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Ahhhh, just lovely.

Tina in McLeansville

i love the quiet.'s when i can hear myself. what lovelies you have here! hugs...xo

Mary G.

Really lovely photos of beautiful work. So sorry about the lost post . . . but these are just fabulous.


So beautiful, these new necklaces.
Doesn't the computer drive you mad - I've no patience for it. Thank you for posting anyway, Nina - despite your frustration.

xo dusan

Carol Weiler

So beautiful. A good reminder to slow down and breathe-the only thing we have to do.

kathy dorfer

today it actually seems like winter here.
overcast and cold . i love the winter necklaces.


breathing is such a good thing...
computers and internet are magical and strange, it can be like riding a mechanical unicorn at times, but oh can it take you places undreamed of...
the necklace is so beautiful - around my neck and resting against my chest it would make me feel like a queen...
love all the way around your waiting,watching,listening,breathing february day

Renee Troy

Nina, all I can say is that you inspire me beyond any other artist. I am in depth with you! I want to be you when I grow up! Please...just don't stop ever what you create otherwise, I will look for you for eternity.
I'm still a baby in creating...


Just stumbled to your blog. What an amaizng artist and person you are!! I enjoyed flipping through your archives!


untechnological - great word and very much how I perceive you.
These pieces are beautiful, simple and calming...

Erin Perry

My word of the year for 2011 was breathe and I know I'm much more aware of taking things slowly and thinking before acting. My lovely "breathe" necklace from you has really helped me to remember to do that!
Erin in Morro Bay


I love that your creations reflect the quiet of a winter afternoon. They are just wonderful.


delicate and pure like winter...<3

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