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i have been wondering how you are Nina, but i was pretty sure what you where doing *smiles*.
your new jewelry pieces looks absolutely enchanting!!

Diana B

Hey, I can sure tell the difference between the 'before' and 'after' photo -- that's about as much impact as cleaning my studio has! And I'm so glad you're staying longer in Ecuador -- you will not regret it, believe me. Just remember that "cloud forest" = wet, so take your cute Wellies or whatever you like to wear in the rain and still keep dry.

And Delila's right -- everything just looks enchanting, Nina. You rock, girl!

Lorraine garcia

WOW !! I am soooo happy for you Nina! You will have a
fantastic time.

Tina in McLeansville

as you were describing all the charms going hither and yon, all to their appointed new homes, what came to mind but the part in "charlotte's web" where all the little spider babies hatch and fly off to their own lives! haven't a clue where THAT came from, but oh well. what beautiful things are here...all together, they are beautiful and each single one, as well..job well done, dearie! hugs...x

Lindy McClellan

So beautiful. I will eagerly await mine! I love the photo of them all together. All these beautiful words of inspiration and healing. I love knowing that by having these pieces we are not only connected to you and the journey you are about to take with Roy, but also in some way we who are receiving these gifts are in some way connected with each other. Maybe someday in our travels some of us will meet and talk about the very fabulous Nina and all the beauty she puts out into the world.


And so the magic that you create goes out into the world - all corners of the world, where, no doubt, it will give rise to more magic. And somehow, we will all be connected.


Think of the treasures you will bring back!!! Memories of all those butterflies, lizards, snakes!! Look out for the bushwackers and fleur de lance!!!! They are agressive and deadly!!!! Coral snakes are too, but they are slown and lovely!!!!

Denise Smart

I am excited to receive my little charm but even more excited you have this huge task behind you sweet one.

I hope Roy knows what an incredible Mom he has in you my dear friend Nina. Have a wonderful time on your journey :o)


Don't be sad to think of them seperate and sent off to here and yon...think of the connection that it gives to each and every one of us that will loveingly and happily wear your creations... it's like a map really, and it all links back to you
with love...

Mary G.

I've been watching your blog, knowing that you were immersed in production work and wondering when you would surface to announce your task was completed. As someone who will be receiving one of these lockets, I am thrilled by the pictures of them all together and by the thoughts of all of us connected by the lockets to each other and to you and your journey to Ecuador. Isn't it wonderful what you can do???


This has been such a good way to gather your friends and together create something that will create even more memories to last a lifetime. The charms are beautiful and I love the fabric necklaces you put them on. I can hardly wait to see mine in person. Another piece of yours to add to my collection.
There's nothing like having a wondeful goal to get the work done! With me it's sometimes a carrot hanging in front of this old mule.

Lorri Scott

All I can say is sweet. :) everything pictured, everything said, sweet.


Donn   ~ Chickadee ~

With the receipt of our charms we will now all be joined in a web of love, spirit, and adventure. Reciprocity is such a magical thing! Nina, we all helped you achieve your goal of a visit to Roy and Ecuador, and now you have helped us feel connected to you and each other. Perfect!

The postal delivery card came in my country mailbox this afternoon!!!! My charm is waiting in town!!!! I will lovingly wear it tomorrow and think of you, Nina. Thank you!

((Hugs)) ~ Donn ~ Chickadee ~

mary lawrence

I actually caught myself saying outloud "oh goody, goody, goody" when I saw you had a new post up! It was hard being patient waiting for a new blog post while you were working away on all those amazing charms but now I can look forward to pictures of your newest creations!.....and receiving my charms in the mail!!!

Rebecca Anderson

You create such beauty Nina! I love your work. You use such magical colours, I want to reach out and touch your work - the combination of beads, metal and ribbon is such a wonderfully tactile. So glad I discovered your blog space, it makes me feel at peace whenever I come here.



Oh, i can hardly wait to receive my beautiful charm from you!!

And soooo glad you get a longer stay in Ecuador!


I am SO looking forward to receiving my goodie in the mail. I am fortunate to have taken your A Taste of Memory cookbook journal class back in '05, but having this seems more special, as there is so much meaning in the idea behind their creation and then ... then! ... the actual loving handwork that ensued.
Yes, as another commenter wrote, this is a roadmap that links us all together. I am glad you named your blog ORNAMENTAL, because now I see how incredibly apt and perfect that is!

adrienne berry

Leap I see you there among the others and I can't wait to meet you and tie you around my neck! Thank you Nina!!!

Cindy Ericsson

True arrived safely in today's mail, and I've been wearing it ever since. What a lovely boost to my spirits, just when I really need that!


~thank you sweet friend....~

Linda Blackwood

Once again, a big thank you to you for taking on such a huge order. I am so excited that I was able to be in on this. Hugs...............


I love your "studio" it is so bright and the fairy lights and you window with a view! Man I blinked here in blog land and missed your orders for the charms...but I am so happy that you got such a great response and were able to fulfill your wish for your trip with your son. Like I tell my boys...have fun, and if you can't be good, be careful :D Fondly, Roberta


I think I know a tiny fraction of what you feel Nina, since I am already bracing myself to let all but one charm go at Christmas. Maybe I will keep them together and wear them each day until then.... a bit like the brief time I held my brave, independent, confident, loving children before they too flew. "Cloud forest" How extrordinary. Both the words and the journey. Thank you friend, for your open heart and your willingness to share.


It doesn't get any better then you. All you say & do. I will cherish my pendant forever. I may never take it off! Knowing all this love has connected all of us somehow & will bring you to your son.. well it doesn't get an better then that too!! Thank You Nina xoxo laura

Lori B

Oh Grace is on you! Thought often of the little charms you are creating for everyone's pleasure over the past few days. Can not wait to receive mine and can not wait for you to have the best trip ever. Love goes around and around -- hope your children learn that from their special special mom. You have made me think often and become more true to myself -- you are honest and real -- I will think of you when I see "grace".
Love to you!
Lori B.

Carol S

dear Nina
the charms and the story is even more precious because of the way in which you tell it. and.
how exciting that little bits of your work are being distributed to so many different parts of this vast planet of ours.
one dream will become many dreams fulfilled as we all receive our own little portion of your dream. and your journey.
thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of it.



wow Nina so happy to hear you have extended your holiday with your son and so glad to be a small part of your exciting journey.


Yes, dear heart, I can see the difference on your work table. In the second shot, you can see the mat in the middle ;))). That;s how I know that I've cleared my space...there is more than 8" there in which to work! HA! Love how your space looks, BTW.

I had imagined you working feverishly to get the charms done. Havng done production work in the past, I knew what was going on.
So...I'm glad that with help, you were able to go through, and now it's done. Except...that it's not done...the vibe of your love/labor will linger on the pieces that we get to wear. Thank you for offering us an opportunity to help you get to Ecuador AND have a sweet piece to wear, all at the same time. I can hardly wait for mine.
Hugs to you,


Charms spilling from your hand, that could have been your self portrait- it's all there:the enchantment of art, connection, power of a mother's love,beauty and blessings. Congratulations! xoxo Sharron

Chris Kalina

My beautiful charm necklace arrived in the mail this morning! I adore it! Thank you so much!!!


Oh, Nina, they are lovely indeed. I am so glad you saved one for yourself, and it is so exciting to learn of your extended trip! I cannot possibly tell you how much it means to me to be part of it in some small way.

Janet McDonald

Oh what lovliness is your Studio! Living in the hollar in the country and a stream that sings to you and the stars and pink clouds you are so Blessed!

Lori Anderson

What a gorgeous workspace!


I'm so excited! can't wait for my lucky charm.

We don't just buy "jewelry" we share in another's value. That's what "jewelry" or ornaments mean to me...

Thank you Nina for letting your light shine...


Nina- I am so happy for you! You're hard work is bringing tangible rewards- FOUR whole extra days!! I love the work you do, and hope we meet one of these days. HUGS- Lee

Judy Merrill-Smith

Nina, I have to say, once again, thank you. My "leap" charm has been on my nightstand, in my pocket, on my little altar-of-sorts. It is inspiration at a glance. You are amazing. Thanks for your being an inspiration, too!

Juliette Crane

your work is so beautiful! i just love how it seems each piece has a little hidden message or piece of beauty somewhere on it that you need to be looking closely to find. thank you so much for sharing your work. and i am absolutely delighted to see your hands in these photos. they really compliment your work.

best wishes to you!

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