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hang on...spring is right around the corner!!


my thrushes are singing for you,dancing from my ears...xxxooo

kathy vk

hmmmm, I was driving around running my errands and wondering how you were doing and then come home to this post. sending lots of light and creative energy. xxx

nicki ellis

Well, you can see mine in all it's glory (ha,ha,ha....) on

I like your look serene.

Janet McDonald

Im feeling the same! But my frayed~ness comes from other things. I long for my Soul to breathe deep and feel some Joy again. I am trying to take my Own advice as Tasha Tudor often said..."take Joy"! Be content for now as the birds will sing again and the beauty will once again settle in deep! Huggs Nina...ox


Well Nina, sharing pictures of myself is always uncomfortable for me, but I will share this blog post I did back in January which is quite topical with regards to your post today:

I so fully agree with you that these pictures serve as treasures as the years pass by but it is so hard to get over it shyness? I don't know. But there. I shared that post on my blog and now, lord help me, I'm posting a link to it here. I'm going to stop typing now before I change my mind and erase all this!


I did a self-portrait yesterday.

Ramona Gault

Oh, thank you for the bird song, Nina! One of my happiest memories of western NC is being in a small mountain town at dusk one summer day and hearing dozens of whippoorwills calling from all directions. Magical!


This winter has been too long - we need a spring breeze, a bird song, a warm day.
Sending thoughts of these your way... xo


Spring is coming. The Canadian Geese that winter on my pond are causing quite the raucous with their mating rituals which involves long bouts of honking and strutting.Soon they will nest, and beware anyone that even THINKS about going near that pond.The Daffodils are also up in the woods. It is a cold, dreary ,rainy day.But I know the sun will come back to warm me soon.


nina...if you want...choose to snap out of it !!! your time is toooo precious to waste on depression...turn your face toward the light and take in the goodness all around...i understand there is much to bear at times, however, there is always the option to choose to focus and hold onto the light.
anne (


Nina, you look mahvalous..... Even when you're rattled!!!! xoxo


yes i know tired. i find when i'm tired i find a place and just sit and go towards the emotion and in my body see what is "really" bothering me. i usually find some goal i'm trying to live up to. so then i have a disussion within myself that who i am is who i and others have to accept. my intention is to give and share and often that comes in things which is not manifest outwardly. and if people can't see what i'm truly about or they do not wish to take time and understand, so be it; that is their loss.

i'm often tired because i'm running at someone elses pace and wanting to be "perfect"; but nothing in life is "perfect" nor permanent.

so i get still and contemplate this. and then let everything go. so i make mistakes. so what. so i don't measure up to what i think or others. so what. life is short and full of its own sufferings and so i need not bring anymore suffering on myself.

i'm not sure why i'm lead to say this: but you can't please anyone. so you may as well be yourself and treat yourself with just as much compassion and understanding as you would someone else. surround yourself with people who support these ideas.

the sun will be out soon!


Sometimes we really load ourselves down with tasks and burden ourselves with overthinking. What a blessing when we can just BE. Thanks for you comment on my self-portrait.


I did a self portrait today but don't know if i can get my link here or not we will see if it works.

lisa crofts

I like this photo Nina you actually look really peaceful to me....and weather wise I am the opposite to you I think like everyone else in Perth I cant wait for the cool weather. It is autumn and thurs it was 39 and friday 41 with a temp of 28.8 on thursday night....I am loving all the new expressions of your creative self.

Tina in McLeansville

we're like a bunch of bears that are just starting to wake from hibernation...maybe a little on the groggy, groany side at first, but the more we stretch and breathe deeply and move into the sunshine, it gets better and better....and the sun is supposed to be shining all next we get an extra hour of light starting sunday! i can't wait! i would do a self-portrait, but after being sick for a week, i'm quite sure it would frighten someone! take it one thing at a time, dearie....and i like the picture of you...the colors you are wearing suit you. hugs...xx

michelle bernard

Nina, think of you often and am inspired by you even more often.


Diva Kreszl

such an amazing undertaking, sadly self portraits are not what I am ready for. I still have trouble with the aging image I see before me.


Your self-portraits are so expressive and vibrant that I can almost see you breathe. Thank you. do you do take such fabulous photographs of yourself, your art and the world around you?


I know this feeling, I do.
Spring will come and with it your song bird.
I await winter and respite from this dreadful heat. xo


DEEP BREATH! OK Im gonn accept the challenge!!!!
Self portrait comin up before the day is done- no primping or model poses- just me being me- whatever that is on this Friday!!!
Thank you for thought provoking posts!

Lindy McClellan

I have so been feeling the same way! Then the self doubt creeps in. I need sun and warmth and singing birds. The winter months are such a struggle for me but I feel the spring fast approaching. Deep breath



I want to play too!


Nina, thank you for sharing ALL aspects of yourself! you are right - sometimes it's not always easy to show our darker sides to others though it is but one SMALL facet of our whole being...the trick is to remember that the darkness will not last forever, the sun will shine and the wood thrush will sing again =-)

i'm joining in the self-portrait challenge here and showing my own "dark side"(with some playfulness!):

i hope the link works!


I'm going to be brave and document my face as I go through what is going to be a very stressful time in my life. It will help me look, really look, and I think stimulate my ability to reach deep to create meaningful art. As I am newish and a novice on this creative path, I want to stretch deeper and not be afraid to be real. Thanks Nina.


I so admire your brave self Nina. Even when you are tired and frazzled you are still obviously comes from inside where true beauty is born.

Lately, in fact just this past few Winter months, I have not enjoyed the mirror, perhaps that's why I accidently dropped one on the bathroom tile floor today and it smashed to bits. I really am looking older these days......because chronologically I am! My always thick hair is thinning, my eyes are no longer bright, little thingys pop up and make one realize it's time to call the dermatologist, and the wrinkles.....I won't even go there!

So my dear, no self portrait today.....perhaps when Spring arrives and the light is different I'll surprise you some Friday!! Be kind to yourself dear Nina.
Hugs - Mary


Hi Nina thanks for this opportunity to join you with this. Here is my self portrait for today

Michele R. Unger

I decided to play, too. Here's my link:


I'm also ready for spring and some changes. I was wondering the bookstore the other day and came across a beautifully photographed book on trees expressing emotions. It's called "PersonaliTrees". The pictures are accompanied by a perfectly matched inspirational quotation. It really cheered me up and now sits on my coffee table.


I need to learn to love the skin I'm in. I so hate having my photo taken. If you look at all my family photos I'm not in them. It's those childhood insecurities rearing their ugly head. But as I read your words and remember our discussions in person before I realize I'm denying my family a record of my existence. So, next Friday it's photo therapy time for me. Next week I'll join in. I promise.

Kelly Jeanette

Yes, I need Spring, too. The little birds are back on my porch, the seagulls on the lake, a woodpecker in the trees in the cemetary across the road, a squirrel in the tree outside my kitchen window, and best of all, daffadils springing up all over the place. So happy.

jennifer cabezas

I always love your pictures, Nina. Very soulful, mysterious, reflecting, transcending....

I had to join in as well. Usually I'm quiet so maybe this will give me a boost to do something, er anything, more consistently! Late, but joining nonetheless. Thanks, Nina :)


Feeling overwhelmed surely isn't fun. It will end soon and you can get back on a slower schedule.

We humans have such a variety of feelings within ourselves. The older I get the more comfortable I get with all those feelings. It's OK to feel blue, it's OK to cry, it's OK to feel overwhelmed. Just remember things always are changing in life. Nothing stays the same for long. It's like a roller coaster ride with the highs and lows. You can hold on tight and close your eyes or you can put your arms up into the air and ride the ups and downs with all you've got! Ride it baby!!


Spring is round the corner.....drifts of snowdrops and crocuses are appearing in the UK, and daffodils are poking their heads out. We even sat out and had a cuppa teaat a quaint little tea-shoppe whilst we were out walking - always a red letter day for me as I can keep my MarthaDog with me whilst I do so. And yesterday people were rowing on the river in the little town with a medieval castle a few miles from us.

Courage dear heart. Winter is nearly over. And your jewels are gorgeous - I am so envious of anyone lucky enough to get to wear one.

Sara xxx

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