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kathy mcgowan

you are beautiful, Nina!


YOU ARE!!! YOU ARE!!!! Beautiful.

Have hated my SP's so far. Will have to keep trying, I guess. Thanks for the nudge anyway.

Until we converse again. safe journeys, Nina. And please remember, while giving out, to receive. B R E A T H E!

Peace and laughter,

PS. Love those nests. Lucky recipients.

Julie Whitmore

Hey Blue girl with smiling eyes

those nests rock. and also you have hands alot like a potter, (or i have hands like a jewelery maker).


out of the blue, i like it.


"...document your feelings, your aging, your wisdom that comes with the experiences and years. document it all, without fear. love yourself. as hard as you possibly can."
I just love this Nina. Life is all about loving yourself.., with all the yucky stuff inside.
Acceptance of what is, so we can "...start the day in happiness, in kindness." M. Oliver

Love those little nests.

amy rehnae

i am certainly going to miss seeing you at artfest this year! what fun we had last year! my little box is in a spot in my bedroom so that i can see it and be reminded every day! so many changes since then...hard to believe it's only been a year, and at the same time, what a long year it's been!

learning to love myself as hard as i can every day!! big lesson. huge.

i cannot wait to see what you do with the tiny nests...i am smitten!! but of course i am, tiny and nest...two of my favorite things all rolled into one! lol!

hope you have an absolute blast in PT next week! soak up some salty air for me!



Hello beautiful! You are Lady Turquoise to me. You open up this colour for me. It bathes me every time I come here with little eggs and puppy eyes, and Nina eyes. Love your curls and have you got blue curls too! :-)) Playing together is fun! Oh, I did a SP Fri post too

Lori Anderson

I love the photo of the nests against the brilliant blue sky! Portents of things to come!


I looked at your hand holding those nests and then I looked at mine and they are the same. Crinkled, padded and nurturing. Now I have found one part of me to like.Thank You.


spring promises whispering everywhere...i like these words you used in your post--surely you can add these to one of your ornaments...

i can tell you're ready to burst with the joy of spring and its going to begin when you release your jewels...

thank you for a wonderful post.

Love the little bird nests!

I've been debating whether or not to take part in this challenge. It's hard for me, being in 'front' of the camera, but here goes....Carole


I have been inspired to try this...

Erin Perry

I love this picture of you. It's the face of little Nina saying "Come out and play, Erin" - and I'd be there like a shot! Have a wonderful time at Art Fest - ah, those lovely beach walks.
Erin in Morro Bay

Nancy Prawdzik-Steinbach

I love the "ruminating" you do!!
First signs of chives and sedum--however, 70% chance of snow later tonight & Saturday forecasted. But I have put away the snow shovel and I will wait to prune and perhaps move the roses until next week. No sign of the lettuce. I am thinking of friends up on the Red River, sandbagging.
Travel safe & well!


Sounds to me like you need an assistant for ArtFest...I humbly apply for the position. OK? Really? Great! Thanks!!

xoxo are beautiful always...


Tomorrow - It IS Spring tomorrow! Your work is so gorgeous and so are you my darling friend. Be well. K Q:-)

Mary G.

Nina -- I forgot it was Friday & am so happy for your self-portrait & the words you shared from someone of us taking up your challenge. I keep thinking I will, too, and then the week slips by in a blink. And I haven't done it. I have my camera with me at work; I'll do it right now. YOU make the BEST bird nests.

Tina in McLeansville

this is wonderful...all of it! you look as if you're about to laugh right out loud, whether from the "gilly-siggles" (silly giggles)as we used to call them, or from the absolute craziness of it all. whichever...
if i were to do a self portrait today, you would see my new "do"'s "change-it-up" time around here...and it's short (SHORT!) and sassy...just like me! :) and spring tomorrow...aahhhh. it's all good! hugs...xx

Michele R. Unger

Looking forward to crossing your path at AF. I hope you have a good trip and an easy one. and thanks for Self-Portrait Friday. It makes me take pictures of me, my least favorite subject to document!


Fabulous photo today - I'm with Tina - gilly siggles all over your face!

Have a delightful trip and enjoy your classes! (I have a feeling you love teaching as much as I do :-) )



I've missed hearing from you, Nina. It made my day to see your post and the smile in your eyes. Is that a streak of blue in your hair? You are a beautiful, wonderful person. Enjoy your trip! We'll be here when you return and can tell us all about it. :)


Nina, thank you for throwing down the challenge to show ourselves without fear, to show ourselves in the sad, bad unhappy moments, as well as the good and happy ones. I'm taking up the challenge! Here's where you can find me, warts and all ;)...

and here is where you can find a happier version of me I posted this week:

I'm really "coming out" on my blog this week!!

Good luck at Artfest next week!! I know you'll sell your beautiful jewelry like hotcakes =-)

Lindy McClellan

I love your self portraits! I have decided step outside my comfort and join you in self portrait friday. And to celebrate every photo! Your jewelry is awesome! I wish I were going to Artfest. Safe and happy travels to you and many blessings and kisses to Walter while you are gone.


Janet McDonald

Such a sweet looking girl in that photo!! ox

peggy gatto

Ah, a wonderful idea!!!!
your latest jewelry is a delight!!!!
Hugs to you and

Andrew Thornton

Here's my link Nina! Thank you for inspiring me to participate in this challenge. I can sympathize with your blog reader... but I think it's important for us ALL to look at ourselves more often. Not just women. We could all use a little self-examination and time to connect with the essence of who we are at the marrow.

Andrew Thornton

Wait, wait... no... here's my link:

nicki ellis

well, i'm a day late, but it's done!
Bleary eyed, not long out of bed...a few moments of stillness before i get on with the day.

I LOVE the little nests and i think you look pleased with life in your picture!

nicki x


Working at getting the entire package to match up. See you Friday.ttp://

Diana B

What Shirley said: Breathe!


Wow....I go on vacation and unplug for a week and you go and create breathtaking works of art and two self portraits that touch my heart. Glad to be home (despite a lovely vacation) and anchored back into your blog... Take care of yourself!!! Nilene


This look so beautiful and personal. I love the SP, and i also really love the 'shadow' piece. Such a great idea to use the paintbrush pieces... it speaks to the journey in creating the art, within the art itself. A definate mark of something being hand-made with love and care.


our pictures are a road map of our lives....the back roads....the blue highways of our true studying closely...tracing each line with knowing fingers..... they can lead us our authentic selves.....


Well I did it. I've been dreading it all week but since it's my photo therapy and, I said I would. I look tired and puffy but I did it. Part of that learning to love the skin I'm in thing and all that.
Looking forward to seeing you next weekend and giving you a big hug.


I love, love, love your sparkling eyes, full of mischief and wonder. My belated "Friday" self-portrait is up today


I love your self portrait. It doesn't do you justice. I like this idea and think I will join in. Going through family photos the past couple weeks and I realized there are not that many photos of me for my kids. I am always the one behind the camera.

Vintage Rings

You have a wonderful blog. It requires a lot of courage to be exposed opened to everyone on the Internet.
I love your photos, your writing and your nests, of course, take care!

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