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Tina in McLeansville

what a face that walter can it not be love?! no wonder you love your have woven beauty and courage and contentment into it just as you have woven the gemstones into the crocheting....and as for the crocheting...i must admit i am envious. mom taught me how to crochet, but...i could do a chain stitch that would go around the world, i just can't remember how to turn around and come back!!!! ;) hugs...xx


Another lovely post, another lovely necklace, a perfect life! Maybe it's good that you didn't come to Wisconsin this summer...
I haven't crocheted in years and years.


Such a beautiful post. Your crocheted necklace is absolutely stunning. It reminds me of cool river water - the perfect thing to wear on a hot day.
I'm happy that you survived that locket madness - and I'm anxiously checking our mailbox each afternoon, awaiting my own little "Nina" treasure. I can't wait to wear it!
Enjoy these peaceful days, dear Nina. You deserve some quiet time - and Walter looks pretty content, too. Isn't it just so perfect when we love our life?

Tina Gilmore

Oh Nina, i love this post (i love all your posts), you make me feel relaxed and happy. There is something so special about loving your life, i've felt like that for about two years now. Sir Walter is such a handsome puppy and it seems like only yesterday that i read about you bringing him home. I'm glad you enjoy him so much. Animals give so much, I've been in tears a lot this evening as i lost my gorgeous little labrador a few weeks ago from cancer, the grief overwhelms me on occasions, like this evening but your lovely post and photos calmed me...thank you. I come away with something every time i read here. You're a very special person. xxx

Jeanne Rhea

I just checked your blog after your comment on mine. I did not know you were in North Carolina! If you are ever in the Raleigh area, please contact me. We have a Mixed Media Art Guild and I'm sure many would love to meet you. I'm sure most have heard of you!

Very nice blog. I really enjoyed reading it.

kathy vk

Hey you - happy Walter anniversary! Oh and that sky ... don't get to see many sunsets here at my house in the trees.
Recovering from Dallas, throat is worn out from talking so much. We must plan a rendezvous before you head south. Suggestions? xoxo


Darling girl, your observations and gratitudes fill my heart, blossom in my soul. Thank you~ and best wishes on an amazing trip!


Feel like fixing a necklace for me?? I have a lovely chrocheted necklace, with gems, that has a huge KNOT. For the life of me, I can't get it out. I suppose I could try it myself... I can crochet the simplest of stitches. What thread should I use?

I love the newest creation. Sorry I missed out on the lockets... Glad you are happy! Kiss Walter's nose for me- that's where I kiss my sweet doggie. xoxox


when i was a little girl,my paternal grandmother taught me some basic crochet stitches. one of the few family heirlooms i own is a gorgeous bedspread that that same grandmother made. i love,your necklace!


I am a newbie, and I am hooked! It will take me awhile but I'll go back through the archives and catch up. I am just thrilled to find you. I think I found you on Carole's site Maynard Greenhouse.

How did I miss you before now? You can be sure I won't miss another since I've added you to my updated blog roll.

Sounds silly, but thank you for being there.? I'm going to enjoy my visits.


Teresa aka Tess

Your crocheted necklace was so beautiful in your wonderful hand. The night sky photo was awesoe too. And Walter, dear sweet walter. You two have an anniversarycoming up soon. Do wear party hats and celebrate his arrival. You know you want too.....


Love that Hound's nose!
You have inspired me to get some silk and dig out my tiny crochet hook, thread some beads onto the silk and quietly sit...

You are enjoying the heat of summer, while I relish our cold mornings and chilly days.


lying in bed smiling at your is one lucky pup to have stumbled into your arms just a year ago...i can't imagine life on firefly road without him right ready for his next adventure. x

Lori B

Wow what a wonderful life/attitude toward life and the universe you have.. it gives back to you. I love your little(?) Walter - I have always wanted a dog. And the sunsets are just breathtaking! As for the heat here in Chapel Hill it was near 100...
Lori B.


... and so you should. It sounds and looks wonderful. All of it.
Big hugs. xoxox


That does sound like a wonderful life and I know that Walter adds joy to it. You have such a wonderful outlook and are such an inspiration.
love and blessings



That your life sounds perfect to me! I think I have those exact sheets are they Shabby Chic?



As always, dear Nina, your words and images are a soothing balm to my soul. Lovely, lovely, lovely necklace.
That book sounds like a wonderfully inspiring read. I just love a good book.
Isn't it so comforting to be reminded of the ones we love as we go through our daily tasks? Whenever I knit or crochet, my heart is warmed with thoughts of my Mom who I have shared many "yarn-y" moments with. And now I look forward to teaching my granddaughter someday.
Enjoy these lazy, hazy summer days in your beautiful life, dear friend.

Liz L.

Best dog photo EVER!


I'm so glad you are having a happy June, live every day to the fullest!


One of life's simple pleasures for me is viewing photos of beloved pets gazing out a window. You can see one of mine here: .
Btw, I love your acorn and acorn cap casts!!!

jan in ohio, relocating soon to texas


what an inspiring post...loving life and it's presents is what it's about....

sara richards

what a lovely posting Nina. Your lovely locket arrived here in the UK this morning as well so now I finally have something in my hands touched by yours.
Happy first anniversary to you and Walter. Enjoy your pup - my little dog is quite sensible these days, until we go chasing through woods, and I miss the old madness although I love the new quiet companion I have, who thinks she is a cat and sits on my lap as I read. Or try to read round her!
I love this time of year so much, the long long days when there is still sunshine outside although it is gone nine in the evening, the gardens full of blooms, bees in the flowers, and birdsong all day long. It is so brief and so very precious.
Thanks for everything.
Sara xox

penny willoughby

It makes me happy to hear you say, I love my life... Thanks for sharing the good, and all the other stuff that makes life our most precious gift. Love, Penny


This post just gave me the most gratifying feeling of serenity. Thank you.


I love this "goodness, how i love my life. xo"
I love, love, love when we love our life. The one we have to live, the one we have to love and sink deep into. Great post!

Maria C. Little

Your post helps. I have been so tortured with today's news - so much sadness for so many. I struggle and struggle to allow myself to be happy admidst the misery.

Janet McDonald

Such sweet words! You are Blessed!!

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