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Tina in McLeansville

i know it was nice to settle for a bit. "Pass here and go on, you're on the road to heaven." i shall have a sign with that printed on it at the entrance to my little place someday...yes i will.
hoping your time with the mama is good. i'm sure she loves having you there. safe travels. hugs to you and yours...xo
and i will always, always be here in the circle. :) xo

carol m

Oh the comfort of man's best friend...they have such a calming effect don't they?
Enjoy the time with your mom - it is so precious. I hope she is doing well.
Off to VR tomorrow for the weekend...

Diana B

Oh, I love your photos of Colorado, and the sweet paw of Walter on yours! Travel safely, my friend, and then come home to Firefly Road where your heart belongs.


Thank you for this post. This time of year brings changes to the terrain and to my soul. I needed to see your pictures and hear your thoughts. Serenity is what I needed and what you provided.

Carla S

Nina, your photos get increasingly beautiful and more serene. I came to your blog for your jewelry, I stayed for your words and your photos, the peace they bring. I don't comment often, but I'm always here. Thank you for the beauty...


I hope that your dear mother will be well. Beautiful photos and words, as always. I am looking forward to cooler weather; it has been so darned hot here. Take care and safe travels to Alabama and back home to Firefly Rd. xxx


I am happy that you are back in NC safe and sound. I pray for comfort for you and your Momma. She is fortunate to have such a loving daughter.
I love your thoughts as well as your photos. Serenity is something I seek each day. Painting in nature is often where I find it...
Blessings to you dear friend.



You know what I wish? I wish you had a big fat juicy photo rich coffee table book with some of your wonderful writing peppering the pages. You take such amazing and rich photos. The way you edit is magical.

Have a safe trip to visit your mother.


Dear Nina, I am still here.
Just lazy this summer - and caught up in a million different things, different directions, many changes. I think I too, needed some time for myself.
I'm very happy that you have a some quiet summer days. Your photos and words have always been a special treat whenever I've discovered them these past couple months.
Take care of your mama and have a safe trip to Alabama.
Your circle of friends will be waiting for you to return.

xo dusan


A beautiful quote Nina, and one worthy of so many places and feelings.
It has seemed like a summer of fading in and out, and yet at other times the days and moments are like quicksilver. Time and events are dragging me along to where I am not quite ready to be - I read your posts and realize it's just the flow of life.
Safe travels to you and Walter.

kathy dorfer

ahhhh some of us are always on a journey , headed to sf to spend time with may daughter and her husband . i hope you have a good trip.


The paw of peace.
Have a safe trip.

Kathy Edwards Hayslett

Well you know it's a worrisome time. I have Election fears. See lots of changes around me--less business activity, fewer art takes a lot of guts to run a small business my friend. But the truly gifted will survive. Keep on truckin'!


I'm still times! This year has been nonstop travel. Was in Africa again most of June. Am leaving for Western Australia next week and will do an expedition to The Kimberley region.

I'm hoping your sweet mama improves and that you spend lovely days with her. Your images of St. Elmo and Colorado are so beautiful - and as for the pics of Walter, oh my, he's even more handsome than ever. those eyes and that paw on your hand - so, so sweet! May I put up the new pic of Walter on my sidebar please Nina?????

Take care dear -
Hugs - Mary


I love hearing about the places you've been, the things you are doing and seeing the beautiful pictures that you share with us. Have a safe trip to Alabama and wonderful time with your Mother.


As I move through the summer and my days at work, it is a treat to see the photos from your travels and of your work. The beauty of the way you live your life, and approach your art, it is a gift how openly you share you life, your stories and the photos of your work, thank you!


Beautiful photos...
It's so lovely to see a post from you again Nina - you calm my soul!Wishing you safe travels and a well Mother. xo


Not to wonder my dear Baaaabe, we're still here..., and always delighted to receive a new post whenever it comes!
The photos of Saint Elmo are amazing! Like walking into a world ago...Love too much! Safe journey, send my love to Mom!


Lovely calming post Nina. Thinking of your life at Firefly Road and May Sarton's words come to mind.
"I am here alone for the first time in weeks, to take up my 'real life' again at last. That is what is strange -- that friends, even passionate love, are not my real life unless there is time alone in which to explore and to discover what is happening or has happened"
- Journal of a Solitude


Oh that Walter is such a dear! What love and beauty I see in his face. And much as I enjoyed the pic of Colorado, (and I know you miss your son) the ones of you at peace at home are the best! Enjoy your time with your mom; mine lives so very close and I visit her several times a week and don't give a hoot even if she does beat me every darn time at scrabble!
vickie in kc

diana giambrone

Oh Nina,
Enjoy Walter, your son and your mother...and know that we are always here. thank you for sharing your life with us.

gloria martin

I'm here as often as possible. Always comforted by your beautiful words, jewels, sentiments, and photo's that only you can render so tenderly.
Sending you and your Mom healing thoughts, as I know only too well how difficult it is to see a parent through illness.
You are the kind of person I could easily befriend for life. Not only do we share the same Libra's and creatives, we, I believe, are kindred spirits.
My love and blessings to you and yours, XO


Hi Nina, I know that I have been silent these past few months even though I still visit regularly. The photo of Walter's paw on your hand brought back such sweet memories of our dear Carly (tabby cat)who died seven years ago. Whenever we went away she felt it deeply. As soon as we returned she would jump in our laps and we would sit quietly with her until she was sure we were not going anywhere.


Love your photos, love your writing, love that you're back to share with us as you're able. May your time with your Mom be blessed -- and refreshing for both of you. It's hard not to worry, I know. Trust me.


Thank you for sharing your images of Saint Elmo here - they are so lovely and evocative it makes me want to travel there!
Catching up on your blog posts I see I will have to peek at your shop to see what gorgeous gems you have in there =-)


still here, friend.........breathing out and in, seeking rhythm and strength and direction,just like you. Love the Mama while you can. No one understands that better than those of us who no longer see ours with our eyes. Be well. See you soon.


I love the pictures of you and Walter, I have a beloved dog as well. Also love the pictures of Colorado, your phone takes better pictures than my camera! ina

Jennnifer Thornton

I'm here almost every day. Look so forward to your words, pictures and jewellery.

Lise Peeples

Dearest Nina, still here as always. the wheel is turning and the light is changing. There is a crispness in the air. The madness of Faerieworlds' preparation has passed again. Settling into a new fall schedule of working artmaking in with babysitting. So looking forward to spending a day with you in a few weeks at Art&Soul. Time for a trip to the farmers'market to bring home some of summers' bounty. Safe roads, my dear. You are in my thoughts. blessings, Lise

Frankie Kins

So good to see another precious post from you, Nina. I'm missing my mother more and more these days. It's been 3-1/2 months since she passed. I just want to call her on the phone and talk to her, you know? Enjoy your time with your mom, as I know you will. Thanks for your posts, your pictures, and your friendship. Lots of love to you and Walter. Hello from Dave, too.


Ailsa Willis

I'm still here too, dear Nina, enjoying your posts and photos. Loved seeing how much Walter loves you. Such expressive eyes and endearing touch. A little black cat has decided that she wants to live with us - don't know where she came from. She reaches out to me with her paw - on my face and forgets to pull her claws in. Just wants to be friendly.
Love and blessings to your sweet mum and yourself.

Ginger Davis Allman

Still here, soaking up every word you write. I'm jealous of your travels to an extent...I've been stuck home due to the heat, drought, and price of gas. But I do know what you mean about needing to be home. You're so lucky to have experienced's the place of my childhood and I ache for it. Your pictures are lovely.

Nelda Ream

Love those photos, Nina. When looking at the ones of Colorado I was imagining seeing them in one of your altered books. They are stunning. Peace, dear friend.


The COLORado photos...*swoon* xoxox

A Facebook User

Still here, silently visiting often (I am reclusive and quiet in voice and print), but always here in spirit behind those curtains, admiring. Your photos, jewelry, adventures,family and amazing journey are so compelling.

linda e

we were here waiting on you! Glad you're back.


Though most of the time I don't comment, coming here is like a balm to my soul. You have a wonderful way with words, so soothing and uplifting at the same time.

Your photos are gorgeous! I love the ones from Colorado--the old house in Saint Elmo. I'm adding that to my 'places I want to see' list.

I wish you and your family peace.

Katey Deasy

Oh Walter, what a sweet soul. You do such a lovely job at everything you touch, even taking a photo of your Walter is awesome! I so love your photos. Amazing places you found this summer.


My thoughts, love and prayers are with you, Leigh


Love seeing Colorado through your eyes. Missed meeting you : (
Hope your mom is doing okay Nina.
And Walter, dear Walter, you have stolen my heart!

Lise Peeples

Sending you loving thoughts, sweetie.

cindy  courtright

What App d you use for your pictures?

Deb Brown

Dear Nina, I met you in person at VR and discovered your delicious sense of humor! You rock lady and I want you to know I'm sending a big 'ole hug and love. xo

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