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Tina in McLeansville

"close your eyes and picture the leaves and flowers lacing the edges of a winding path that leads you through the shaded woods, next to the river; imagine the sounds as you stop to take a closer look..." and then i'm asleep, dreaming of the breeze through the window or the fire in the fireplace, listening to the night sounds around me.....peaceful bliss! ahhhh. ;) hugs...xo


Summer solstice - and I think of you, with stars in your hair and fireflies in your footprints - and I dream...

sandra beautiful the world would be when our inner light meets with the planet...thank you for this message today. I'm on my way in the light.


Hey Nina, what beautiful words, thank you for sharing it all. That last photo of your much loved mountains really did it for me, I would never get tired of seeing that view....
keep enjoying it all, your sweet, enchanted life.


Thank you!


This is beauty, and it lights up my heart. thank you.


Without a doubt, Nina, you are full of light yourself and it is wondrous to watch you glow.


You are truly a light, I feel renewed by reading your words.



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