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these jewelry pieces are hauntingly beautiful Nina!!!



gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous...I love the etching in the mother of pearl!

Janet McDonald

Ahhh more wonderment!! The twinkle that comes from Ninas woods transforms!
The vid was great!!!

liz elayne

such light and beauty. we have wisps of blue sky in between clouds today and these colors seem to match your gorgeous pieces you are creating. i love that.

hope the sun in shining in your corner of the world...

Julie Whitmore

hey moon girl
these are as quicksilver as moonlight

Diana B

I just love to watch your work evolve!


I can see the ocean calling in those pieces, just as I hear the ocean calling in my soul. xo

Joei Rhode Island

And the stars....don't forget the stars!

"....and the stars o'erhead were dancing hell and toe."*

The Spring sky is beautifully aglow with Orion, Leo and Canis Major....

*Robert W Service

Joei Rhode Island

Oh, dear.... I know it wasn't Hell and Toe... hehehe

Heel and Toe....


Beautiful jewelry, my dear..., and I LOVE the John Masefield poem. It's one of my favorites.


Beautiful jewels!! xox

kathy vk

dern computers - don't they just suck you right in. maybe the coming rain will help you to stay away. working when it's raining ... heaven.
back to work you! xxx


wow...really beautiful earings!!


Sweet Nina, those of us who checked back
-just in case - in spite of what you said,
were richly rewarded. Beautiful work, beautiful
words, thank you

Lori Anderson

I love ALL the earrings! Sorry I've been absent -- I've missed so much!


Stunning Nina.... Have a safe and wonderful journey. You will be in my thoughts! Ni


Oh, but what a treat for those of us who didn't expect anything yet but called by anyway :-)

That song is on my compilation of 'favourites' - the collection I play always.


Uhhhhhhhhh how i love the mooooon, the mooon!! :)))) xxx

Elizabeth Woodford

"I see the moon and the moon sees me. The moon sees sombody I want to see!"

Your jewels are wonderful!!
This just proves how very drawn you are to writing!!! We all are so very glad that you are!!!
Back to your bench of gems!!


so happy i will be at artfest to see everything in its splendor on vendor night...xox


Gorgeous! And your words are so very lovely! Wish I could see your beautiful jewelry in person. Maybe some day.

Tina in McLeansville

love these beautiful peeks at what you're busy with...


I just love your art Nina - always wonderful to see what the moon and the ocean can inspire too....

Mary G.

Hey, Nina! Loved the post, the jewelry, the Gary Jules link to YouTube. But talk about a time-waster, going from Mad World to Mad World version on YouTube. And then the opening lyrics of Mad World reminded me of going to work in the morning, which reminded me of Taking Care of Business (BTO). Put that on and crank it up if you are feeling tired! It always puts a big smile on my face. Sending love to you . . .


~beauty is a form of genius,is higher,indeed,than genius,as it needs no explanation...It is of the great facts in the world like sunlight,or springtime,or the reflection in dark water of that silver shell we call the Moon~ O.Wilde

gina armfield

I love these earrings - now if they only said - black/mare - ah but you know what I mean - looking forward to seeing you soon ;)


something told me to visit once again...and i'm so pleasantly surprised. i'm going to enjoy them visually now because they'll be gone in no time. thanks nina for taking a break...breaks are good...


I spent the day in the "mad world" and came home to a pleasant surprise-a post from you. Thank you for lifting my spirits.


Gorgeous creations Nina.

Sharing the moon with you too!

Sue xo

Linda F

So glad you didn't stay away from your computer! I love to see what you are creating and read your thoughtful musings!

Judy Merrill-Smith

Oh, I so very much doubt those earrings will be coming home with you. Very beautiful!


Thanks for the peek. Just beautiful.


All so cool and serene. Nina, what is the stone used in the first image? I have some tiny ear drops with it in and have always wanted to know.

Safe travels....again. xo


Will there be any Lunar Moths? :?
I cannot begin to tell you how much I love my necklace...I told you about the two stories of my Moth experience...I have a third.
While I was in Los Gatos I was reading a book by Barbara Kingsolver, Prodigal Summer...Each chapter tells the story of a particular character...several of the chapters were called Moth Love.
I think that perhaps the Moth is my totem.


Dont take this as a critisism nina - but i feel like there is more to come from you nina. i feel your blogging is becoming very similar and "same-ish" and i feel its time for you to come out with something NEW, change it up abit, try some videos out or something....change it up!!?

Sorry just my thoughts!


What a perfect post to read before I hop on that jet plane heading southward, where a sailboat waits to whisk me away for a full solid week of sail, sun, sand, and ... sea ... stars and oh yes, that moon too!

jan in ohio


im sorry kath, when did it become your blog...sorry just my thoughts!


ahhhhhhh - I needed that poem, thank you dear Nina! LOVE the pearl moons and your lovely inscriptions. The artists in Portland are in for a treat when you arrive with your beauties!


kath you are entitled to your opinion but i'm not sure anyone asked in this post what anyone thought about the blog...the other thing: videos can many times affect in a negative way your search engine optimization. google and search engines love text. another issue is that nina has done some videos on you tube concerning her travel. so just because you don't see it on the blog doesn't mean she hasn't done it. now that you've shared your opinion, my opinion is that i see nothing wrong with her blog and the fact that she has even been asked to author a book, as a result of her blog, means she is doing something right...just my two cents...also you could always take one of her classes if you need another venue for enjoying her talent.


amen sandra, i like you!!!!

Tami B.

Your new jewelry pieces are so soft and beautiful...a little more "quiet" in spirit and I love them :)

penny-elizabeth neil

That's one of my favourite poems- I don't actually have much of an affinity with the sea. Being Australian I'm supposed to be addicted to the beach, but I can't stand sun and sand. But take me to the >seaside<...that's a different story. In the winter when the sun is gone and the wind is blowing, or watching the waves crash from grey captain's cottages perched high on a Cornish cliff...that's my ocean.


Oh my goodness, my heart jumped a beat when a snip of the sea being held in your hand! For a land locked girl who love the surf and sand, I thank you for showing me summer held in your hand.


I've never seen such loved jewellery. It is so soulful and connected. It speaks.

laura venosa dellaporta

I feel so connected with your beautiful creations. I love everything... the colors , the stones the way you gather & connect it all together..I hope to one day hold & cherish one of your creations.xo Laura

colleen Baptista

Your new pieces are divine, they seem to me to be a reflection of Spring a new beginning. Truly lovely.

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