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Tina in McLeansville

so very worth the wait. oh my soul!! such glorious lovelies!! xo

Carol Weiler

I love technology for allowing me to view these beautiful pieces but oh it can be so frustrating . Your patience and persistence are admirable and I'm heading on over to the shop.


I found's in the heart of the tree...

I'm not sure how long it took you to get everything up but it sure looks wonderful...Thank you for your patience and care.


We all are so grateful that you care about US so much that you will go through all you do to get the photos right, to talk to us, to list in you etsy shop, to brighten our days by sharing yours with us. We have our frustrations too, and sympathize. Thank you so much.
vickie in kc


is there someone to troubleshoot your wifi network or entire internet set-up? I would call the techs, not the service reps, and see what's up. there may be a simple way to improve performance. if all else fails I would take all my pics, then go into town near a better wifi with laptop then download and list on etsy from there. there is not much as irratating as poor internet service! thing is there is usually a solution and it takes a bit of bulldozing to insist on it with provider. despite all, the beauty and love of your jewels shines


so so beautiful! you inspire me!


Your stuff is just so beautiful. And I know exactly what you mean about the time involved in producing, photographing and posting. And I'm not a very patient person so sometimes I just throw photos up that aren't so great which doesn't do me any favors.

I agree with Vickie above. Our wifi was wonky a few months ago and I went to a local coffee shop and loaded up my Etsy things. 1-2-3. Slow uploads can drive one nuts.


Well worth the wait. xM


Lovely, lovely new jewelry pieces, Nina. And your little puzzle photo made me smile - I bet the tree was smiling too.

xo dusan

Katey Deasy

Time well spent, and it's that attention to details that make you who you are Nina. We celebrate you!! Now if the computer would cooperate. I am happy to be the owner of the cross piece shown here. I LOVE it. It's amazing. You are amazing.

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