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Norma Lewis

Oh Nina, I absolutely adore your charms. Will they be for sale anywhere?


LOVE that poem as well as the words on your pendants.
Spring is on the way...I tremble with anticipation.
Hugs and laughter,
Sassi :)))

liz elayne

water spirit jumped right out of me.
a poem in two words.




It was the moon spirit that caught my eye.
Look at you - you have poetry in your hands! xo


Fair spirit called to me. Today is fair and bright I to have a feeling of goodness about the world that is hard to contain. It just wants to bubble out of me.

Vicki Lane

Beautiful things! I love the printed word and am delighted with the idea of narrative jewelry! (Kay Byer sent me to come have a look around. she never steers me wrong.)

Janet McDonald

fine wine O kindred lol...sweet sweet sweet! ox

Tina in McLeansville

mmmm...simple beauty...the best kind! just think of having that 'round your neck and being able to touch it anytime you want to be reminded...mmm-hhmmm. hugs...x


Be at one with yourself and nature. It makes beautiful jewelry and I see smiles in your hand.

Diana B

OK, does the partly hidden one say "walker" or "walter?" LOL


Hi Nina, I love your charms and your metal strips that you use in your bracelets,where do you get the metal from? Thanks Pam


Love your jewelry making, the ones with the birds are beautiful, all your art work!!!

Teresa aka Tess

moon sky river woods
spirit fair be here

I love your charm words. Do I see a walter there?

Love the hand holding the hope for the wearers of these simple charms.


Be here:

Oh Moon,

Fair is wood

In spirit

and more to come...

Thank you nina


just catching up on your doings and seeing the oh! so beautiful jewelry being created here and being enchanted by the lovely poem =-)

thank you for the refreshing sights and words!

Linda F

Hi Nina!
The birds have absolutly gone kee-razy here in the finger lakes of New York! I think that your jewelry pieces in your last post are magnificent! Beautiful and inspiring. You have cranked out a tremendous amount of work in a very short time. I will have a photo of a two new pendants on my blog tommorow night. Most of my jewelry ideas are being influenced by Elizabeth the I at the moment! Thanks for your sharing art and words...Linda F

julie haymaker thompson

Hi Nina ,You are my big treat ( well not you, but your class) to myself !!! I am taking your class at Art Fest next week with Lorrie ( my sisiter ) and our Aunt Deb !!! see you soon!!! Julie


Will you be keeping one of these for your monthly piece? I know we would all love to see March's (and February's!) installments.


hi my friend,
Adorable charms!
Smiles, Andra

peggy mcdevitt

Love your charms, your hands must be tired by now. Hope to see them on your blog some day for sale. Take care. Peggy

gina armfield

you are on a roll girl - what wonderful work you are producing - I really love the latest pieces you are creating - looking forward to seeing you soon ;)

SC Sally

Had to laugh at myself when I read "water" as "Walter"! Perhaps I was channeling your boy? Oh my...........




Loving IT! And the talent & spirit behind it, Kisses & Love, Hol


oh nina....I love these tags....I really do....
more than I should, for something so simple, yet so perfect.....


The subject is fully clear but why does the text lack clarity? But in general your blog is great.

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