years...I am so glad i found you again....
i had been to your blog a while ago, but somehow, lost it! I'll make sure to bookmark it this time!...You have a lovely way with words that make me feel good!
I am in Canada now..a long way from a beach.. but my heart will always be at the beach!...gypsy

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