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Erin Gergen Halls

what an amazing visual journey as i scroll down through these new images,
new path and scenery,
but familiar, like a recurring dream.

i'm hanging on to your skirt hem,
and following you,
tripping into springtime,
splashing right through shimmering puddles.

Diana B

It's delightful, as always, to see you make magic with the techniques you taught us at Artful Journey, Nina. The people at Artfest who'll be able to see these delicacies in the flesh (so to speak) are so very lucky!

Barbara Bechtel

i love the domed silver eggs. They remind me of vintage silver spoons, yet different and updated while retaining the influence. so pretty. your tinkering has paid off as usual!

peggy mcdevitt

Oh so beautiful, I want to touch touch and feel them al. These are works of art and you are the artist. Love ya

kathy vk

oooh busy busy bee. such a good thing - joyous creating. xxx


Amazing! I just LOVE those resin house charms. How can you look at this post and ever doubt your muse? Your direction? It is always so fresh, yet so Nina. A beautiful collection.


On Nina, these are all so wonderful! I love the houses with the words on the back and I love the birds with the houses...heck! I love them all! You are really on a roll!

mary lawrence

Oh!! how unfair the way you tease us with glimpses of your lovely new creations, yet deny us the opportunity to feel the depth of their emotion round our necks......dare I hope a few come back home with you from Artfest????

mary lawrence

.....but please don't stop posting the photos... I LOVE seeing what new delights your nimble fingers have strung together. just couldn't help but whine a little as I am SO ENVIOUS of those lucky girls who will have the opportunity to own one of your new creations


Such intricate beauty flows from your heart through your fingers and into these pieces! xo


Absolutely beautiful Nina. And those blue birds - wow!


those things you feel wonder, it's because you are !

and those earrings....finally a size to fit my peanut sized head :)

juliette crane

you do such beautiful work! those little homes are so sweet and adorable! thank you for sharing your art! best wishes to you!
xoxo, juliette


Beatiful creations...all of them. That silk ribbon is amazing! So good that you USE it. I've leave it on the shelf and admire it! lol! I should have known the birds were Julie's...I love her work.

Julie Whitmore

Nina those little birds didn't fly just to North Carolina, they flew right to heaven.


you are an amazing artisan!! love all of your beautiful pieces!


Love the houses and compasses. Love your work!!!! Can't wait to see you!!!!


Oh Nina! Such treasures.

Nancy Krampf

oh oh oh am sooooooo happy to see the houses. one of which i have as the first nina purchase i made and i love it so.

and it speaks volumes. as much in its absence as in its re-emergence....... so very kindred.

the well, she is deep , no?? much deeper than the murky waters of meds, the meds we are all tossing out and it shows so much in our work. i see it in mine and yours and in many others.

yet here we are, wisdom women with herstorys to tell and honey you are a tellin and a tellin and a tellin . just magnificent.!!!!
mucho xx0x0x0xx00x00000x0x0x0x0x

Elizabeth Woodford

Such glorious components put together with such care and grace. Your sister's eggs never cease to delight and the little blue birds are such treasures. I love the way your handwriten engraving speaks so peraonally of you they are imperfectly perfection!!!! love it all!!!I am also so very glad that you are finding such joy in the creation and freedom from druggy hazes!! Happy Happy Spring!!!!

Tina in McLeansville

i'm so sorry...i must apologize...i know it must've hurt your ears, and poor walter's did hear it, didn't you...all the way from here...that excruciatingly high-pitched squeal?! it was me. when i saw the birds. you will no doubt come home emptyhanded, dang it....but OH! what beauties....i'm lovin' your awakening! hugs....xx


These pieces are so lovely that I just might have to fight the maddening crowds at artfest vendor night to get a peek!!!!

Andrew Thornton

Thanks so much for using my chain in your beautiful work! You've been making lots of lovely treasures lately. Nicely done as always!

Cindy Ericsson

Mmmmmmm...I finally got computer access again, just in time to see all these lovely new creations. So very magical, so very Nina!


these are wonderful...and the support of other artists makes them so special...this shows the power of the art community at its best...thank you so much for this post...and also thank you for taking time to share...i'm going to enjoy the "eye candy" because these won't be around for long...

Nancy Prawdzik-Steinbach

Such beautiful things-a feast for my winter weary eyes!
Today, I sowed 'Oakleaf' lettuce and tasted the first leaves of the sorrel. The crocuses have bloomed in little pockets around the edges of the yard.
I hope.


Beautiful & precious! This one with bird and eggs is so gorgeous!!

Michelle Brown

The house charms are just gorgeous!


I'm taking out a loan before I come to AF...

See you soon!


I love how your art pieces incorporate the art of your friends and family. Each component having its own special meaning.It must be very difficult to part with them.


SO beautiful Nina-you are a true inspiration!!


I am nourished again by you and your story trailed across little trinkets. Best sleep remedy.


OMG!! Nina. You have outdone yourself.
I COVET everything here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>
You will have absolutely no effort sharing and selling these lovely,
lovely ornaments.
Sassi ;))))))

Nancy Prawdzik-Steinbach

Is that a spoon that you are using?

Kathryn Stripling Byer

Nina, love the blog, the photos, the spirit. So glad I im'ed you today, something I don't usually do, but I miss you.
love, K


oh nina, stunning work and words as usual....i love this bit you wrote.."i feel a little like an alchemist, a magician, a gardener, philosopher, storyteller, all"....YES, you are all of them and thats why i love you so xox

Janet McDonald

Awww Really Lovely Nina!!!


Oh, they are all wonderful, Nina! Bring them ALL to Artfest!!

See you next week, my friend.


Holy cow woman!

You are in the zone!

Amazing Amazing Amazing!!

Well done!

:-) Ally


Nina, your work is so breath taking!! Really love necklaces- it must be so fun to put them together! If you ever sell your charms separately, put me on the list!! xoxo


I so love the little houses with the paint brushes....So CUTE!!

Dee Mallon

really, really lovely --- the bits alone, and the way you combine them. thanks for talking about your creative process... your humility for the way it 'happens' is refreshing.

robin dudley howes

I hope you had a fantastic time at artfest. I was surprised to see so many of your new creations...I didn't think you would have time to post before you left and they are. I am shaking my head as I scroll down...shaking my head with awe! you are re-inventing your self with all these incredible new pieces Nina! I just love them all, especially those little silver discs and the font you used along with the little houses and with the bezel pieces! So, so inspirational. so much soul. hugs to you...

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