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Kathryn Dyche Dechairo

Happy Easter. :0)


Beautiful photos and posts, Nina - this one and the previous one (I'm just catching up). Welcome home. Your Uncle Bob's words are so true.
Happy Easter and Spring to you.

xo dusan


Happy Spring, dear Nina! xo, Karen

Lori Burek

Happy Spring to you also! Love your new work and colors! Hugs! Lori


Same to you :)


A joyful spring to you sweetheart!

Carol Weiler

Happy Spring also to you and your readers. Enjoy this beautiful time of new beginnings.

Tina in McLeansville

happy easter...happy spring....happy awakening to new beginnings and new possibilities! oh the joy of waking from a deep sleep! hugs...xoxo

Becca Valone

These photographs are beautiful. Thanks. And Happy Spring to you too, although I hear the NC mountains might get snow?


Happy Easter to you & So happy you're posting more.

Thanks Nina and the same to you and your family.

kathy dorfer

Happy Easter and Spring to you too.

Bonnie Moench

Happy Spring to you favourite time of the year. Everything is new a fresh, like new babies, and clear spring air. oh I love it !!! You once called me your autumn colored friend, who loves spring and I never forgot that....thank you for that memory.



Love the Easter bonnet! Happiness to you, always.


Beautiful photos...especially the one of the necklace...Happy Spring!! :)

Robyn Ayaz

Best of spring and easter to you, Nina, and I love your easter "bonnet".


An Easter breastplate beats an Easter bonnet any day.
Hope there are chocolate bunny ears to nibble in your holiday, much love!

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Happy easter to you too dear.. This is just brilliant stuff :)


WOW! I just found your blog with your lovely thoughts there for me to soak in and your beautiful jewelry which my eyes feasted on with joy... thank you so much!!! You truly inspire me to continue my journey with my creative side.

Pakistani Truck Art

These photographs are beautiful. Thanks. And Happy Spring to you too.



Thank you for the greetings. This greeting is wonderful. I love your bonnet. It's the best.


hi nina....
i didn't want to use your email to let you know that your email has been spammed or whatever they call it....i just got junk mail from your email address.....why do people have to be so mean ???


Hey sister. Beautiful photos and words as always. Thinking of you on fire fly road, poodling through long grass, long walks with the pup seeking out tumbled glass in ur stream and heart stones. x

rusted wings

loveliness...feel it, see life, hope, possibilities!!!
springtime blessings back at ya nina!


...and to you Nina.xo


I too got a 'spam' email from you, I think. My anti virus ware wouldn't let me open it.


Happy Easter! These photos are extraordinary and beautiful - as usual :)

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