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Tina in McLeansville

i have done this twice, this watching of the birds fly the nest....wasn't it just yesterday?! one would think it would get easier! i asked the angels to fly with them each time...and here i am now, waiting to be a grandmom for the second time, watching my "little girl" be a mom and a teacher and a wife...and do all of it well...watching my "little boy" in his turnout gear drive the fire truck, come home with his new jeep he so very proudly handled the purchase, insurance, etc with on his own...and a fine job he did! and i wonder how it is possible to be so happy for them and still feel that pinch inside while i stand on the porch and watch to see that last little bit of them as they leave each time. we mothers are a strong lot! "there is no such thing as too much"...truer words were never written! and when they come home...they come to mom. so do your boys...because home is where mom is. always. hugs to you...xoxo
and thanks for the warning to get a came in very handy! ;)


to be a mom is wonderful and to be a mom is difficult.
we celebrated nick's 17th birthday yesterday and while i was so proud to have reached this point,i was also so sad to be there.


Awwww how sweet. Such bittersweet feelings to let them so yet such proud moments take over with the realization that they've become wonderful adults. (Can you tell I've done it, too?)



my boy is only 12, but I still stand at the window an watch for the last little glimpse of him as he rides off every day to school...

and as I try to raise a respectful, honorable, well-read gentleman, so it's good to hear you succeeded.
I'm sure wonderous adventures await him out West!!

Erin Gergen Halls

my oldest, my only son, turns 16 in just 2 weeks. it is with the full, mixed bag of emotions that i watch him "become".

due to upheaval in my youth, time spent living with grandparents,etc.
this boy, to whom i was a single mother for 9 years, has lived with me longer than anyone. he knows me better than anyone.
he is the only other person to have been at the births of all my babies,
he has seen me through all of the struggles of my adult life.
he has been the rock that held me together, and the rock that has beaten my heart out of shape.

this boy/young man, has never said "no" to me. he still prefers my company to nearly anyone elses (most of the time), and shares his affection with me often, and daily.

and yet...he is "becoming".
we struggle all the time with the things moms and teens struggle with.
he is preparing to leave me.
i am excited for him...and sad for me.
it hurts.
someone very dear to me told me recently that it makes sense his pulling away would be especially painful. we have always been especially close! she told me that perhaps this breaking away has to be more intense because what links us is so powerful.

i look forward to having an adult relationship with him, and i am careful not to burden his already overwhelmed hormone laden brain with MY issues about him and our relationship.

i love my boy, my Ethan, and when the day comes for him to really break away, to move far far away...i hope he knows just how much.

Linda Blackwood

What a wonderful son, and how exrta wonderful that you have such beautiful relationships with both your boys.


His smile is beautiful - but much more beautiful is the love in his eyes looking at you. xoxo


Girl...just as I had gotten a bit of a grip on the fact that my baby is going into jr high after summer and my oldest has man hair on his legs you go and write THIS. I am BAWLING. Oh my gosh...I am having such terrible mom pangs these past two days as the school year ends and my boys hit yet another milestone. Being a mom is so wonderful and so hard and so heart is with you a hundred fold as you watch your baby fly yet again. xoxox


like the bird leaving the nest. time flies...

thank you for sharing....



Great both look happy.

I finally got round to a self portrait today......will do another with my new hair cut later!

Nicki x


And as easy as it sometimes looks for the child to move on.... I know his heart is heavy as well. Take it from a kid who took off at 17.... xoxo to Miss Nina!!!!
Now get those bags packing!!! You have another place to visit when you get back from Ecuador!!!




you did good!


I don't have children.....but if I did....I wish the relationship I had with them....would be like the one the one that you have with your beautiful boys...

You are truly blessed, and so are they

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo

What a beautiful post . . . .


Hey Nina, I'm not sure which part of Colorado Robin will be landing, it is all so beautiful. We were in a spot at the foot of Pike's Peak, Manitou Springs, for more than thirty years, hope to get back out there...I know when you get to visit your boy you will love it, too.
He looks so much like you, I know they are both so special in your heart.

stacey dean

OMG! with this song... you're killin' me! This is one of my mom and grandma's favorites! Can't listen to it without crying my head off! Ugh!!!

mary jane dodd

amazing, isn't it? how one can feel a love so all encompassing and deep... how you can want wonderful things for them while your own heart breaks? what a wonderful post - i am sure it means the world to him...


It is a hard hard thing and it doesn't matter how old they are. Wrenching! EGBOK!, as an announcer here in L.A. used to say...Everything is Gonna Be OK! Just hard. Next week, my Hawaii daughter and my New York daughter arrive to join the L.A. daughter. First time I have had all three together for 2 years; first time I have seen Hawaii daughter for 2 years! We survive, but it still hurts. Love to you, Nina.


My son will be 39 this year, good grief, makes me sound so old, but I had him when I was only 19, so not that old really. My grandson is 8 and they are both called Jamie. What a pair they are, always together. Unfortunately his mother is not always there for him. Prescription meds get in the way most days, but he has his dad and they love each other very much. I am waiting for them to give me the dates for their summer hols here in AZ. We cannot wait his father and I, the empty swimming pool will soon be getting almost 24/7 attention lol and fat old Lucy will be walked off her paws.
Your boy has a lot of your features, one can tell he is your son. Handsome boy, but then all mums think like that don't they.
Enjoy the time together while you have it.


What a wonderful photo of you and your son! I agree with a previous comment that you can see his love for you in his eyes.

Cindy Ericsson

Y'all are beautiful!

Teri Mahl

Did Robin find a roommate? My nephew lives in Colorado Springs and is attending school there. Maybe they need a roommate. Let me know if you want a number.

Teresa aka Tess

What a handsome your man. Hang in there sweet Nina. You will handle this well as you do all things. He will be there for you to pass through and visit on your many journeys. He will be just a phone call away. Great song...


He has kind, sparkling eyes....


tears in my eyes...i feel your heart and your motherly love from here - it is tangible, real, and it radiates. and although my little ones are still little i feel this pull just the same. lovely nina. xx s


You have brought tears to my eyes. I do not look forward to seeing my sweet birds flying away. I know they must and so I will trust. Until then, I will enjoy every moment with them!
warm regards

julie whitmore

He is wonderful.
so are you.
by the way, those necklaces are too.


OK, I've weeped enough for one week. Seriously. Why must they come and go? And then go again? My own just dropped in for the night on the way to a wedding. Made him sliders at 10:00 p.m. and then fell asleep on the couch cause I couldn't bear to go to bed until he did. (Of course he went out with his friends in an hour!) Hug him hard. Memorize his face. Let him fly.

Catherine Witherell

He looks amazing and he is perfect and prepared. I think the love of their mom gives them inner strength. Good job!


Awwwwwwwww. Peace be with you and with Robin!


Awww...lovely photo of the two of you! Print that one and frame it oh yeah...what happened to his blonde curls...don't you just love toddlerphotos with their cubby little arms and calves :D Use to love to nibble on my boys and tickle them with their infectious I need a tissue! Have a blessed week Nina! I'll be thinking of you and your boys with a warm heart, fondly, Roberta

kathy vk

Ohhh, he's grown up to be such a good young man - Well done to you both. Love the matching chins!

Tomorrow heading south into the Texas furnace ... oof!
Must rendezvous on the other side.


Aah, Nina the young man steps forward into the world and our heart melts and breaks...there is the pang in our nose and our throats. Already we gear ourselves to release him as our fingers long to hold on...for= one =moment= the fabric of his sleeve.

And ."...all I ask of you is forever to remember me as loving you, All i
ask of you is to remember me as loving you.."(poem by Gregory Norbert), is what we say to the empty air...

Breathe...and I breathe with you,


....sometimes I wonder if boys have a better chance of being sensitive if just their moms are raising them......generally they model themselves after the same sex parent, and if their dad is not a good role model, it is a disadvantage......I have taken notice of many fine young men that have been raised by just their moms......makes ya wonder........I am so happy for you for the closeness you share with your sons, and hope it will always be.........


Just look at that picture and you know you dont have anything to worry about. He looks like a clear and confident man. You are fortunate hes headed to Colorado. What a gorgeous place for you to walk and photograph. I know you are in beautiful place already, but you will love it there.


Oh! You have me in tears! My baby graduated from high school yesterday and your blog put words to my feelings....
But isn't it grand to see then open their wings and soar too?
My heart is with you



I have done this twice as both my babies have left both home and the UK. When they come home, its a joy but bittersweet as I begin to mourn their going almost as soon as they have arrived! The strange thing about being a mother is that you look at the adult and see all the ages of the child to the baby in the adult face - like looking down an avenue of reflecting images. My son towers over me but I still put my hand out to protect him as we cross the road and he laughs at me! Being a mother never ends. I never understood that until recently. My DD is 30 and my DS is 25 and I love them both dearly. I only hope they know it.
Thank you for this lovely emotional and heartfelt post Nina. Now I am going to weep all over Martha Dog!! :)


anyone who reads this needs to go to you-tube and search for Dar Williams. Her song "the one who'll know" is our anthem, even if you have never heard it. Do yourselves a favor and listen or read the lyrics. It is us, friends, it is us.


Nina, what a wonderful post about your love for your boys. I was very touched reading this. How lucky he is that you are willing to share these feelings with him ... and all of us.
My heart feels good :)

Lynette Killam

Oh, Nina...that was a beautiful outpouring of love! I also have two adult sons that I feel the same way about...they are indeed our greatest treasures, aren't they? I'm fairly new to blogging, and it is posts like this that drew me to start, and that give me something to aspire to. Thanks for a fuzzy, bright spot in my day!

Janet McDonald

Oh Nina and we miss them so! And then sometimes love hurts bc of it! They are out hearts our cusions!

Michelle Dobell

Hi Nina, a beautiful boy grew into a beautiful young man. I read your post and it reminded me to remember the son I also worked beside and cooked for and talked too for hours on end. I lost this son 6 months ago but those memories are mine forever even if his physical presence is not right now...its too easy to get caught up in the grieving and then you forget the precious times...Ive loved the reminder I found here and I wish your son well on his new adventure..but I can tell you that every adventure will end with the coming home to Mumma to tell her all about it, just as I see the adventure Ben is on now..we will meet again and talk about it...smiles Michelle

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