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Diana B

Oh, I do love those old Mason jars! They are so hard to find in urban Los Angeles and when I do, the prices are scary. You are so lucky to live where you do, even if the computer connections are wonky. And I still feel lucky to live here. In short, every place has its advantages and disadvantages -- 'tis life. But you know that...

Tina in McLeansville

it is all so beautiful right now, isn't it, if we just open our eyes, ourselves, and's right there....the gifts we are given within and without...the treasures we just simply must smile and shake your head sometimes, yes? i am so excited to pretend to be peeking out of your pocket on this amazing journey of yours! and none of it would've happened without the circle you have cultivated here...without one thing leading to another, leading to this...truly amazing, isn't it?! :) hugs..xo


Love the Mason jars. The jars that were used for preserves here are different - but also beautiful and I have a collection of them.
So excited to be a tiny part of your adventure. And I guess it is true then - the universe does answer requests - yours and mine - in the most wondrous of ways.


Those are BEAUTS!!!! And you sure do look tired Miss Nina!!! Sending you love!!!!

ps.... 3 weeks is way too long to wait!!!!

Janet McDonald

Awww lovely lovely post! A shame to have internet so bad like that...Im sure you want to really scream alot but just soldier on! huggs oxo

peggy mcdevitt

Love those mason jars. You do like tired but happy this morning. I just opened my "grace" and I am so happy. I'm irish and my sick ribbon is bright silk green, oh my how I love it and its perfect. I have always wanted to own something you made with your heart and soul and now I do. It's so nice to be a part of a trip, you so deserve it. Have a happy happy day. Love ya Peggy


I am sorry for your slow internet connection, it's so annoying, isn't it? If it is any comfort to you, let me say that your connection through your images, words and turns of phrase comes strong as ever.

Thanks for the moon enshrouded in pink. I caught the same moon later on, sparkling in the dark night.


I received my charm today and how can I not say thank you, thank you? It is gorgeous and I will wear it lovingly as I continue down my path. I'm happy it has helped you in some small way in your own journey. That is what it is all about anyway, right?

Super awesome picture of the moon. It reminds me of cotton candy...


I love old canning jars, and those Atlas jars are quite collectible in these parts. And not cheaply found anymore either. I have a few that I covet.

To have a found a whole case of them is a treasure!

Tired maybe, but you also look happy Nina.


Next time I shout at my laptop for being slow, I shall take a deep beath and think of Nina. Think of you tapping away by the light of a candy floss moon...


~slow is a good thing in Paradise~


Oh, a pink shrouded moon. i have seen this once before when i was about ten. i was visiting relatives in the upper peninsula of michigan . right afterwards, when it got dark, the northern lights were out. two incredable sights in one night.i sat on the front porch of the cabin, forgotten by the adults, for a very long time. i didn't call them to see. i wanted it all to myself.Thank you for sharing and conjuring up lovely memories.


I have had intermittent problems for months with my broadband connection too - SO very frustrating. And why did it seem to only happen when I had important stuff to send to clients?? So I can share your frustration Nina. Hubby has now re-wired my office phone-line and all has been well recently, so fingers crossed.
I have been on holiday (Italy - you MUST visit Venice Nina!) so missed the excitement and success of your lovely word charms, I'm so excited to read about your trip, I know you'll have a fabulous time.


oh you lucky girl! those jars are the best!
i missed out on all the fun here last week - but sooo happy for you and your upcoming trip!

many blessings

Anna R

For someone who has computer connection problems, your photos are spectacular,always have been.
What a great find - love those jars.

Michelle Brown

Fantastic moon and pink colours photo. Love the charm.


It's fixed! Whatever the issue was, it exists no more and I can see your post b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l-l-y. Yea! Estrella Nina, in this 'self-portrait' you should be right next to that moon. ;0


Hi Nina,
I've never commented before, but I love your blog! Wish I'd gotten one of the lovelies and been able to help you with your dream, but alas, I was tardy... maybe another time.

About the connection ~ if you're paying for broadband, you deserve broadband my dear!! Make them come to fix it! In the mean time, my personal computer guru advises to me that laptops work faster when plugged in to electricity (I know, inside) and even faster if not wireless (yes, again). So if you're desperate for speed in loading (until you make THEM come to fix your issue) maybe try those two things?

Only simply sending out a solution maybe.... for a new friend.


those jars bring back memories for me of my grandmother's canning...beautiful...


Oh those beautiful old jars could hold so many treasures!I can understand your frustration with the slow connection since I had dial up for years and nearly went round the twist. Hope there is a way to solve it.

Diana Smith

The beautiful charm you made just for me came today! So lovely! So enchanting! So special! I'm sure they didn't seem so special when you were making so many of them, but you have truly made so many of us happy. Thank you so very much!


Amidst our high speed world, we must still enjoy the little joys in life. Thanks for sharing yours.


Beautiful Jars.
I lost my connection and then it slowed down, I sympathize.. now it's like 1/10 of what it's supposed to be but I'm happy.
We used to have satellite, picture a 50 year old woman on a snowy roof looking at azmuth degrees.....they have to be right or I could shoot down some satellite the US government sort of needed they told me?


Sometimes, when defeated, you are the first place I come when I'm searching for something good. As usual, I have found something of what I require. Thank you as always, and I do believe I was in Italy on limited internet connection when your travel story unfolded. Trying to catch up but have missed the boat entirely I think. Anyway, I am happy and delighted for you. To good people, good things come.

Colette Copeland

Oh! the frustration of dial-up, I know it well. More power to you that you pulled back and looked up to the sky... You live in beautiful surroundings, both outside and inside your home, that I was reminded of the saying:"there's a serpent in every paradise".


Denise Morrison

I have been on a looong internet break and have not checked in here for some time. What a wonderful surprise to read about your journey coming up and the leap of faith-the creative power you used to make it reality. I feel a surge of hope, of emotion when I think of it. all shall be well-and perhaps I can make some of my dream trips a reality to. thanks Nina-for sharing your beautiful, messy, perfectly flawed life with us!


you look so happy Nina, cuddling your mason jars! *smiles*
and the moon with the veil of pink cloud is such a beautiful moment to see.



Just wanted to send you thanks for the sweet "nest" charm necklace. It's hanging by the mirror on the dresser desk that serves as my tiny art space--because you are such an inspiration to me.


Beautiful jars! What a great find. I am missing the flea market this Father's Day, but then I suppose he deserves it :-) Please send your wonderful Dad greetings on this day. (sorry about your bad internet connection :-(


Just got home from a wonderful 48 hour trip to RI and Mass. to celebrate my nephews doctoral completion at a totally suprise party, and waiting for me on return were my charms! Perfect ending to a wonderful weekend. Thank you friend!!!!!!!!!!!


Beautiful jars, beautiful moon, beautiful you. I second what Judy said. Get your ISP or whoever your connection is through on the phone and have them trace your slow down. Judy is also right about plugging in your laptop to electricity and plugging in and using a wired connection rather than wifi. Wired, as in dsl or cable through a data cable (ethernet). AOL may also have something to do with your slow down. The more users there are sharing the bandwidth the slower things get.

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