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If this is how it looks with your alternative camera then I'm in for a real treat. How wonderful it is to have a customized ornament. They must be in 7th heaven...Thanks for the quick post. Made my day.


your ornaments just take my breath away...seriously.

Jamie V

Happy that you are enjoying Colorado and Robin so much! Can't wait to hear more! Jamie V in MT


dear Nina, it is such a long time since i have been sending you a note on your blog... these photos, your jewelries are just beautiful. that necklace with a pouch, MAGICAL!!! i can notice why you love so much Colorado.


Tina in McLeansville

such a delicious little appetizer here....looking forward to more! enjoy every minute! safe travels...hugs. xo


thank you, Nina, for sharing these summer posts with us. i've been away for awhile and just now catching up on your adventures. i'm happy that you had some special time with robin. safe journey home.

xo dusan


Your photos, blurry or not, are beautiful. I, too, love Colorado! I'm glad you had a chance to visit this summer and spend time with your son, too little and too short to be sure, but still, a precious visit.



Wonderful photos and the!It seems that you had a fabulous time, I love Colorado too, I have visited Red Rocks, but would dearly love to go to a concert there one day.
I can't wait to see more photos, I have missed your posts!


The photos are not so blurry that the loveliness does not still shine thru. Glad you're doing what you love and loving what you do.
vickie in kc


Your posts are making me homesick. Our first restaurant was in Keystone, close by to Breckenridge. Hope you got a chance to visit Martha Hibbard's gallery in Breckenridge but being outside in Colorado is where the real magic abounds. I know well the look on your face as you hug the ancient Bristlecones. Are they not the most majestic? Do they not just wrap their spirit around you and draw you in? Humbling, yes, and inspiring when you realize how they have triumphed in such challenging conditions ... Just like all of us.


The photos are beautiful. "Jenn" is beautiful too.
Your jewelry, as always, is amazing and has a soul that is visible.
Write more soon.


HEy kindred spirit. Wow. there are no words for that beauty you are seeing and have created with your hands. ...And Neil YOung as the cherry on top . Have fun and safe and happy trails.

Bonnie Moench

Sounds like a magical time.....the beauty of the mountains are hard to beat.


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