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This is such a joyful post, Nina. It sounds as if you are having some very comforting and peaceful late winter days.
You have made me smile today. Thank you.

xo dusan


thank you - it is nice to hear the rustle of the pages, the clink of cinnamon bird cups on the table and knowing you bent to pick up the weathered wood. these little things you share make it easier to see the wonder in my everyday life too and be ever grateful.

Wendy York

thank you for this post. It is in the simple things that we truly are renewed.


What a fabulous, positive post! I hope to be inspired by it and drag myself out of the 'winter-blues'. I have been far too grumpy lately!


Visit with one's parents on a bright sunny day; photograph a cardinal alight on a bush branch just outside the dining room window; buy a ruffled round green table cloth at the nearby thrift store; play tug with the Boz in the backyard; rework a bracelet that wasn't quite right-not sure it still is(!); read a bit more from Robinson Cruso. Simple joys.
vickie in kc


Beautiful words,photographs. The photo of the daffodils- sublime!
Thank you for this beauty.

Tina in McLeansville

quiet joy with a smattering of strength and determination and a sprinkle of contentment....this is one I will read again and again....beautiful. hugs to you...xo


the seed is about to pop through the soil in a new green form...mmm can feel spring around the corner. this post inspires hope and new ideas.


such beauty...thank you.


Ah, writing real letters to friends and family is such a pleasant experience, isn't it? I go to the local cafe, paper and envelopes tucked into my bag, a favourite pen and some cash for tea. And to get letters in return. Seeing that blue airnail envelope in my post box, bliss.

Thankyou for this post Nina, it has reminded me to buy more good writing paper. xo


that beaded cover is beyond gorgeous....and i think i heard it calling your name....xo


oh my oh my oh have no idea what you have done for my heart by posting this with a pic of your sweet journal. This is the most beautiful part of the ugly Internet - the heart strings that are woven and pulled across many miles and years between "friends" who have only met in real life once, but are sisters to the core.

You have somehow tapped into my brain and nudged me to work on my "saints" journal, the one that I pulled out of the pile and thought, my God, I love this - and how perfect for Lent. Will post pics on my blog by the weekend.

bTW - more synchronicity - Pam Garrison posted about your little journal awhile back and how it inspired her to do the same and she was picking hers up to work on again.

So many ripples from one pebble.

Molly Vollmer

Your postings put me in such a meditative mood.

Katherine Langford

Yum -- the tea sounded just right for the day. Cherish these epiphanies. The book is absolutely beautiful and will become a treasured repository for your best soul work yet. I am sending a star to grace your night and bird song at dawn. You made me feel so peaceful as I finish grading one Hamlet essay after another hoping to find one lovely gem in the bunch. That makes the task seem lighter. I think I will now make myself some camomile tea and trundle off. Cheers dear Nina - you make a real impression in so many peoples' acquisition of life's beauties. Thank you from my best soul's shout!


Yes, thank you. Your posts always inspire and give pause for thought.

Cathy Wegner

I love your pictures and your words. Your book is beautiful! Every time I read your blog, I want to sit down and create. Thank you!!


You sound like you are in such a good place right now.
Carry On!
And, one of things I loved the most about the book "The Paris Wife" was all the letter writing. Of course, this was the only way to communicate from afar during the 1910's, but still it still such a romantic notion....the waiting for a letter in the mail. I hope your sister appreciates hers from you. Enjoy your journaling time.


it is +2 celcius in here, although we should have about over -20. mayeb the spring will come here also and soon i can see the spring bulbs i planted, like bridal crown daffodils. you day looks so wonderful Nina! i do love that cup and pillow, so very pretty. it is such a miracle to see bright spring flowers!

Erin  Perry

The branch is wondrous - an arm of some dryad now adorned with your beautiful creations.
Erin in Morro Bay

Nelda Ream

I have been thinking a lot lately about your books, Nina. about the tactile quality of them, about the vintage treasures and the twisted wire you include in them, about the full and overflowing, wonderful juciness of them. I have been thinking of finishing the book I started in your class at ArtFest. I am so glad you are being drawn back to creating books again. It would be wonderful to see any book pages you want to share here.


Beautiful words, beautiful photographs.

Diana Giambrone



hey, that mug is pretty cool, what a find!! ;)


Be still my heart! Back to book making, book is good...xo

Mary G.

What a wonderful post! Yes, it is good to treat yourself well. I bought myself a bunch of tulips yesterday as a treat (not something I usually would do). The first page of your journal was so optimistic . . . here's wishing you a very good year in 2012.

san d

"This Shall Be The Year" journal looks exquisite! May your year and pages be filled with hope and much love. :)


Thank you for sharing this sweet moment with us, Nina. It was a really nice read at the end of a long day. Your journal looks so fantastic. It is wonderful that you are going to use it. Take care



beautiful...thank you..hugs Rm


My oh my! That journal is going to turn into quite some story... to be filled in at your leisure.

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